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Business Plan for Kidwatchers Daycare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Plan for Kidwatchers Daycare - Essay Example The educational experience in the thirteen staff members complemented with two qualified nurses is expected to deliver the needed intense care to the children. The motive intended to be presented seeks a target of children under the age of 6 years with minimum 4 years, and the attention advanced with registration of a maximum 20 children. The legislation is also expected to help establish a stable society through the necessity of the legal documents on legislation. The budget needed to construct the facility will be directed towards installing safety precautions that are approved by government policies to pass the safety test. Furthermore, the administration expects to drive confidence from the Short Hill community through the administration of affordable registration charges to deliver the goal that seeks to deliver quality services at an affordable fee. Mission The leading mission of the daycare facility will be to generate an effective and efficient environment to develop the inte llectual skills of the delicate members of the community. Kidwatchers expects to achieve this through engaging children in activities that drive fun and involvement without driving the difficulty in task completion. The majority of the focus would be issued in driving fun and a lasting impression of the kids mind and fulfilling the goal of entertainment provision in the facility. These are to be achieved though games, art classes, music lessons and tours of the famous spots in the community. Kidwatchers also offers basic recreational activities through children channels and involvement of parent-children sessions to increase bonding (Greene 78). Objective Gain popularity in Short Hill region after six months of establishment Create creative children as they are prepared for preschool education Expand the facility to occupy more children admission by the end of the first year Maintain the regulation of the financial returns to increase funding to the facility Industrial Analysis The education industry in Short Hills has embraced the advanced trend in the educational sector through observing technological advances. The Short Hill association has offered the need to incorporate computers and other learning aids within the process, although the emphasis is accorded to the traditional teaching measures in including teachers in the learning organization. The industry is composed of all public and private schools that strive towards delivering quality education to their students. The common factor incorporated in the kindergartens in the region includes offering, affordable quality, education for the vulnerable groups within the Short Hill community. The other alternative offered to supplement daycare education has been the increased in qualified nurses that deliver the needed care for children in the community. The other established competitors have gained funding from investors who seek to generate preference and popularity in New Jersey. Legal Structure The Depart ment of Children and Families (DCF) has been charged with the regulation of the daycare facilities and areas that are tasked with the responsibility of managing children affairs within New Jersey (DHS). The organization inspects the activities of a licensed facility to ensure the safety precautions are implemented in the required provision. The system dictates the provision of the licensing program that is offered to the most qualified institution to

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