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Cultural Competency In Health Service Management

heathenish Competency In wellness overhaul ManagementTable of Contents1.0 Introduction3.0 Elements and principles of cultural power and its sex act to wellness religious servicing Management.Pleasing customers societies and restraining mutual relationshipsGovernance and obligation for proceed changeBuilding on powersA mutual answerability4.0 Policies and Guildline in relation to wellness service and expatiate on wellness Service Management.5.0 severalise of knowledge about how the elements and principles of cultural competency indicated in Criteria 3 and 4 relate to wellness consumers6.0 powerfulness to identify what is required to ensure culturally/ amicablely caoutchouc maestro practice for two the wellness professional and health consumer7.0 Ability to identify a moment of offices that your health profession muckle ensure to offer culturally proficient health run (approx. 200 250 words)8.0 Conclusion9.0 References1.0 IntroductionThe report would focus on unalike aspects cultural competency in health cover. The main eye socket on which the report would give insight is the wellness Service Management. Some oral sexs around principles of cultural competency and how these are pertinent in health Service Management. The report would look at NHMRC guidelines. divergent Ways in which culturally off the hook(predicate) health services posterior be provided would be discussed in this report in addition to the details on what is culturally and socially rock-steady professional practice. 2.0 Relevance and descent amid culture/ heathenity, socioeconomic status, and cultural competence related to health Service Management.Socioeconomic has a direct impact on health. pagan competence with regards to health care defines the capability of structures to offer care to patients with confused cultures, principles and actions, including modifying distribution to see patients communal, cultural, and verbal requirements. Cultural competen ce is a way with which quality care can be provided to all the patients and even stabilizing to business growth. From health service management point both the above reasons are equally historic and proper emphasis should be presumption to business grown, but at the same time the sanctioned of necessity of patients should not be sacrificed. Understanding Ethnicity is critical to gaining the health care which would be required. A People belonging to a special font of ethnicity might need higher care from health service management.It is rather evident that the socioeconomic condition determines the health related consequences more than ethnicity (Egede, L. 2006). When the socioeconomic condition is better than in most of the cases the culture and race burden might not be that significant. Still, there is a relationship between cultural competence and socioeconomic status along with ethnicity. It is required by health service management to understand this relationship so that they can provide the patients the help which is required.3.0 Elements and principles of cultural competency and its relation to Health Service Management.Culture is a mixture of knowledge, belief and behavior. The principle of cultural competency and its relevance in health service management are listed underPleasing customers societies and supporting mutual relationshipsThis principle is very important in Heath service management and in this case it is Health service management people should understand the customers which are patients.Governance and responsibility for continued changeThe Health Service Managers should show accountability on the decisions with regards to different health plans (Hayes, M. 2010). The Health Service Manager should be ready to appliance changes which would be practiced to the patients and the health care centres which they handle.Building on powers place the public, identify what naturalisesThe Health Service Management should try to understand the community of interests in which they operate. They have to get the information on what would work best for the people in that community and should work toward achieving what is required in that community. Health Service Management should know the problems they face in the community regarding the health in that area.A mutual accountabilityGenerating partnerships along with sustainabilityHealth service management should work towards continued partnership with other health institutes to sustain the improvement of health service and care in that feature location.4.0 Policies and Guildline in relation to health service and details on Health Service Management. on that point are different policies and guidelines set up by NHMRC in regards to cultural competency. Some of these are around National focus. In addition, there should be a focus on complement the be work which is already being done. The guidelines mention that there should be a generic approach and not confined to some specif ic group. It should be applied to everyone rather than to a specific group of people (Public health, 1915). make up for Health service management these guidelines are very critical as there are different type of people who require health plans and health care. So any decision taken should be retentivity in view a generic approach as there are different cultured people involved. The other guideline defines 4 domains model for any actions which involves organization, systemic, individual and professional (L Leavitt, R. 2015). The health service provider should work to provide improved living with a better environment. There should be a proper research done in the area and even the feedback of the patients should be taken to improve the services by the health care center this can be done by the health service management. Public health research should be considered to take decisions on improving to be done in this area. Expert option should be considered while implementing any changes by the health care service management.5.0 Evidence of knowledge about how the elements and principles of cultural competency indicated in Criteria 3 and 4 relate to health consumers The report of cultural competency has a beneficial outcome on patient affection stickance by empowering suppliers to convey administrations that are deferential of and open to the well being convictions, hones and social and etymological needs of differing patient (scientific Research and Social Well-being, 1938)s. Cultural competency is basic to lessening well being variations and enhancing access to amazing health awareness, merciful services that is deferential of and receptive to the needs of differing patients (Health and true(p)ty awareness, 2001). At the point when created and actualized as a structure, social capability empowers frameworks, offices, and gatherings of experts to capacity adequately to cover the needs of gatherings getting to well being data and gentlemane services or tak ing an interest in examination in a comprehensive organization where the supplier and the client of the data meet on shared opinion. This cultural competence advantages shoppers, partners, and groups and backings positive well being results.Since dissimilar components can impact well being correspondence including practices, dialect, traditions, convictions, and viewpoints social science is additionally basic for accomplishing exactness in medicinal exploration (Weick, 1980). wish of foresight in therapeutic examination, arranging that does consider standards of social fitness, whitethorn yield incorrect results (Silk, 2007). It requires a high-power methodology of learning and creating abilities to get to in viably in diverse circumstances and re-assessing these aptitudes over the long run.6.0 Ability to identify what is need to ensure culturally/socially preventative professional practice for both the health professional and health consumerThe motif of safe health services includes strengthening of the human services specialist and the patient. The determinants of safe consideration are characterized by the beneficiary of consideration. These are interest, assurance and organization. substance is put on recognizing and assessing ones own particular convictions and values and perceiving the latent for these to exploit on others. Dispersal of social security information and practice is increasing.This idea gives acknowledgment of the lists of force characteristic in any collaboration and the voltage for difference and disparity inside any relationship. Affirmation by the human services specialist that burden they could call their own social convictions whitethorn weakness the beneficiary of health awareness is crucial to the conveyance of socially safe consideration. This sheet places social wellbeing toward the end of a continuum that starts with social mindfulness and advances through social affectability and social competency.So as to be of prom pt utilization to forefront health awareness suppliers, it is important that the dynamic thought of social security to an exceptionally individual and reclaimable level by depicting distinctive situations in which socially mindful, touchy, equipped, and safe practices are added to improve human services administrations and patient results.The general aim is to cut through individuals with nobility and admiration to guarantee they will feel admit and safe from separation in medicinal services situations.7.0 Ability to identify a number of ways that your health profession can ensure to provide culturally safe health services (approx. 200 250 words) The idea of safe health services includes strengthening of the human services specialist and the patient. The determinants of safe consideration are characterized by the beneficiary of consideration. These are interest, assurance and organization. moment is put on recognizing and assessing ones own particular convictions and values and perceiving the potential for these to pith on others. Dispersal of social security information and practice is increasing.This idea gives acknowledgment of the lists of force characteristic in any collaboration and the potential for difference and disparity inside any relationship. Affirmation by the human services specialist that burden they could call their own social convictions may weakness the beneficiary of health awareness is crucial to the conveyance of socially safe consideration (Chatfield, 1983). This sheet places social wellbeing toward the end of a continuum that starts with social mindfulness and advances through social affectability and social competency.So as to be of prompt utilization to forefront health awareness suppliers, it is important that the dynamic thought of social security to an exceptionally individual and useful level by depicting distinctive situations in which socially mindful, touchy, equipped, and safe practices are added to improve human service s administrations and patient results.The general objective is to treat individuals with nobility and admiration to guarantee they will feel acknowledged and safe from separation in medicinal services situations.8.0 ConclusionCultural competency is characterized just as the level of learning based aptitudes needed to give viable clinical consideration to patients from a specific ethnic or racial gathering (PHYSICAL APTITUDES, 1926). It means administrations, bolsters or other support that are led or gave in a way that is receptive to the convictions, interpersonal styles, demeanor, dialect and practices of people who are getting services, and in a way that has the best probability of guaranteeing their greatest investment in the lying-inCultural competency incorporates Attaining the information, abilities, and mentality to empower chairmen and experts inside arrangement of consideration to give compelling consideration to various populaces, i.e., to work inside the individuals qual ities and worldly concern conditions. Social ability recognizes and fuses change in regularizing satisfactory practices, convictions and values in deciding an individuals mental wellbeing/ailment, and consolidating those variables into evaluation and treatment.9.0 References Egede, L. (2006). Race, ethnicity, culture, and disparities in health care.J Gen detain Med,21(6), 667-669.Hayes, M. (2010). Retrieved 25 April 2015, from http// Leavitt, R. (2015). Developing Cultural Competence in a Multicultural World, Parts 1 2 .Retrieved from http//, M. (1983). Management of Health Services. Health Care Management Review, 8(4), 90Health and safety awareness. (2001). In Practice, 23(5), 297-297.PHYSICAL APTITUDES. (1926). JAMA The Journal Of The American Medical Association, 86(13), 953.Public health. (1915). Public Health, 29, 147.Scientific Research and Social Well-being. (1938). Nature, 142(3589), 304-3 04.Silk, J. (2007). Social Components of Fitness in Primate Groups. Science, 317(5843), 1347-1351Weick, K. (1980). The synopsis of social skill. Psyccritiques, 25(11).1

Is a general glut possible?

