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For an organization to achieve its business strategy, leadership and Essay

For an ecesis to pass on its business strategy, scarperership and management victimisation is key - Essay ExampleThe roles of both the leaders and managers quest training and support so as to make best use of their effectiveness. Leadership and management development involves different practices that are necessary for making the best use of a keep companys human resource (Storey 2004). dressing of employees helps to offer critical skills and information that pull up stakes catapult an organization to a higher level and vie with other organizations effectively.Leadership and management development is important to businesses because it gives the owners of the business an opportunity to the performance of employees. Training of managers will positively influence employees within a company or business (Fulmer 2007). Leadership and management development enables a business to provide managers with the skills and capability necessary for their respective tasks and make the busine ss succeed. A company that boasts of an effective leadership and management development programs improves the productivity of workers since the programs allow the workers to be motivated. Motivated employees will lead to higher productivity hence the success of the organization.The internal development allows an organization to furnish its employees with the right skills that the organization needs instead of generalizing skills (Fulmer 2007). Employee development helps to retain younger managers who may require an opportunity to grow finished training with the organization. Many companies train talented employees on different facets of their jobs, although a section of them may not succeed in providing personal support to the employees. To avoid making such mistakes, managers ought to take a edged interest in the future of their juniors by mentoring them. Young employees need guidance from experienced leaders so as to avoid making mistakes when they must make a decision for the o rganization.Socialization programs such as offering mentorship can familiarize new leaders with the vision,

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Mcdonalds Organizational Analysis Research Paper

Mcdonalds Organizational Analysis - Research Paper object lessonMcDonald Company was created in 1937by Richard and Maurice McDonald, at a tiny drive-in restaurant east of Pasadena, California (Tassiopoulos, 2008). Its a multinational ships company with head offices in 52 countries. Its first franchise was in 1954 by a man known as Roy Kroc, who was given an exclusive deal to franchise McDonald in America. at that place argon over 11,000 restaurants in over 60 countries serving 22million customers. McDonald Company has expanded that it is not solitary(prenominal) a hamburger company, but it has similarly become a real estate company (Tassiopoulos, 2008). Since 1954 McDonald has gained 22427 franchised units.McDonalds elaborateness outside the United States began in 1967, and by the early 1990s, it had 3,600 operations in 58 countries. The company began with French fries, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and soft drinks. Over the years, the company has also introduced other products, w ith some being successful in the foodstuff and others lacking customer commendation. Among the successful products are the Fish sandwich, ready to eat salads, Chicken McNuggets, McFlurry desserts, and McMuffin, while those that lacked approval include the pasta, pizza, fajitas, fried chicken, McLean terrific sandwich, and the Deluxe and Arch Deluxe burgers (Julian, 2006).Technology has always been at the focal bespeak of the McDonalds company making it top among competitors, and giving it the ability to always provide quality products. The company has also been very vulturine in engaging in promotional activities.... Over the years, the company has also introduced other products, with some being successful in the market and others lacking customer approval. Among the successful products are the Fish sandwich, ready to eat salads, Chicken McNuggets, McFlurry desserts, and McMuffin, while those that lacked approval include the pasta, pizza, fajitas, fried chicken, McLean Deluxe s andwich, and the Deluxe and Arch Deluxe burgers (Julian, 2006). Technology has always been at the focal point of the McDonalds company making it top among competitors, and giving it the ability to always provide quality products. The company has also been very aggressive in engaging in promotional activities aimed at marketing the products and expanding the market share(Julian, 2006). The company has maintained frank values since its establishment, especially in protecting the environment. Julian points out that one notable effort neglige hamburgers in paper instead of plastic resulted in a 90 percent decrease in waste (2006, p. 645). The innovation in the workforce of McDonalds has been a great base to gaining and maintaining a long and diverse customer base. People with disabilities, as well as those of all races and ethnicities are represented in the company. Equal representation of both genders has also been key in the company through a invention that it launched centuries ago known as the diversity strategy. Career development workshops mainly focusing on women, and diversity training has always been offered ever since the introduction of the strategy. According to Pride, Hughes, and Kapoor, McDonalds encourages the hiring and training of employees with diverse ethnic backgrounds. Hiring a diverse mix of employees helps

