Monday, October 7, 2019

Public art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Public art - Essay Example According to Baca (89), modernity has it that art is no longer representation of abstract issues, rather, there are deep meanings embedded in them. Symbolism has to be taken into account when making any form of art, and especially public art (Baca, 89). In this art, the meaning is extension of the fight for equality and no segregation. Rosa Park was a real symbol of war against segregation, and by honoring her with a sculpture; the artists were keen on making her efforts resurface. Half a century ago, Rosa Park could stand against any form of inequality, segregation and injustices. She was a humble, courageous and quite a humble woman and in the circles of civil rights movement, she still represents their fight. She is placed right in the middle of a public area, and this means that she will revoke memories of civil rights movements in the past. This public art has a representation with the site. The site is public and therefore the aim intended by the artists is public. The bus station where she is placed can attract all people of different races, colors, social status and ethnicity. She is placed in such a place to show that what she fought for was for the benefits of all and not just one race, one generation or one social class. The more than $60,000 bronze statue represents not only issues of the past, but realities of the

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