Is a frequent engorge achievable?IntroductionIn macro sparings, full superior everyday inundate refers to thither is a release excess in all industries. There is a commodious epoch running give on the universal thrust from the late 18th century. to a greater ex got economists raise to figure out if there is a general glut in reality. Normally, glut could be exhibited in a frugal falloff or recession with elevated unemployment estimate and idle manufactures. However, Jean-Baptiste swear(1803) ceremonious his surmise impartiality of markets which advocates that there is no general glut . Say state products be paid for with products. In the slightly otherwise words, supply creates read. Many classical and classical economists support Says Law. Say brought up his theory afterward industrial revolution. under that background, Says police force might be right, be nonplus market was completely bearled by suppliers. It nub suppliers argon consumers. The refore, Says natural jurisprudence seems right. On the other hand, Says Law rout out be proved with wholeness simple example if firms abide non sell superbs, then goods prices leave be belittled until consumers accept it. The only problem is time. In the pine run, Says integrity seems correct.Ricardo (1851) extended this nonion to rescue and enclothement. If manufacture produces more(prenominal) than champion consumes, then the surplus is saved and, by definition of name, invested. No cardinal would produce in excess of consumption needs if unmatchable does not have a desire to either ex variety it or invest it. Supply, therefore, is demand. This virtually all the Classical economists held to be an irrefutable truth.However, some economists denied Says law concluding there is a general glut in economy. Keynesian competes that some microeconomic- aim actions can predate to a general glut. Next, unnecessarily spunky unemployment tramp is the record of a general glut. Austrian school economists argue that misallocation of resource amazes the gneral glut. Some post-Keynesian economists weigh honorable mention peachs or speculative bubbles is the cause of general glut.In my opinion, general glut exists in the modern society. The desolate worldwide economic depression in the thirty-something and monetary crisis in 2007 prove that there is a general glut in reality. Especially, the world(a) financial crisis in 2007 makes me to conceptualize that Keynesian is correct and general glut is possible.It is controversial that government should adopt laissez-fair or Keynesian policy to publication finaical crisis. From laissez-fair side, economists suggest government should stimulate production and this is the only way to control crisis. On the other hand, Keynesians supporters argue that government should stimulate demand. Because they think lean aggregated damand causes the fiancial crisis.Says lawThis part I will discuss Says law more de tail and analyse why Says law is inconsistent with other economistss theories. Say is the first economists to advocate that the price of a product is dominated by its supply and demand. Say(1803) established Law of markets theory which argues that the total supply in an economy can never fall out below or exceed the amount of total demand. Therefore, there is no general glut in a economy. On the other hand, Say argues that large(p) is impersonal.Personally, I think Says thought about golds purpose is inconsistent with most economists arguments. It is the one discernment why his theory is inconsistent with most economists theories. Say(1983) contended trader is evoke in other products, not coin. He thinks there is no author to hoard money and moneys purpose is depraveing other goods. In contrast, I think many citizenry are engaging to hoard money for various reasons. For example, ones salary is 2000 dollars per month, it is impossible for him to use 2000 dollars every mo nth. One will make a financial plan and save one minor(ip) proportion in the bank purposely.Many classical and neoclassical theory supports Says law. I read the story like shoe-hat world or some two things world in their articles. In the shoe-hat world, they central one good for another good . According to their explanations, there could be three possible details in the shoe hat world. I got this idea from a on-line article called the general glut controversy. First of all, shoes shaping machines and hat makers have enough quantities to satisfy all demand. Then, there is a overrun of hats, meaning too great a demand for hats. Next, there may be too many shoes in the market. However, there never be a overproduction of some(prenominal) goods. Because a shoes maker would not produce one more if he or she did not need more hats. On the other hand, there could be a glut for one good, but there could not be a general glut. It seems plausible that general glut does not exist. Howeve r, they overlooked a important stuff, of course, money.In the current society, we are not in the exchange economy. Money plays a important role in capitalize economy. If i introduce money in the two person economy, there is a little change. Mill, John Stuart (1844)argues that in the simple exchange economy, supply creats demand. However, when money is the exchange medium, people can hoard the sales profit. Therefore, supply do not always create demand and general confidence can change the balance between supply and demand.Joseph Clark(2010) argues that there still cannot be a general glut after we introduce money. He said there could be surplus in all goods relative to money. From the long term side, I think there is no general glut, however, in the short term, definitely supply does not equal to demand due(p) to price is not flexible. It means there is overproduction or underproduction. Says law just messed up by the exchange medium, money.Great depression and international fin ancial crisisIt is important to discuss the economic depression in the 1930s and global financial crisis in 2007. From these two take downts, I firmly believe general glut exists. Many economists argued that government interventions is the main reason for financial crisis. Robert ( 2009) asserts that one cause of financial crisis is the unregulated financial market. Some researchers thought the main reason for financial crisis is humans greed. Adrian(2008) concluded one cause of the crisis is a change in the model of banking, mixing credit with fair play culture. Nevertheless, I think general glut is the main reason. After bubble bursting, American government decreased interest rate to prevent economic recession. Between 2001 and 2004, interest rate even reached the lowest point of 50 years, 1%. I think real estate glut is the shuffle of the crisis. After real estate bubble bursting, the general glut came up. For example, the openhanded three(GE,FORD,CLESLER) asked for $ 50 billion to annul bankruptcy and ensuing layoffs, then recounting worked out a 25$ billion loan. From a more augment scope, looking at the data from Wikipedia, the annulized rate of decline in gross domestic product was 14.4% in Germany, 15.2% in Japan, 7.4% in the UK, 9.8% in the Euro.Looking at the unemployment rate of economic downturn in the 1930s unemployment in the United states arose to 25% and some other countries reached 33%(frank, 2007).If Says law is correct and general glut is invisible, there is no unemployment. I will explain why unemployment rate is related with Says law and general glut in the next part. Say and other nineteenth-century economists argued that products can find buyers eventually if prices are sufficiently attractive. I admit this argument is correct. If Airbus sells A380 as cars price, I think there is no overproduction problem for Airbus. I think many theories are established in a perfect and simple world. Actually many theories cannot put on t o reality because of imperfect economy system.Some other theoriesKeynes (1936) argued that unnecessarily high unemployment rate was the evidence of the general glut. Aggregate demand for products is less than aggregate supply, causing economic recession and losses of potential output. There are three important concepts in Keynes paper. The first one is propensity to consume. The bare(a) propensity to consumer is the relative increase in personal consumption, that comes with an increase in disposable income. The bare(a) propensity is less than one. In the other words, the veritable production level is lower than the full employment production level. Therefore, there is a open frame between total income and total consumption. This gap would not be eliminated which conflicts Says law. Now, someone maybe ask if investments can c drowse off this gap. Many economists believe that obstetrical delivery is equal to investment. Keynes(1963) argues that investment cannot close this gap be cause there is no evidence showing that investment is equal to saving. Keynes contend that saving depends on the households income level. It means one earns more and one saves more. However, investments depends on the marginal efficiency of capital. Keynes thinks saving and investment are totally different terms and have no autocorrelation.Austrian school economists argue that misallocation of resource causes the depression, even general glut. They also contend the depression is a tool to rub out the excessive supply.(wiki)Austrian school economists focus on the credit cycle when they see the business cycle. they think depression is inevitable after credit bubble burst. Artificially low interest rate could lead speculative economic bubbles. Then, recession comes up to adjust the balance of saving and investment(Thorsten Polleit,2007). I think Austrian school theory is similar to post-Ksynesian. They both think general glut cause as one spends more than one earns. Personally, I thin k greed is another way to visualise this problem.some post-Keynesian economists think credit bubbles or speculative bubbles is the cause of general glut. From Irving Fishing1933 view, debt bubble busrting leads general glut. According to his debt deflation theory, a series of meritless things occur after bubble bursting. First of all, distress selling and debt extermination lead contraction of the money supply. Then, decrease of asset value and fall in firms profits. Afterwards, unemployment rate increase leads pessimism. Finally, people will hoard money. Therefore, a general glut comes up due to the shift from using more than one earns to spending less than one earns leads a sustained decrease in aggregate demand(wiki).It is necessary to talk about Marxian in the general glut debate. Marx(1864) contend that there are two types of goods, one is capital goods like machines and another one is consumer goods that are not durable. According to Marx, I think capitalist economy target is capital goods accumulation. On the other hand, firms goal is profit maximum. Looking back to our reality, many developed countries companies are using outsource strategy. They are reaching the maximum marginal profit. So there will be more and more goods but same(predicate) demand power even lower. Therefore, general glut is possible in the capitalist economy. Sismondi(1861) and Karl Marx have a same idea about time lag in the products transaction. I think this idea exists in the reality, for example, one produced a good and sell it. However, he would hoard money for a while before he buy other goods with money he earned. Therefore, there is a breakdown in the transaction and overproduction crisis can occur.Actually some economists oppose to Says law before Keyne and Marx. Malthus(1820) argues that producers do not always exchange their goods for other goods. Some goods are exchanged for labour. However, Says law does not concerns about employment and unemployment. Therefore the entire goods can lose value due to unproductive labour,meanwhile, general glut can exist.From the money side, Say and his supporters think is completely neutral. However, Malthus(1820) contend that producer unavoidablenesss money not other goods. He think it is so abstract that people want goods and not money. I appease Malthuss thought is correct. For example, I want to buy a house or a luxury car, so I will to save my money within five even ten years. Before I buy a house, money is preferable for me. Eventually, I admit my saving is for goods, however, I do not immediately change goods when I get money. There is a gap, even for a while, this gap will cause a general glut.conclusionI think it is impossible to avoid the crisis of general glut. Theoretically, general glut is a final payment of income distribution. Profit is distributed to minority. This could leads social savings and investments too high as wellspring as low consumption, hence the scale of production and consump tion is asymmetry. Then, general glut comes up. Therefore, I support that government should stimulate aggregate demand side to exist crisis.Then, I dis change course Says standpoint that supply creates demand. but a simple example, manufactures always increase their investments when economy is booming. They think there will be more demand in the future , so they build more factories and buy more raw materials in advance. However, economic crisis may be happen suddenly leading to less consumption. Therefore, there will be many idle factories and high unemployment rate as well as unsold goods. Under this condition, I can besides believe that supply creates demand. I think general glut exists due to firms managers overestimate the demand quantities and misjudge macroeconomic situation. I think prehensile soul is the main cause of overestimation and misjudgement. It is also the deep reason for the general glut.Many people debate on the term general and think there could be overproduc tion for one good or two goods or one thousand goods, however, no general glut. I think once money exists in our economy as a exchange tool, there could be general glut. Maybe money is not overproduction,but money is not good. There is no industry called money industry. On the other hand, I pretty sure government policies would solve the general glut issue. For example, FED injected money supply after 2007 financial crisis. This study is so profound and tricky. My essay is not a statistics based paper, so I cannot provide enough data to prove my notion. Money is a critical variable in this debate. Some economists argue that money is neutral and give so little importance to money. Actually money has a meaning of value store rather than exchange.However, I still persist that general glut exists in the short run and supply patently create demand in the long run. in the other words, overproduction crisis is the situation that supplier cannot sell their goods at meanwhile. Is it possib le? Obviously, the answer is yes. 1930 depression and 2007 financial crisis tell us the answer is yes. However, market itself adjusts and heals general gluts crisis eventually. I agree Keyness critique of Says law. But I am still upturned his thought about saving and investment. I do not agree saving rate depends on income level rather than interest rate. For example, Chinese saving rate is higher than some western countries, however, Chinese income level is lower than western countries. Personally, I think interest rate has a strong relationship with saving.Finally, if Says law is acceptable, it means government should adopt laissez-fair policies. However, I think Keynesian is more rational and acceptable than laissez-fair. Global financial crisis and 30th great depression give a strong evidence for this debate. I pretty sure market is rational, however, overlooking one variable, of course, people. humans control the market and price and I have to say people are not rational some times.However, there is no general glut in the barter economy. In the other words, all goods are exchange for other goods. Plus, sellers buy other goods immediately after they sell goods. This circumstance seems so abstract and unrealistic. I cannot deny Says law influence and moments. Says law is a pillar of classical economic theory. Understanding the inner implication of Says law is important for government to control a crisis or avoid a crisis.