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Hamlet film questionnaire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hamlet film questionnaire - leaven Example3. The first time we see Prince Hamlet, where is he and what is he doing How does Branagh as a director roll in the hay with many of the asides How is Hamlets first flexure handled How does this affect our interpretation of that lineFirst time we see Hamlet, he is in the castle, in front of his fathers statue wearing a mourning dress .He is speaking to himself .its the first monologue of the movie .As both actor and director, he plays the soliloquy not as a reverie hardly as a moral debate on how to be in the world .the first line is handled in a very poignant way and from the very onset we are given a glimpse of how disgusted and depressed Hamlet is about his fathers death. He is so anguished that he himself wants to die.4. When Ophelia gives the remembrances grit to Hamlet, there is a critical moment when Hamlet begins to get violent with her. What happens to set him off (NOTE This happens in the film but is not noted in the stage dir ection of the play.)5. There are a few times when the dialogue of the primary character becomes a voice-over and we flash to the scene the character was initially describing. The first example of this is the Ghosts description of his murder to his son, Hamlet.

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Reflect on If I could be any historical figure within the time period, Research Paper - 1

Reflect on If I could be any historical figure inside the time period, who would I be and why - Research Paper ExampleWhereas many of the founding fathers were ultimately against slavery, there were several that either did not discuss the issue in any level of insight or did not see it as a vital issue to the strength and continued development/prosperity of the nation. Interestingly, many of the pro-and anti-slavery statements that were made by the founding fathers varied little throughout their lives. What is meant by this is that individuals such(prenominal) as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison retained strong proslavery sentiments and wrote prolifically about the benefits that the institution of slavery had to offer. By the same token, individuals such as James Madison held anti-slavery views throughout his entire life. However, a third conference necessarily exists within this seemingly obvious dichotomy. Individuals such as benjamin Franklin and George Washington initially held proslavery views however, as they began to integrate with the American experience and formulate a more nuanced and philosophical understanding of the concepts of democracy, self determinism, and liberty of choice, their views concerning slavery began to shift. Whereas it is impossible to trace all of the founding fathers that had an epiphany with regards to slavery, this particular analysis will focus upon Benjamin Franklin and the way in which his political leanings began to shift later in his life with regards to the issue of slavery. In desire to promote such an understanding of realization, the following analysis will focus specifically on principal(a) that Benjamin Franklin was himself obligated for writing. Like many of the founding fathers, Franklin himself owned slaves in the earlier part of his life. However, as a result of his metropolitan nature and incessant travels, not to mention his polymath tendencies towards reading and writing on topics as broad and divers e as economics, philosophy, and ethics, Franklin came to understand that the practice of slavery was in and of itself abhorrent. As such, he soon released the few slaves that he did possess. However, merely releasing the slaves that he was responsible for was not enough for Franklin. Rather, repayable to the fact that he saw slavery as such a morbid and horrific societal ill, he began to advocate abolition at a time when abolitionists were far from being in the vote. whizz of the most famous means through which Franklin was able to affect this was by signing and sending a petition to the first Congress in February 1790. Among other things, the petition requested time devoted towards invent means removing the inconsistency from the character of the American people and promoting mercy and justice towards this distressed race (Basker 221). However, out front the reader begins to assume that Benjamin Franklin was a champion of human rights throughout his entire life, it must be adde d that beyond merely owning up to seven slaves in the earlier years, Franklin also worked for the Pennsylvania Gazette and was responsible for the printing and publication of information concerning wanted ads for the sale of slaves as well as rewards for the capture and surrender of runaway slaves (Franklin 7). Obviously, this information in and of itself must have touched upon the conscience of Benjamin Franklin as a means of promoting him towards a level of abolitionism later years. However, the fact remains that Benjamin Franklin can convincingly be labeled as both a tacit advocate of slavery as well as an abolitionist

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How do stock price volatility affect monetary policy Essay - 1

How do wrinkle price volatility affect monetary policy - Essay exercising on that pointfore they have an effect on interest range, inflation rates and notes supply. These variables are controlled by monetary policy made by the central banks of countries or federal reserves and the policy design is therefore depended on the stock prices. This paper discusses how the movements in stock prices affect determination of monetary policy. fiscal policy is the process by which the central bank or a federal reserve regulates the money supply and interest rates in order to achieve a major economic goal. On the other hand the stock market is considered as the countrys economic strength and cultivation since its a non-physical facility of economic transactions. In any particular country, the economy strongly reacts to stock prices movement and in most cases economic recession is preceded by crash in stock markets. There is a very important relationship between the central banks of countries and stock markets. This dresss the monetary authorities to make monetary decisions and policies by closely monitoring the stock market volatility. This ensures the authorities maintain a macroeconomic balance. According to Rigobon and sack 2001, volatility of stock prices significantly impact macroeconomics hence an important factor in determining the monetary policy.As mentioned earlier, this paper discusses the how stock price volatility affects monetary policy. This is addressed by using simple models of data from the international monetary fund in the quarterly series as at December 2010. The data used in the research is UK data ranging from 1990 first quarter to 2010 poop quarter. The variables contained in this data set are the real UK GDP (RGDP), the consumer price index (CPI) and the interest rates set by the Bank of EnglandThe international monetary fund has 188 member countries. These countries work to foster ball-shaped monetary cooperation, financial stability securi ty, reduce poverty around the world, and promote sustainable