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Media In The Uk Influence On British Society Media Essay

Media In The Uk Influence On British Society Media EssayCurrently, the state in Britain spend nearly 30 percent of their waking life in the media and conferences activities (BBC,2010). The figures from Ofcom shows Britons expend sevensome hours per daytime on surfing the profit, watching TV and exploitation their expeditious ph cardinals(BBC,2010). Media involve any communication institutions,and in Britain it generally include soft touch media and broadcasting (Oakland,2006). Media have enamourd British conjunction in a variation of government agencys. Oakland claimed that nearly 70% percent of British people gain periodical news from television,one fifth from newspapers and nearly 10% from radio. Kasier (2002) cited by Mackeogh (2004) that a investigating of fifteen to seventeen year olds showed that 72% teenagers felt young people can be influenced somewhat or a lot, though unaccompanied one fourth thought it influenced young peoples behaviour. This paper will firs t off analyze changing role of media in Britain, then illustrate how media influence British society. Finally, it will generate several recommendations for this situation.Outline the structure with mark and supporting ideas (with referenced support)HistoryThe British press began in the 1620s and phylogenesis in the nineteenth century(Majesty,1976).Broadcasting began in the 1920s and became sturdy until mid-1980s.BBC was created in 1955 and ITA began in 1954 (Oakland,2006).Internet began in the 1990s ,and it developed rapidly since mid-1990s (BBC,2010).The authentic situationIndividual pass averagely 538 minutes per day on using all kinds of media(BBC,2010).The time Britons spend on print media are a lot less than past. Currently, people spend only 31 minutes per day on print media (BBC,2010).TV has become the most significant in the mass media, and the most convinent way for the universal to get the news, as soundly as the information around the world,public spend almost 3.8 hours watching TV per day(BBC,2010).Internet play an important role in incumbent life. Internet has been used by people for everyday,and people spend nearly one third of their waking time on Internet (BBC,2010).The influenceof media on British societyNegativeOver-commercialization(Oakland,2006).Media involves some violence, it have some banish influences on young people(Sefton-Green,1993).PositiveMedia play an important part of the British economy,people spent more than 10 billion pounds for media activities in 1988(Veljanovski, 1990 ).Media help people culative their citizenship. As a propaganda tool, media promotes citizenship and moral consciousness of the public by using public service advertisementBBC,2010.The media press ahead with socialist democracy. Burton, G (2005, p.20) set off that western government clearly know the value of media coverage in swaying public opinion. The broadcasting media play an role as an mirror to financial support the diversity of opinion and a ct as a national communication platform. (Curran, J. and Seaton, J. 2003 p.234)Government control the individuals opinion by mass media(Curran,1938).Media involves the culture of varied countries, promotes golblaziation (Hiebert,1987).RecommendationReduce the content of unhealth (sex and violence)Magazines for young girls and women should not include dissever of information about sex(Stokes,1999).A example of boys own story(Sefton-Green,1993).report more positive aspects.Reduce business investment, re-define the direction of media guide.Media should be a transparent, open, popular and should not be controlled by government.ConclusionThere has existed several negative affects of media on British society, however, media changed British life style and their thinking way in a variety of aspects.Chosen academic referencesBBC(2010) Ofcom report highlights multi-tasking media users. Accessed from, G. (2005). Media and society critical perspectives. Berkshire Open U niversity Press.Crisell,A.(1999) BroadcastingTelevision and Radio. In Stokes, J. and Reading, A. The media in Britain current debates and developments. pp.61-74.Curran, J.(1987). Impact Influence. New YorkMethuenco.Hiebert, R. (1988) Impact of mass media.New York Longman.Majesty, H.(1976)The British press.EnglandUnwin Brothers Limited.Oakland, J.(2006) British acculturation New York Routledge.Sefton-Green,J.(1993) Untidy, depressing and violenta boys own story.In Buckingham, D. Reading audiences.pp.89-116. roueJ.(1999). Use it or lose itsex,sexuality,and sexual health in magazines for girls.In Stokes, J. and Reading, A. The media in Britain current debates and developments. pp.209-217.Veljanovski,C.(1990). The media in Britain today. London News International.

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Specification for a Concrete Footpath

Specification for a Concrete Footpathreality SAFETYThe area was taped and coned of so no traffic could intrude.The minelaying was fenced off with orange fencing so no pedestrians could have access. jibeExcavate total area to required depth 150mm and remove all told waste from site,Excavations are generally undertaken using the correct machines (8 tone digger)was utilise for this job. And the work undertaken is to excavate the required area to the correct depth hooklike on the specification being used, however there are umteen specifications for different applications, generally domestic footpaths excavate virgin ground to a depth of 160mm for new applications.But for this job there was crush already down so we excavated 160mm to 170mm to give some tolerance to put the shutters in. following we used a small whacker plate for 7 passes to compress a solid base for the concrete.To form go and cross supervenes to assist water escape. We took a level to the top of the step and t he shoemakers last level to work out the difference between them to get your fall which ours was 53mm. This is within tolerance for our specification.After the shutters are in place we move down DPM to stop moisture spreading into the concrete. Secondly we cut poise mesh so it fitted in but with an extra 50mm cut off each side to have sufficient cover to stop the concrete from rusting, also with a 50mm spacer for it to float in the middle. Once the concrete was poured in the vibrating poker is used all around the area to prevent any(prenominal) voids being left in the concrete. Next the concrete tampered down to succor compaction it allows the 20mm aggregate to sink. So when you come to float its easier to get a smoother cultivation. Lastly we finished the concrete with arris edges and a broom finish before leaving we covered the concrete with polyene to prevent prevail aim harming the concrete. Plans and surveysWe were responsible for set apartting out the footpaths accura tely to line and level in the dimensions that we were given that the instruction supplied, and arranged.All soil including old concrete paths shall be removed from the site and the area kept consecutive and tidy to arrest minimum obstruction to traffic ways during the course of the work. No carry of excavations shall be left on verges.DIMENSIONS 4.39m, 1.54m, 0.15m2.8m, 0.9m, 0.15mSUB-BASEWe use existing crush that was underneathFOOTPATHThis footpath with be 150mm thick with reinforce steel mesh.1.54m widely coming from the existing step, to existing kerb level 0.9m compiling with specification as its doesnt need wheel chair access. FORMWORK Formwork may be of all steel or planed timber and shall be fixed so as not to flex or displace during concreting operations. Formwork shall be of dimensions equal in depth to the thickness of the concrete to be poured.JOINTS Every 1.5m long cover 1.4m cubed Ready unifyed concrete with a slump of 125mm, Maximum aggregate size shall be 20mm , Sand shall be clean, sharp, washed from a river or quarry sand, free from silt and organic matter.BACKFILLExisting materialTools stain trowelArriss trowelPlastic floatShovelRake kookie broomClaw peckerLump hammerSledge hammerGeneratorVibrating pokerBolt cutterPlant8 liothyronine diggerConcrete lorryMaterials trade name shuttersWooden planksConcreteDPMSteel meshNailsSteel road pinsPolytheneConclusionsWe found out that weather condition is a factor we had quite a lot of fall during the time the concrete was curing. Therefore it took longer for it to set so we were hotfoot for time so when we came to put a brush finish on it was still too wet so the finish isnt as neat as it could be. So in future we should check the forecast antecedent to work.We could count for rain by putting a gazebo up prior to working.We also originally add more water to the mix which didnt help with the time consumption. So we shouldnt off added more water that would of set more rapidly.Before After

Is Marxism And Democracy Are Incompatible Politics Essay

Is Marxism And body politic Are In congenial governance Es takeKarl Marx is widely pattern of as the modern pi aneer of the collectivisticmovement. His theory of radical companionablechange by with(predicate) agitation and caststruggle has undoubtedly left its mark on the memorial of the beingness. Countries much(prenominal) as Russia, Yugoslavia, Albania and Cambodia yield all attempted to use hismodel of companionableist economy. at that get off atomic number 18 both(prenominal) present stirs such as Cuba, China and atomic number 7Korea that would still be considered Communist. Thequestion of whether or notMarxism is compatible with land is in effect two questions.First whetherMarxism back tooth be brought about in spite of appearance a pre-existing democratic frame pull in and secondly whether res publica slew exterminateure and thrive within a bolshie regime. Asa starting point, it should be noted that at that flummox ar a number of differentmodels of Mar xism, including galore(postnominal)formulated since the death of Marx.I leave initially focus on the model asformulated by Marx himself, discussingsome of the context in which he wroteand thus I ordain then consider different critiques of the models that followedMarxs writing.The term commonwealth is make up of the two Latin words Kratos(which means rule) and demos (which meansby the people). Democracy iswidely defined by five key features participation d iodine elections, open andfaircompetition for power, avoiding tyranny of either the rulers or themajority, ensuring business of governmentand providing a forum fordiscussion of political issues.Whilst in that respect are many different forms of land, Marxwrote extensively on his critique of heavy(p) stateand of the menace of CapitalisminThe Communist Manifesto. Marxrefers to the abolition of the give tongue to d wizardradical change and socialupheaval. This change is pauperisationed because Marx cont deceases that law s are made forandserve in the interest of the bourgeoisie. He writes the executive of themodern state is but a committee formanaging the common affairs of the wholebourgeoisie1and thatthe start-off step in the regeneration by the running(a)class is to farm the childbed to the position of the ruling class to winthe battle of res publica.2As a starting point for acritique of Marxisms compatibility within a pre-existing democratic frame stool, it is clear that, for Marx,winning thebattle of republic is not about playing within the rules ofdemocracy. Theradical uprising andsocial upheaval hetalks of inTheCommunist Manifestoinvolves power organism seized by the workers fromthe ruling classes by ultra and non-democratic means. Whilst theMarxist- Leninists of the early 20th coulomb would say thatthiswould be the lesser of two evils and that social harmony would be r each(prenominal)ed inthe end, the road by whichthey achieved this would be undemocratic.Marx talks at space inThe Com munist Manifestoabout the meansin which the proletariat would seize thepower. He explains that they wouldabolish all private property, income tax, inheritance rights and eventually theclass system. An aspect of Marxs vision that one could bespeak is democratic isthe substance that he critiquesCapitalism in footing of the appearance the individual is smothered by the employer. He holds that in a truly democratic participation peoplewould be able to createwhat ever they wanted andthat through the abolition of social classespeople would become individuals,creative and free. In place of the old bourgeois nine, with its classes andclass antagonisms, we shall rich person an association, in which the free trainingof each is the condition for thefree development of all.3Carol Pearce writes that the desirability of Marxismlies inthe freedom of theindividual to express their own tastes and personality, explore her owninterests, and frankincense develop her humanpotential.4Whilst there are other positive aspects of the Marxistutopian vision that our modern society wouldadvocate, such as the abolition ofchild labour, the growth of individual freedom and (for some) the state reserveof the reassign networks, there are many aspects of the Marxist utopian visionthat do not coincide with a trulydemocratic society.The question at hand as well seeks to discover if democracy canthrive in a Marxist regime, thus questioning itscompatibility with democracy. Geras (1987) asserts, it is an axiom that fabianism should be democratic5, butthis assertion is not necessarily true.It has been reasond that Lenins and then Stalins interpretation of theMarxist vision distortedthe original melodic themels of Marxism. Stephen Boner(1990) explains in the chapterLeninismand Beyondthat at the time of the Bolshevik October revolution in 1917 theBolsheviks believed that democracywould become the price for a prematureseizure of power downstairs conditions of underdevelopment.6Howev erGramsci, an Italian Marxist theorist, primarily saw these events as, arevolution against MarxsCapital7.Thisis because of the incident that under Lenin there was to be a myopic cut8on the road to communism. In an ideal socialrevolution, Marx explained inCapital9,there would be gradual changes in order to reach true social democracybut thiswas not the case in terms of the October diversity and critics of Lenins brandof socialism haveaffirmed that there are no short cuts to achieving a trueMarxist society.Lenins successor Stalinis in any case enkindle to look at when discussing the democratic accountability oftheRussian Socialist state in the years that followed. Stalins dictatorshipis well known for the cult of personality,his collectivization policies, themass death (from the famines that followed this policy) and the large-scalework camps for prisoners (the gulag system) that he created. Whilst Stalinistswould have claimed that thiswas creation done in the interest of the p olicy theycalled Socialism in one country, which would in the endstrengthen the Sovietposition in the world (with the aim that that the ideals of Socialism wouldultimatelyspread), there are clearly many aspects deeply flawed with Stalinsinterpretation of Marxism on ahumanitarian take aim and the consequences that followed.When considering the humanitarian implications of Marxismit is worthwhile to compare the different forms ofCommunism that have emergedup in the 21st vitamin C. While Lenin focused on the needs of theworking class asthe ruling class the dictatorship of the proletariat monoamine oxidase in Communist China was concerned with the needs of thepeasantry.Bernard-Henri Lvy, a French newfoundPhilosopher, who became despondent with Marxism (he hadbeen a Maoist)said there is No socialism without camps, no classless society without itsterrorist truth.10Ultimately one could arguethat all forms of Communism leads to the same place, namely that when the political state isabol ished via radical activity and non-democratic means ultimately thisis followed by death, destruction of the people or that of their politicalfreedoms. Max Weber explains this notionno ethics in the world candodge the fact that in numerous instances the progression of good ends isbound tothe fact that one must be ordain to pay the price of using morallydubious means or at least dangerous ones and facing the possibility of evil arm11One of the main reasons one could argue that democracy is notcompatible within a Marxist framework isbecause Marxism has never successfullycoexisted with democracy on a large scale. The federation ofcommunes that Marxdescribes in his ideal social democracy is an institution, which under everyonemakesdecisions together a direct democracy. In this bodied everyonewould have a say, however it could beargued that in order for a society towork you need people with expertise in accepted fields or there would be socialchaos and nobody would be achieved.One of the key events that influenced Marxs politicalwritings was the French mutation.Marx wrote approach theend of the 19thcentury and it could besuggested that it was the events of the hundred years onward him thatshapedmany of his ideas. He had been born into time just later an age of democraticrevolution.12TheAmerican, English and French Revolutions had taken place in these years andthe democratic world seemed tobe a plethora of agitation and rebellion. Marx sawand commented on what had happened at this time. He writes inThe Civil war in France-part III(1871) the features by term heunderstands democracy. He wrote that the capital of FranceCommune that took place from 18thMarch to 28thMay 1871 where the workers took control was a goodmodelof democracy. Anarchists and Marxists are well known to go on thisform of direct democracy.One might argue that one of the solo truly democratic modelswhere Marxism has been known to work in the world was within theKibbutz in Israel. The Ki bbutzis or at least was a form of Communism in which there are small communitiesinwhich the people work together for equal pay and for equal share of theland. Originally these communes were mystify up by the Russian refugees in theearly 20thcentury many of which who were escaping persecution fromtheRussian Tsarist regime. They set up these communities that were based somewhat agriculture and with the strictview that each person would receive a shareof whatever work they put into the community, a lot wish Marxism. Thismodel,although not entirely Marxist, is based on Marxs ideals of collectiveresponsibility and is thought of to beone of the merely known models of Marxismthat has successfully incorporated a democratic element, maybebecause it is ona small scale.Another way that one canapproach the question of Marxisms compatibility with democracy is to consider the ways in which Marxism, as a form of social democracy designed by and for thepeople, falls short of success.Schumpter (1965) refers to the idea thatdemocracy is not an end in itself. The bookCanDemocracy BeDesigned?13looks at the transitions to democracy from different societies and theintuitional choices that aremade . Stable democratic societiesareusually the product of natural democratic evolution. In the 1830s thePeel-and Pitt-ites who were anti revolutionary would have called it the organicsystem of government andsociety that works topper and that is the moststable.Professor Mayo writes thatdemocratic societies areeconomically locomote where the emphasis is on therights of the citizen and on freedom and tolerance.Democracy of this kind hasevolved soft and is the result of long historical struggles.14This means that because democracy comes about through slow development, that the violent change and class struggle that is associated with Marx is incompatible with the idea of democracy or it existing after a Marxist revolution.Marxism emphasises the need to restructure the economicorder and the way in which the workers relationshipwith the employer is takenadvantage of.The inconsistencywith democracy therefore lies in terms of victorious thepower from the ruling classand then everything naturally failing into place with democracy after suchradicalsocial change. This would seem to beone of the majorproblems with democracy and Marxisms compatibility.Critics of Marxismhave said that the key repugnance lies in terms when used together.Joseph V.Femiawrites, arent the two terms in the backup mutually contradictory? Is Marxistdemocracy not an oxymoron?15AMarxian democracy if one were to exist would simply be a dictatorship of theproletariat16as Marx called it.He explains that once the masses have taken control from thebourgeois parliamentary government that thedictatorship of the proletariathas to be cruel, stern, bloody and painful17and that in terms of Lenins legacy itis difficultto treat him as a philosopher of freedom18 generatorFrancis Fukuyama(1992)posits thatliberaldem ocracyhas continually confirmed to be a more successfulstructure than any other system and that the world has entered the last coif of sociological development. He writes, The twentieth century saw the true world descend into aparoxysm ofideological violence which amounted in the Cold War to ,final examly an updatedMarxism that threatenedto lead to the ultimate apocalypse of atomic war.19Perhaps the conceptthat liberal democracies are the finalised and best-developed models of world thanthat of Marx is true an conclusion but his theory falls short in other ways.FukuyamasThe suppress of History and Last of Manstates that the societies are in its final stage of development and that other models that have come before such as Marxism, the World has progressed past. Fukuyama states that ultimately society has reached the end of its development democratically with the end product being what we have today. However one can argue that his suggestions are parochial in the sense that in every society people would have assumed that their understanding and development would be the final knowledge of the world as they knew it.To say that we may have progressed passed Marxism would be one assertion because perhaps due to what we have learnt from the dangers of Communism we have indeed developed past it. However to say that this is the end of history and that we have no more knowledge that get out developed from democracies in the world is a narrow perspective no one can ever know what will happen next. This is even more so the case if we look according to what has happened in the world thus far. comm that it is out of the Capitalist or liberal democracies that comes the most revolutionary regimes in society such as Marxism. We can never know what will come next. Since the fall of theBerlin wall and the end of the Cold War it seems there is a growing importance surroundingthe notion of democratic repose theory.Democratic two-eyed violet theory aims to explainhow an d whyin the liberal democracies, states that are democratic generally donot fight each other.20However neo-Marxists such asImmanuel Wallerstein who isa world systems theorist would say that it due to there being acollectiveinterest for peace within these countries that world wars and rebellions do not break out. He also says that this is not supposedly todo with the triumphs of liberal democracy but the fact that it is not in the economic interests of the most powerful countries to be at war.In essence thequestion whether Marxism can be brought about and work within a pre-existingdemocratic frameworkandif democracy can endure and thrivewithin a Marxist regime is one that clashes because the two notions in both cases are incompatible. I think one of the fundamental argumentsin terms ofthe apparenteclipse of socialism is that Socialism has been superseded by other forms of government and ones that are more humanitarian, stable and that have worked for a longer time. Whilst it may be n ice in some cases for a there to be direct democracy where people could choose on every issue they wanted to and for and some aspects of Marxism to be utilize today, features of it would be impractical. If there were to be a referendum and monthly, weekly or cursory commune I doubt this would work very well. Not only would decisions take a long time to be counted, but perhaps you need people in society with certain expertise standardized the men in parliament who we entrust our civil liberties with. Not only can the failures of Marxism been seen and the impracticalities of a purely Socialist democracy , but also Marxism can be perceived as outdated. Aspects of the Capitalist world such as the competition that is created in the markets could be argued to be compatible with democracy as there is a genuine choice people take care whether or not they enter into this competitive race. Democracy in terms of economics is something that Marx focuses heavily on, whilst seemingly failing to handle the social problems that inevitably arise from radicalism. His utopian vision is one that I believe is inherently incompatible with democracy.1Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1888)The Communist Manifesto, Chapter 1, ed David Mc Lellan,OxfordWorlds Classics2ibid Chapter 23ibid Chapter 24Carole Pearce (1991) A Critique of Marxism-Leninism as Theory andPraxis,Review of AfricanPoliticalEconomy,No. 50, Africa in a New World Order, pp.102-114, Taylor andFrancis Ltd5Norman Geras,(1987) Post Marxism?,The New Left Review163, May-June 19876Stephen Eric Boner ,(1990)Socialism Unbound,pg.87, Routledge NewYork7Antonio Gramsci, The Revolution Against Capital inSelections from Political Writings1910-1920,ed. Quinton Hoare, trans. John Mathews (New York, 1977), pp.34ff8Stephen Eric Boner ,(1990)Socialism Unbound,pg.87, Routledge, NewYork9Karl Marx (1867)CapitalVol. 110Bernard-Henry Levy (1979)Barbarism with a Human Face,1st ed,New YorkHarper Row, pp.15511Max Weber (1964) , regime as a Vocation, inFrom Max Weber Essays in Sociology,edH.H.Gerth and C.W.Mills, New York, 1964 p.12112R.R Palmer, (1969)Age of the Democratic Revolution,The A Political History of atomic number 63andAmerica, 1760-1800 v. 1 Challenge,Princeton Princeton University abridge13Can Democracy Be Desgined?(2003),,Ed .Sunil Bastian and robin Luckham,Zed Books, London14H. B. Mayo Walter Bedell Smith (1957)Democracy and MarxismbyThe philosophic ReviewVol.66, No. 2 (Apr., 1957), pp. 268-27115Joseph V. Femia (1993)Marxismand democracy,Oxford University Press Oxford p.116Marx (1852),Letter to Weydemeyer17MarxAndrzejWalicki(1995)Marxism and the Leapto the region of FreedomThe Rise and Fallof the Communist Utopia,Standford UniverstiyPress Chicago pp.28018ibidpp.33219Fukuyama, Francis(1992).The lay off of History and the Last Man. London Penguin.20DanieleArchibugi(2008)The Global Commonwealth of Citizens.Toward Cosmopolitan Democracy,Princeton University Press Princeton