Review article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 18

Review - Article ExampleThe methods of evaluation from the circadian rhythms be illustrated through the article with the results and discussions being used to draw conclusions on the findings of the research.The purpose of the study is to rate the different band strain and the impact of the difference in brand strain to develop the demand understanding of the differences. The findings indicate that each of the three frq mutants described segregates as a single-gene nuclear mutation that alters the terminus length of the circadian clock (Feldman and Hoyle 611). The finding illustrates that the mutants are different from the band which determines the clock as conidial tie or not. The limitation of the study is on the affliction to indicate the different position of the mutants indicating how close they are linked. The study helps in determining the link between the bands and the mutants evaluated in the study.The findings of the study indicate the difference because of the failur e of the screening methods. The authors agree that the screening method did not favor mutations on any particular chromosome make the study effective. However, the authors agree that their study was not conclusive because several factors were not examined in the

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Human Resources Questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Human Resources Questions - Coursework ExampleThese barriers often prevented the accession of women or needful people in the rightful-places such as in educational institutions or for vocation. approbative action was the result of the slavery and the injustice done by the white race towards the Anglo-Americans. The citizens of America got opportunities of employment and education on the basis of their color code. The term affirmative action comes from the age old thought of equity or justice. The discrimination done between the black and the white and injustice of the ruling caste of America in the twentieth century was the cause for affirmative order. After Barrack Obama became the president of America, it was matte up that the affirmative action was no longer required. This is because it became clear from the fact that the citizens, the country and its governing body has soundless the importance of providing equal opportunity to people round the world in their country for em ployment and for getting into educational institutions or other rightful places. This is the actual meaning of globalization (Rubio, 2001, p. 1-2). Generally it is seen that that the mathematical process assessment depends on the feedback of the employees or the superiors of the company, but the advent of teamwork, training and development of the employees and customer services have shifted the condense of collecting feedback just from employees and superiors to the customers, peer groups and even subordinates as shown in figure 1. This is also called multiple feedback draw near for conducting performance appraisal and it is also called 360 degree evaluation. Several past research have shown that 360 degree mode of evaluation is accurate, reliable and authentic source of information. In this method the supervisors, subordinates, peers, customers are included to assess the performance of an employee. Considering the organizational culture and the mission of the company,

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Cloud-based efficiency gains within e-Business strategies Essay

corrupt-based cleverness gains within e-Business strategies - Essay ExampleE- Business is a process in which the line of credit transactions are make via networks of telecommunication especially the internet. The invention and innovation in the ICT sector led to the development of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the process of using remote server networks on internet to process, manage and store e- business data (Geoffrion and Krishnan, 2003 1445). This technological process is an option for the exercise of a personal computer or a local server. Cloud computing has gained popularity within the business sectors oer the past years because there has been a need to reduce the energy costs. The cloud computing is also more of environment friendly technology. It is effectual in relation to energy consumption during computation, communication and storage of data. Studies show that cloud computing is more energy efficient compared to in- house information centers. Its cleverness can be categorized into economies of scale, aggregation and diversity, flexibility and effectiveness. It was found that businesses can improve their efficiency by spreading the costs. The costs are spread over a server that is larger, thus allowing efficiency improvements.There has been increased usage of information and communication technologies (ICT) callable to technological improvement. The use of ICT has been preferred in the businesses due to its efficiency and effectiveness. The technological dynamics has made efficiency of the ICT to be more energy efficient. There has been increased usage of ICT in businesses due to its ease of use and reliability. Since businesses aim to see that the profit is maximized, there has been a need for cost- effectiveness in ICT (Kyriazoglou, 2012 213).The environmental concerns, efficiency and effectiveness have seen that cloud computing gets preferred in the business sector. This is because cloud computing has change the efficient utilizat ion of information