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Vincent van GoghVincent Van Goeh move the painting, which is portrait of him. He drew himself as a red haired guy with gray shirt. In the picture, there is only himself and gray background. Gray background is making circle motions collected with thin lines. You can see a lot of circles in the background. His hair, bears, and eyelashes atomic number 18 colored with red. His hair and bears are not trimmed. His eyes are low-down and dark looking right at me. His shirt is gray and really old one. I touched his lips and all I felt was cold, house paper. By the oily smell, I guessed he used oil colourise. I couldnt hear or feel any sound as if he want to show me what silence is. I wanted to try to caress him to feel the taste, but didnt want to get caught. He looked at mirror and found a subject he was looking for to draw. He guardedly observed the man in the mirror. The man looked angry and tried. His lips are slopped as if he does not have anything to say. Silence was the mans only company. He had pens, pencils, canvas and everything to draw. He started with pencil. He drew the man, his hair, his eyes, his ear, and his shirts. He colored the man. He looked at the mirror again. He saw the man, and there was something missing. He gave colors on the air of the background. He carefully chose gray color, and filled the background. He finally touched his eyes to express the mans anger, or any feelings he had. I was walking without any concentration about the paintings on the wall. I stopped not because I found an interesting piece, but because he caught my eyes. His eyes were dark, and angry. They were looking right at me.

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Jealousy is what made most(prenominal) of Iagos devises a success. Iago was the bad guy and Othello was the good guy, and everybody else that was affected didnt do anything to merit it. Iago was the mastermind that planed everybodys painful death. Iago lies to Casio to try to make Othello kind of disbelieving in Desdemona and think that she is with Casio. Othello gave his wife Desdemona a handkerchief that his dead stick gave to him. Then Iago planned to get that handkerchief and he did succeed, he got it from genus genus Emilia who falls for Iagos trick. Iago gave the handkerchief to Casio, then Othello sees the same handkerchief that he had gave to Desdemona. So now Othello is angry because he saw Casio with the handkerchief. After this Iago is allied with Othello and they plan to fine-tune Casio and Desdemona. Iago tells Othello to pop off his wife only when Othello wants to poison her. Somehow Iago convinces Othello to strangle her and also promises Casios death to Othel lo. That night Iago gets his puppet Rodrigo and tells him to go and kill Casio, and Rodrigo is so stupid and obeys Iagos commands. Rodrigo does not kill Casio but Iago does get a good shot at Casios leg. Since Rodrigo does not kill Casio, Iago goes onward and kills Rodrigo and making Casio think that Iago is still his friend. Since Iago does not succeed in violent death Casio, Iago starts to panic and thinks his plans are going to fail. But since Othello kill Desdemona, every 1 races to their room and most of the characters in Othello are there. Othello confesses that he killed Desdemona, but because she was sleeping with Casio. Every one doubts him so Othello says that he saw Casio with the handkerchief he gave Desdemona. Then Emilia jumps in and is about to say something but Iago whispers something to her and tells her that its time to go home, but Emilia refuses and starts to speak out and says that the handkerchief was left behind in the bed and she picked it up.

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John Deweys Critique of Socioeconomic Individualism Essay -- Sociolog

My paper attempts to a precisely the consistency of jakes Deweys non- psycheistic individualism. It details Deweys claim that the tralatitious dualism opposing the individual to the social is politically debilitating. We find Dewey in the 20s and 30s, for example, arguing that the creation of a genuine human beings arena, one(a) capable of precluding the rise of an artificial chasm between sociality and individualityor, rather, one capable of precluding the rise of an artificial chasm between notions of sociality and individualityhad itself been forestalled by an inherited, outdated, but nonetheless dominant custom called individualism. By blocking public investigating itself, by enervating what Dewey called social inquiry, and thus by misguiding historically cranky assessments of slippery social phenomena, our contingently strapped individualism drifts aimlessly and destructively through the set up era. Insofar as it fails to realize how publicity and individuality can be a congruous, inextricable, and mutually conditioning pair, individualism leeches many of todays individuals of their situated and situating historical potential. In the final chapter of his work The Public and its Problems (PAIP) John Dewey suggests that, despite the insistence of most social theorists, if we regard the so-called individual/social distinction as a gap to be bridged or as an antithesis to be synthesized then our nose for public & democratic advance has been tricked by a central red herring of political modernnessThe preliminary to fruitful discussion of social matters is that certain obstacles shall be overcome, obstacles residing in our present conceptions of the method of social inquiry. One of the obstructions in the path is the seemingl... ...ical progress, and simply then will we lay the foundation for the construction of public apparati which do not merely police atomic selves negatively in their battles for economic supremacy and which do not merely reconci le Society to the claims of toffee-nosed Selves but which produce selves habitually resistant to atomization.Indeed, as we also indicated above, jibe to Dewey the problem of publicity in modern society and the modern stir lies less in need of bridging the gap between the one and the many as in showing the impractical effects of recovering jibe to the conceptual scheme of a gap. It is currently anathema, in other words, to think sacrificially of publicity, to think that a lively public arena can personify only when certain individual claims are sacrificed or, conversely, that individuality will flourish only at the expense of the greater public good.

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The counterbalance computing device Dependent GenerationThe data processor has perform one of the most of the essence(p) and influential luxuries of this contemporaries. Young lot use reckoners eery day for school, work, and entertainment. They argon the first generation to piss become computer literate as early as the bombardment of adolescence. For most of their lives they experience used computers, so it is not surprising that our generation has become highly dependent upon them. thwarting usu wholey occurs when one thunder mug not build up access to their computer. In college dorms, students get upset when net income service is down for dismantle an hour. eyepatch off-line, many of these stranded students operate in every minute to work out if the network is back on-line. Occurrences equal these show that this generation can be defined as to a fault computer dependent. Computers are becoming to a greater extent of a necessity than ever to higher education. Universities make it clear that computers are crucial for success. This is demonstrated by the ever-growing number of course weather vane pages, and increase use of student e-mail. Computers besides facilitate communication in coarse lecture halls where sometimes students discovery it impossible to talk with their professors. E-mail has become the most efficient course by which teachers and students interact. However, one can indicate that e-mail is an artificial reliever for student-teacher contact. After all we did come to college to get an education from superior individuals in their subject area. E-mail seems to defeat the aspire of this idea because anyone can e-mail, but, not everybody can go to a humans renowned professors office and have a conversation about the actual being discussed in relegate. Sometimes, total classes are on a web page. These students need not even go to class, because they know the lecture notes provide be on the class web page along with t he institutionalize midterms and finals. The fact that computers make these things easier reinforces the computer owners dependence. Furthermore, students no yearlong have to do question outside of their room. Today, students can do all their research on the web, or through the online library system, which many universities offer. Students who do not own a computer are at a disadvantage because they have to hap added time accessing computers. Living in a college dorm, I have been environ by computer junkies for the first time. These users agree hermits, at times. However, since computers provide so many conveniences, they live happily deep down the vicinity of their colored monitor.The First Computer Dependent Generation essays research papersThe First Computer Dependent GenerationThe computer has become one of the most important and influential luxuries of this generation. Young people use computers every day for school, work, and entertainment. They are the first generat ion to have become computer literate as early as the onset of adolescence. For most of their lives they have used computers, so it is not surprising that our generation has become highly dependent upon them. Frustration usually occurs when one can not get access to their computer. In college dorms, students get upset when Internet service is down for even an hour. While off-line, many of these stranded students dial in every minute to see if the network is back on-line. Occurrences like these show that this generation can be defined as overly computer dependent. Computers are becoming more of a necessity than ever to higher education. Universities make it clear that computers are crucial for success. This is demonstrated by the ever-growing number of course web pages, and increasing use of student e-mail. Computers also facilitate communication in large lecture halls where sometimes students find it impossible to talk with their professors. E-mail has become the most efficient way b y which teachers and students interact. However, one can argue that e-mail is an artificial substitute for student-teacher contact. After all we did come to college to get an education from superior individuals in their subject area. E-mail seems to defeat the purpose of this idea because anyone can e-mail, but, not everybody can go to a world renowned professors office and have a conversation about the material being discussed in class. Sometimes, entire classes are on a web page. These students need not even go to class, because they know the lecture notes will be on the class web page along with the practice midterms and finals. The fact that computers make these things easier reinforces the computer owners dependence. Furthermore, students no longer have to do research outside of their room. Today, students can do all their research on the web, or through the online library system, which many universities offer. Students who do not own a computer are at a disadvantage because th ey have to spend added time accessing computers. Living in a college dorm, I have been surrounded by computer junkies for the first time. These users resemble hermits, at times. However, since computers provide so many conveniences, they live happily within the vicinity of their colored monitor.

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Night Paper Night is told by Eliezer, a Jewish teenager who red-hots in the town of Sighet, in Hungarian Transylvania. Eliezer studies the Torah. His cultivation is stopped, when his teacher, Moshe the Beadle, gets deported. Few months later, Moshe returns to Siget telling a horrifying story that the Gestapo took control of his channelize and led everyone into the woods, where they killed everyone. Nobody believes Moshe and he is taken for a crazy lunatic. In the spring of 1944, the Nazis occupied Hungary. The Jews of Eliezers town are forced into subtle houses within their town. Soon they are put into cattle cars, and by and by days and nights crammed into the car, they are all exhausted and near starvation, they arrive at Birkenau, the approach to Auschwitz. Upon their arrival, Eliezer and his pay back are separated from his mother and sisters, which they never see again. Eliezer and his father seem to pass the evaluation whether they should be killed or put to work, only before they are brought to the prisoners barracks, they stumble upon the a pit where the Nazis are yearning babies. The Jewish arrivals are stripped, shaved and treated with cruelty. Later the Nazis took them from Birkenau to the main ingress camp, Auschwitz. They got to Buna, a work camp, where Eliezer is put to work in an -electrical-fittings factory. The guard forces Eliezer to score him his gold tooth, which they take out with a gold spoon. Eliezer begins to lose his trustfulness in God. A couple moths later, Eliezer has an operation on his foot. While he is in the camp, the Nazis evacuated the camp because the Russians are charging and are close freeing Buna. In a blizzard, the prisoners are forced to run for fifty miles to the Gleiwitz concentration camp. many a(prenominal) died because of the horrible weather and exhaustion. The prisoners are put into cattle cars again and take in on another deadly journey, but only few lived after they reached the concentration camp, Buchenwald. Eliezer and his father survived by staying together but in Buchenwald, Eliezers father dies of physical abuse. Eliezer survives until the day that the American army liberates the camp. Eliezer struggles with his faith in Night. At the beginning of the book, his faith in God is very hearty and when he was asked why he prays, he relpies, Why did I live?

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MACBETHIn Shakespe atomic number 18s play Macbeth, there argon causality struggles that interfere with personal relationships. The get laid and honor of the state or the love and devotion of family is brought up to question. State and family are very similar, as they are both very important. But which one is more(prenominal) is not an well-off question. In the eye of Macbeth and Macduff, characters in Macbeth the answer is simple, state. Loyalty to state is more valued to Macbeth and Macduff.Macduff must not care for his family for he would not set forth them all alone. To leave his wife, to leave his babes, His mansion and his titles in a abode from whence himself does fly? comport 4 Sc 2 these are the words of lady Macduff talking about her husband. If Macduff loves his family he would at lest furcate his wife where he has run off to so she does not worry. It is informal to see that Macduff loves his country more than his family. Wear thou thy wrongs The title is affeere d. number thee well, lord. I would not be the villain that thou thinkst for the total space thats in the tyrants grasp and the large East to boot. Act 4 Sc3 this shows Macduffs feelings about the situation of Macbeth world king. Macduff does not want to see the country of Scotland suffer, and he is showing his loyalty to king Duncan by going to his son Malcolm the person who should be king.As with Macbeth the title of king is of more importance than a friend who he has been in battle with and is as his right hand man. My noble companion you greet with present grace and great prediction of noble having and of violet hope, Act 1 Sc 3 this is of Banquo talking about Macbeth as these are traveling along together. Banquo is as a loyal partner and friend to Macbeth. But because Macbeth thinks that he is a better leader he does not want Banquo and his sons to rule the country. Your children should be kings Act 1 Sc 3. Even with Banquo being a noble friend this prophecy scares Macbet h and is unexpended with one choice to kill his friend. With barefaced power sweep him from my sight. Act 3 Sc. 1. All this for the kingdom.Macbeths insecurity led him to believe that Macduff was betraying him and legitimate the killing of Macduffs family.

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Elaeagnus Angustifolia and Tamarix RamossisimaIntroductionThe topic that is going to be discussed is the Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia) and the Salt true cedar (Tamarix ramossisima). Both of these species be pestilent weeds that argon besides non-native plant lifes that were brought over from Europe. Both of these subjects history, where they originated, and where they occupy willing be covered. Also both of their economic advantages as well as their disadvantages will in addition be discussed. Salt CedarThe salt cedar is believed to have originated from southern Europe, the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, and Africa. Out of the 54 species cognise worldwide eight of them preside and have been introduced into the U.S... A brief exposition of this species is that it can grow up to 5 to 20 feet tall. The reason for the big(p) distance in size is because they are divided into two groups, which are similar to the evergreen tree or a deciduous fruticose type spec ies. It was mainly used as an ornamental landscaping plant on the sides of roads. The reason why this tree was chosen is because of its ability to pull through in a variety of areas and because it is very adapt equal and tolerant. However, because of some of these traits it also ended up becoming a hassle. Other traits that make it a lot of trouble is it is able to produce rapidly from hundreds to thousands of seeds being dispersed. These seeds are numerous but what makes the matter worse is that after being undefended to moisture it only takes the seedling 24 hours to germinate making it able to sick at an astounding rate. Which means more plants competing in an ecosystem that has been changed to the salt cedar conditions. This is done by the salt cedar through its glands that release salts in its leaves and younger stems that when they fall to the ground it makes the soil no to the standards of many of the other(a) species of plants in the area reducing diversity in the area. They are also less tolerable to fire, which causes them to burn easier and allows the fire to spread in a wider area. However, the advantage they have over the other plants after this occurs is that they are able to recover faster than other species because they have become better neutered to fires. The ones that grow near streams and other water sources narrow channels cause an increase in the water flow, which can eventually lead to flooding.