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Natural Science short answers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Natural Science short answers - Essay slipSo, corking in this case will not result in longer hits, but it whitethorn allow a batter to have more solid hits on the ball.2. Suppose in a restaurant your coffee is served about 5 or 10 minutes before you are wee for it. In order that it be as hot as possible when you drink it, should you spill out in the room-temperature flail right away or when you are ready to drink the coffee? ExplainYou should pour the room temperature cream right away. Black coffee is a better radiation and will placid high-velocity. When you add the room temperature cream, you lighten the coffee minimizing the chances of losing heat. Using Boltzmanns law that says hotter surfaces radiate heat faster on adding the cream you also reduce the rate at which it will lose heat. Finally, when you add cream the coffee becomes more viscous resulting in a slower heat loss3. Read the dying question at the end of this article- Why Do We Still Have Big Questions http// rec ord.wired.com/wired/archive/15.02/bigquestions.html?pg=3 and then ask your own question about physics or chemistry.Photos from space tell that the earth is rope. nevertheless there are other conflicting theories that suggest otherwise. Greek scholars suggested that the earth was round however, Isaac Newton first suggested that the earth was not really round. Earths shape also changes everyplace time due menagerie of other vibrant factors. So, is the Earth round or flat?The stars and the innovation keep going on and on and they look such a spectacular sight to behold. But man considers himself a big deal, but then he has to stay inside with his all of his appliances. Its funny because if man was a big deal as he considers himself will also be out there with his appliances instead of staying

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The National Hot Road Association - NHRA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The National Hot Road Association - NHRA - Essay ExampleDrag racing is unmatched of the watchful motor sport events in the world. Drag racing, or to be more precise passe-partout drag racing is sport where vehicles race down a set outer space down a track. Naturally, whichever car finishes start-off is the winner. What makes this sport different from the other auto races is that entrants to the race have to accelerate solo when given the go signal. (Drag racing Basic info and facts, 2008). In this, the aim is to complete a flat line distance from the initial position ahead of an opponent car in similar track. The distance to complete the race is generally 200 m. For this racing, there are specially built cars and also cursory cars are also utilise. The special cars especially meant for this drag racing known as dragster is mainly utilise in this and this covers 200 miles in 2-3 seconds. The purposeful engine and top fuels used in this makes them so muscular to drive in 330 miles per hour. Wally Park is the first one who organized the drag racing as a motorsport event and it was through the association of National Hot Road Association (NHRA). This governing union was first shaped to dispirit the street races. All classes of the motor cars are allowed to compete in the NHRA events. NHRA encourages the specialized groups at the nationwide trials. They are trying to make the more and more people to come and see the contests. NHRA is to begin with seeking the safety in these types of motorsports. They are very keen to apply the safety devices in separately cars running in the contests. They are allowing the motorcars, which can persuade the security of the driver first, escaping from the car if there is an fit or other accidents. Drivers should wear the Simpson suits, which are fire resistant. The fuel cell is also kept in the duel tanks to prevent the leaks of fuels. NHRA made the use of HANS device compulsory for the safety of drivers to make them ste ady mend driving.The fire extinguishers, wheelie bars and roof escape hatches are some other important safety devices used in these racing cars.

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EHarmony Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

EHarmony causa Study - Essay ExampleThe advent of new technologies has facilitated this change in social media and has made it a common activity. By 2005, the number of subscribers and user of social media and internet personals websites had increased with eHarmony recording over 15 million subscribers. This growth was attributed to a change in online dating perception. Currently, the social media industry has become exceedingly matched and lucrative with companies employing different strategies to capture the market and increase customer base. Organizations get to realized that apprehending the agonistic forces and their fundamental roots discloses the causes of the industrys present productivity (Porter, 2008). By the time online dating was gaining popularity, thither had been few internet personals websites. For this reason, there was less competition in the industry. In the contemporary, competitive production line environment, advancement is a significant facet of any org anization. This therefore poses a great menace to the existing business as more and more new entries are aiming the market in order to gain a share of the profits. This is therefore scourgeening the dominance of companies such(prenominal)(prenominal) as eHarmony an aspect that might affect nonetheless the overall returns of the company. The marketing strategy in the social media industry determines the profit potentiality of the company. For instance, Piskorski et al (2008) asserts that eHarmony come to on creating publicity through the owners who appeared in TV and radio programs including home news programs. The company cerebrate on selling its unique features which yielded increased number of subscribers. According to Walker et al (2005), this is a competitive advantage that the company used to acquire a greater market share. In addition, eHarmony heightened its advertising campaigns in the radios and TV to capture wide audience. The contemporary social media have been chara cterized by fraudsters who have made spate lose hope in finding serious couple ons in the internet personals websites. Arguably, social media sites have tried to employ a personality profile based on many questions, which discourage the not serious users from joining the site (Alex, 2010). For instance, eHarmony personality profile contains 258 questions, which portray seriousness of the subscriber. One of the major threats that online dating poses is erosion of culture. Initially, people had the chance to select his/her mate physically. This gave the person a chance to analyze the mates behavior and attitudes. With the current technology, this aspect has eroded. In addition young people will be exposed to early relationships an aspect that could expose them to early sex and marriages. This market therefore will have to increased divorces and abusive marriages due to poor decision making before choosing the partner (Alex, 2010).. Increase of companies such as eHarmony would there fore reduce the time that was previously used to know your partner which is a threat to the new families. The company faces a great threat from ghost companies which retrieve money from the customers only to for the knob to realize that the site has very few members. This mistrust by people creates a great threat to expansion of the company an aspect that hinders it to reach global standards. Another major threat that if facing companies such as eHarmony is lack of adequate resources to keep up with the increasing technological competition which makes communication easier. This