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Before The LawBEFORE THE equity stands a gate griper. To this doorkeeper there comes a musical composition from the country and prays for price of admission to the Law. tho the doorkeeper says that he cannot grant admittance at the moment. The man thinks it over and then asks if he will be allowed in later. It is possible, says the doorkeeper, entirely not at the moment. Since the gate stands open, as usual, and the doorkeeper steps to ace side, the man stoops to peer through the gateway into the interior. Observing that, the doorkeeper laughs and says If you argon so drawn to it, just try to go in despite my veto. But take note I am powerful. And I am wholly the least of the doorkeepers. From hall to hall there is one doorkeeper later on an early(a), each more powerful than the last. The third doorkeeper is already so terrible that even I cannot bear to look at him. These argon difficulties the man from the country has not expected the Law, he thinks, should surely be acces sible at all times and to everyone, notwithstanding as he now takes a closer look at the doorkeeper in his fur coat, with his big sharp nose and long, thin, black Tartar beard, he decides that it is better to wait until he gets permission to enter. The doorkeeper gives him a puddle and lets him sit down at one side of the door. There he sits for days and days. He makes many attempts to be admitted, and wearies the doorkeeper by his importunity. The doorkeeper frequently has little interviews with him, asking him questions about his home and many other things, but the questions are put indifferently, as great lords put them, and forever and a day finish with the statement that he cannot be let in yet. The man, who has equipped himself with many things for his journey, sacrifices all he has, however valuable, to bribe the doorkeeper. The doorkeeper accepts everything, but always with the remark I am only taking it to keep you from thinking you have omitted anything. During these many years the man fixes his attention virtually continuously on the doorkeeper. He forgets the other doorkeepers, and this first one seems to him the sole obstacle preventing access to the Law. He curses his bad luck, in his early years boldly and loudly later, as he grows old, he only grumbles to himself.

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Liberal Governments :: European Europe History

Liberal GovernmentsWith what success did the Liberal Governments attempt to rectify the quality of flavour of the running(a)?The 1906 election, and subsequent landslide victory for the Liberals, was the starting step toward the introduction of a welfare state. The Conservatives who were in power up to 1906 had basic all toldy ignored the concept of social reform this had led to them losing the workers suffrage and had alike led to a decline in the standards of life sentence for the working class. The New Liberals argued for more government intercession to help impoverished cabaret and therefore created the first movements of a social reform. However, the immature legislation was except a mediocre success in improving the quality of life for working class people. New Liberalism, differing slightly to Gladstonian Liberalism, was essentially state intervention in order to reduce poverty and therefore improve living and working conditions for the working classes. Up until the t urn of the century, it was believed that poverty was self-inflicted, and extremely liberal to eradicate if the people touch just tried a smaller harder. However by the 1906 election, studies on poverty had been completed by cell and Rowntree, and ideas on the origins of poverty were beginning to change. These studies provided evidence to suggest that no progeny how hard certain people tried, they could non lift themselves out of poverty, and take assistance in the form of state benefits and legislations. As New Liberalism come to more government intervention, people were wary of it as it was a new concept, and the previous Conservative governments had been unconcerned with most aspects of helping the people. At this time people were scared of change, and many did not understand the benefits of schemes like the case Insurance Act of 1911, where there wasnt a guaranteed payoff and people did not understand why, or to whom, they were paying money. However, as the idea of dese rving suffering and undeserving poor still existed even with New Liberalism, not all groups of people received aid. Therefore the new legislation and reforms were not instead as successful as they could have been. This was partly because the Liberals were more concerned with their political status than increasing legislation for the good of the people. The Liberals were in misgiving of a potential threat from the newly-formed Labour Party, who relied on votes from the working-class population. The Liberals were also reliant upon the support of the Labour party in order to chance upon an absolute majority in parliament.

The Motivation Behind the Columbine High Shootings Essay -- Columbine

The Motivation Behind the aquilege naughty ShootingsEvery major spectacle carries with it the potential of a new authority of looking at the past and implications of a future. Usually within a brief period after the typesetters case, a consensual explanation is fashioned through the intelligence information media and by the political pundits who occupy much of the home and time dedicated by the media to the counterbalancet. Political pundits seated in apparent motion of the camera become break of the event, often becoming a part of the process of transforming an event in time to a spectacle.In this case, the event was the murder of 13 and wounding of 23 persons at the Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The event took domicile on April 22, 1999 and, because of the subsequent self-destruction of the twain teenage perpetrators, observers could lonesome(prenominal) speculate on their motivation. While students were solace hiding from the gunmen and while the poli ce were still plotting their strategy, the media coverage began. perhaps two impulses led to the coverage. First of all, the victims were non the children of the Hutus or East Timorese or even the Kosovos. These were our children and the parents our friends. Their grief could have been ours. In fact, in a month plus a few days, five million dollars were donated to the survivors and the victim families even without there being a major fund-raising drive (Morning Edition, NPR, June 8, 1999).Secondly, the event had the earmarks of a media spectacle, that is, by transmogrifying the event to something beyond itself, the news media knew they would again be sufficient to maximize their profit margins on the grief and graves of others. Events are news stories spectacles are dollars. The old tv newsroom characterization of if it bleeds, it leads has been replaced in their duty office from graves to the gravy train.In its societal context, the Columbine aim shootings are not an obvious part of a discernible sociological pattern. We know that approximately 4,500 youngsters are killed every year in learned shootings, with thirty per cent of that number probable suicides. Thats almost 13 a day, the same number as were killed in Littleton (The Washington Post, April 25, 1999). The data on school shootings, according to the Center for Communicable Diseases, indicate that only virtually 28 per cent actually occurred inside the school and that one-third of the victims were not... quarter my choices.You need to face the fact that this comes as a result of YOUR CHOICES....You taught these kids not to accept what is different.Harris and Klebold, armed with guns and bombs, grotesquely mobilized what little power they thought they had. Perhaps at another time or in another place these murders would not have occurred. But right now, the fall out is power. That is our final lesson. star Georgia school board member -- obviously aware of the issue -- said following th e Conyers, GA shooting Weve got to let these kids know whos in charge of the schools (New York Times, May 24, 1999).Violence in all of its manifestations is based on an exercise of power. It represents a means to gain power, to maintain power, or as a response to a threat to ones power. As long as a society maintains the legitimacy of social hierarchies, of the right of some mass to have power over others, there will be violence. nonpareil can either seek to diffuse the concentration of power or to deem violence. By its very character, the attempt to control violence is self-defeating. The control will itself become violent. The quest for a society without coercion is only now being charted

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The Western as Commentary about Decaying Values Essay -- Western Cultu

The occidental as Commentary or so Decaying Values The westbound, as a genre, is subversive of the values that its Christian characters possess. Western films frequently depict social depravity in terms of the mythology that veritable during westward expansion. The mythology was inspired by the threat of the edge wilderness to prude culture. In order to preserve their society, some Puritans departed from their ideal Christian lives. Western films portray compromises that cultures make of the values that they define themselves by in order to protect the integrity of their other values. A contemporary Western, present Range, which Kevin Costner stars in and directed, released in 1995, deals with a conflict between morality and nicety and the genre mythology. In it, pommel Spearman and Charley Waite herd cattle across the Western frontier. When they allow the herd to free-graze in Fort Harmon country, they infuriate a large(p) rancher, Baxter, who t ells them Free-grazers aint gonna take the feed off my cattle. A foe with Baxters henchmen results in them killing one of Boss helpers and another, thrust, is severely hurt. Boss and Charley are faced with the options either to run away, in which case Button would die, or to risk their lives by entering the town to find him a doctor. Boss and Charley both are generous to each other, their workers, and people they encounter. Charley is a former Civil War fighter who is trying to escape his medieval with the guidance of the old, collected cowboy, Boss. Both have clearly been in fights forrader however, Charleys past troubles him in a deeper way than his demeanor suggests. He explains that he first shot a man in the pharynx ... ...fe from the dangers of their enemies and feel that they have the freedom of pioneers. Even as the wilderness and the frontier become more distant, the mythology that arose in the American west keeps its people inexorably determined to m aintain the democracy and the freedom that it provides. Works Cited Fiedler, Leslie A. The Return of the Vanishing American. Briarcliff Manor, NY stein and Day, 1968. Slotkin, R. Regeneration Through Violence The Mythology of the American Frontier 1600-1860. Norman, OK University of okay Press, 1973. Turner, Frederick J. Contributions of the West to American Democracy. The Turner Thesis Concerning the Role of the Frontier in American History. Ed. George R. Taylor. Lexington, MA D.C. Heath and Company, 1972.

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Franklin and Theodore RooseveltThroughout the ages there acquire been many dandy leaders. These leaders are powerful in many ways, with a brawny control everywhere the people, and a place in hi story. But who would have guessed that two cousins would be some of the greatest government figures ever? Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt, both American presidents, both American Heroes. Without these dignitaries, the American advancement into the present daytime would be incomplete and/or impossible. They gave people hope through gravely times and the spirit to protect their country and one a nonher. S p e a k s o f t l y C a r r y a b i g s t i c k Theodore Teddy Roosevelt was born into a rich rising York family in 1858. His childhood was filled with sickness. He soon became interested in wildlife and nature. In 1880 he graduated Harvard. Happy with his new accomplishments he took on a wife, Alice Lee Roosevelt. Unfortunately, his mother passed away on the same day as the marriage. Heartbroken, Roosevelt moved west to the Dakota territories to hunt and explore. His first marriage was over soon afterwards. A few old age later he ventured to Paris, France were he met his second wife. Back in America the Spanish- American War for the southwestern United States was in formation. Roosevelt, wife and all, headed back home. Enlisted and prepared, Roosevelt headed South. On the path to victory, Roosevelt met up with Leonard Wood, unitedly the created the Rough Riders Regiment (RRR). In 1898,the RRR, under the control of Roosevelt and Wood, lead the fighting against San Juan, Puerto Rico to come out victorious. Both men re deflected home to a heros welcome happy to be alive. It was the dawning of the twentieth century. William McKinley was President and Roosevelt Vice President. Under McKinley, he learned rough the responsibilities of beness a president. Suddenly without warning McKinley was shot and killed. In 1901, at 42 Roosevelt became the y oungest president to serve office. He disagreed with how the nations economy was being controlled by Big Business. In his term he set about trust busting by initiating some 40 lawsuits against big businesses. It was said erst that while hunting, Roosevelt came upon a bear cub. Despite the demands of his hunting partners, Roosevelt refused to kill the cub. This story touched the heart of millions. Soon cartoon strips, newspape... ...ld War II. During the war years he had not appeared often in public, but during his campaign for a fourth term in 1944 many who saw him said that he looked pale, thin, and old. The election, which resulted in his victory over New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey, was a strain on the president. In the early spring of 1945 he went to speedy Springs, Georgia, in an effort to recapture his flagging energy. There he died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1945. In conclusion I believe that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a greater impact on the Americ an nightclub than his cousin, Theodore Roosevelt. FDR did so much in his lifetime as president that without soul want him to get us through hard times like the Depression or World War 2, and supply new improvements in the way life is conditioned. We wouldnt be as successful as we are today. Theodore Roosevelt was also a great man, I am not saying otherwise. But FDR has the addition of four presidential hurt. In position being the only president to carry out four terms he created the cause for the 22nd amendment even after death. In turn with the addition of these two men in history we have not only changed the world but ourselves.

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Priesthood     The position of non-Christian priesthood in the church has been evident since theearliest institution of the church. Jewish priests first were established in theseventh century BC performing religious ceremonies. They were even moreestablished around 950 BC due to the establishment of the Temple in Jerusalem.     The major role of the traditional Jewish priest was to performsacrificial rituals. According to the Bible, the Temple was build as a place for immortal to live with the people. It was the holiest building that existed, and require to be kept beatified by the priests. Their role of the priests was to perform tool sacrifices to God as an offering. The priests performed these sacrificesas specialists on behalf of a community or congregation in order to restore theho barrierss of the community and of the Temple. It was believed that if thither wassin among the people then God would not come and be with them.  &nb sp  After the Temple was destroyed during the war with Rome, these animalsacrifices were stopped, and there were no more active Jewish priests. Thereligious leadership in the temple was led by the rabbis.     In the Protestant religion there exists a "priesthood of allbelievers"("Priesthood", 529). This meant that each member in the communityserves as his or her own priest, with direct access to communication with God.Protestants believe that the role of the priest is an "officiatingmediary"("Priesthood", 529), rather than a one who performs ritual sacrifices.This stems from the Protestant belief that Jesus Christ served as "the ultimate"sacrifice, and therefore there is no use in animal sacrifices. Protestants alsodo not scratch their religious leaders "priests" because the name itself impliesthat he is of a higher aim than his fellow man or that he has more access toGod than others.    & nbspThere exists two different forms of priesthood transmissible andvocational priests. A hereditary priest is a limited position in that it can alone be held by a person who a direct descendent of the tribe of Levi. Thistribe is one of the original 12 tribes of Israel as pose forth in Genesis 49.There exists among this tribe one gamey Priests who head of the other priests. Heis the only priest who was allowed to view the holy Ark of the Covenant duringthe existence of the Temple in Jerusalem. These hereditary priests, unlike nighpriests in todays society, were allowed to marry in order to carry on the lineof priesthood.     The vocational priests are those which have been "called" to theministry by God himself.

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Henrik Isben?s A wench?s House is the tommyrot of a troops and a muliebrity who have been married for eight years just now are non really in love. Although at the first of the story we see a typical family, underneath there lies a dark secret. Torvald Helmer, the husband, is a attorney who has been unsuccessful in the past because he would not accept a shady case. This has put the couple and their children in a great pecuniary struggle and this forces him to turn elsewhere for employment. He ends up working at a local bank, putting an end to the family struggle. At the start of the story we see Nora Helmer, his wife, coming in from town with several small mantled packages and a Christmas tree. She is a very childish acting woman but on the same note, she is also very deceptive and cunning. Nora has kept a secret from her husband ever since they moved from their last home. Torvald was very noisome and Nora was pregnant with their first child. Nora?s come was on his deathbed as well. Torvald?s doctor confided in Nora that if Torvald didn?t move south then he was going to die. Since they hadn?t the property to do so, Nora takes it upon herself to borrow the money, which was not allowed completely by a woman. In order to get the loan she and her father had to sign the papers. Seeing her father?s condition, she forged his signature. She told her husband that the money was a gift from her father so he would not observe indebted to her forever. The money that Nora borrowed is almost paid off at this refer and she was excited. Then the story takes a sudden turn. According to Maurice Valency, ?Nora as unless the earnest and innocent child who was sure there could be no harm in forging her father?s signature, provided her motives were good? (253). The man from who... inability to be trusted and all that had occurred.BibliographyWorks CitedDowns, Brian. look for get a line 1950. Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 37 pg 239-243. Isben, Henrick. A Doll?s House. 1879. Kirszner & Mandell. Literature Reading, Reacting, Writing. fourthly Edition. Harcourt College Publishers.Northam, John. demonstrate Date 1960. Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 37, pg. 249.Salome, Lou. Essay Date 1892. Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 37, pg. 226-231.Thomas, David. Essay Date 1983. Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 37, pg. 258-260.Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 8, pg. 140-141.Valency, Maurice. Essay Date 1963. Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 37, pg. 253Weigand, Hermann J. Essay Date 1925. Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Vol. 37 pg. 233-235.

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David KimPhysics Lab 102/11/14Section A1IntroductionIn Experiment 1, the objective was to numerate 150 pennies and find the best estimate value and the uncertain(p)ties for the fish of the pennies. pawn doubtfulness is the least value that can be read from the measuring stick device. It is always less than or equal to the least believe. The least count is the smallest division that can be marked or shown from a certain cats-paw. The instrument uncertainty is equal to the least count in this experiment. ergodic errors are simply mistakes that are made due to the instrument beingness used or the measured object being poorly defined.The occur uncertainty of a measurement is calculated by using the instrument uncertainty and the uncertainty due to vacillation. misgiving due to fluctuation is mutualist on the average and the substance amount of times there was a measurement. This average is comprise whenx= 1/N (x_1+x_2+ + x_n ) N is the total number of measurements, x1 is the first measurement, x2 is the second measurement, and xn is the last measurement. The uncertainty due to fluctuation is found byx_fl= _x/N_x is the standard deviation of the mean and N is the total number of measurements. Standard deviation can be found by_x= ((d_12+ d_22+ + d_N2)/(N-1))Where d_n(the derivative) is found byd_n=x_n- x This in words is the measurement of the nth term subtracted by the mean.Total uncertainty is found byx= (x_ins2+ x_fl2 ) Where x_ins is the instrument uncertainty and x_fl is the uncertainty due to fluctuation. Initial DataPart A1 Instrument Uncertainty QuizStudent has passed the testThe following answers were entered for the digital device 2UnitsgLeast count0.1000I... ...ould have to take around ccc measurements so that the results would be accurate and precise to the expected value of 100.In grammatical constituent B of the experiment, the standard mound of the penny amongst 1941 and 1982 was 3.100 g and between 1983 and 2011, the standard m ass was 2.500 g. The standard mass of the penny changed between 1982 and 1983. The mass was decreased by .600 g. Pennies lose or gain weight in circulation because most of the pennies were not 2.5 or 3.1 grams on the dot. The possible eat or erosion from the time it was in circulation helps to describe the range that the mass of the pennies had. In general, most of the measurements were accurate compared to the expected value. The measurements on the most part were accurate. However for the outliers, the rust and the erosion to the penny can describe the mass being significantly higher or lower.

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I think that its a tragedy to see that many collegial athletes are bear on in gambling situations. Its baffling on the athletes too, because theyre not getting paid to play the game so its hard to resist thousands of dollars to only win by a few, in cases on point shaving. When I was watching that movie Blue Chips, which is all rough illegal college betting and buying athletes to come to their school, there was a mount involving the civilize and the point guard regarding a point shaving resultant three years ago. After the student was harassed by the coach he finally confessed saying, We won the game, we just didnt slash the spread. Thats only for those gamblers anyway. He has a point with what he utter but thats not the point. A lot of young athletes do see point shaving as partaking in an illegal and culpable event or dont believe that much in it, morally.So people say that if the college players were getting paid none of this would happen. I dont know if giving the playe rs a stipend is freeing end this because unless youre paying the athletes thousands of dollars a week or a game, the stipend wont be more than what theyre being offered. I do think that it might help but Im not sure if that help is going to make a big enough difference. On the same note, if you eliminate spreads, can they be sure that it will make a difference when it comes to gambling. Dont get me wrong, eliminating the spreads would decrease the amounts of point shaving incidents, but it wont necessarily stop them. Bookies can make up their own spreads and implore players to shave points regardless of the fact that the spread is not publicized. The bookie has an motif by about how much one team may beat another. I understand that they will probably never eliminate collegiate gambling but theyre trying to limit and reduce it and Im all for it too.Unfortunately there is the big issue of the politicians and their canvassing for funds and its going to be hard to control that too. I can understand why Congress isnt closing the Nevada loophole or at least delaying it, but I still dont agree with it.