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Musical Autography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

medicineal Autography - Essay ExampleThis strive suggests that through medicament, miscellaneous important mysteries in the high society have been able to be solved. Music has because for a long time presented itself as a tool of expression and mediation among different groups of individuals. Music usually expresses who people are and how they feel, thereby bringing them closer and together. Music has been used by the society as a tool of self-expression, since through music, various people have the chance of expressing their joys, fears, secrets etc. It is because significant for the investigator to look at how various sons or instrumental pieces relates to political, cultural and religion identities. It is utter that musical autobiography has had an impact to both the cultural, religion and political spheres. The general tastes and preferences of individuals change over time. Personally, my tastes and preferences for music have changed from the Asian like fiber of music to that of more westernized ones. This has been largely due to the education that the researcher has acquired abroad which has enabled him to mingle with people from other communities. However, these tastes differ with those of my other family members who still prefer the Asian type of music and they have not been influenced to listen to other genres. In conclusion, the researcher mentiones that music has helped the researcher to give his identity in various ways, and through music he has been able to interact with people from various geographical locations.

Biological Versus Non Biological Parents Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Biological Versus Non Biological Parents - Essay ExampleMiserably, sometimes when a lesbian-parent dwelling house falls apart same as normal parents, the biological parent uses the homophobic lawful remains to her benefit, denying visitation to the non-biological parent.A case at present in progress in rising York is investigate protection procedures that at present support the biological mother. The non-biological mother has been approved temporary visitation for quaternity hours every week until the homage makes its concluding decision. Until this provisional agreement was approved just lately, the non-biological mom had not seen her children since November 2005.According to Monroe Mann from ABC sensitives, the lawyer for the biological mother was referenced as saying, The law in New York is very obvious. Simply a parent can get visitation. A parent is explained as any the biological or adoptive parent and her ex-partner is even not.Obviously, biological parents are being b etter past of non-biological parents, but all courts should overhear to be familiar with the significance of family unity, and regularly have to consider a biological fathers privileges next to a childs right to have the family the child has at all times identified.The courts have routinely held that biology is not the one and only decisive factor of paternity. This is an unexpected pace that the mass of men would not take in spite of the amount of care they are offering to their kids. The court will encounter the issues regarding who has held themselves out to be the father of the child, provided support for the infant and been vigorous in the childs living. date there have been a number of victories for non-biological parents, principles differ from state to state. Last spring in 2005, for instance, the New Jersey Supreme Court settled supervision rights to a non-biological mother, stating her psychological parent. This occurred, though, only after a long-lasting lawful proced ure.Many activists have worked to demonstrate broader society that even if laws do not judge families, they will. Honoring this commitment is put to the eventual analysis when same-sex parents disintegrate.These activists give reason for the want for a document in opening that give details It is enormously damaging to our society and our families when we disclaim as inconsequent the very relationships for which we are looking for lawful and communal admiration.Planning a guardianship agreement in the happening of a disintegration is about as fun as writing a will. scarcely alike to having a will, such a text offers calmness. The judgments, made at a time when feelings and reasonable are unbroken, will be conclusions based on the unsurpassed interest of the children, even if the improbable happens. nonrecreational Problem, Concerns And Legal Rights For Non-Biological ParentsAccording to common perceptive, adoption is the officially permitted way for non-biological parents to sup pose a parent-child relationship with a child. Adoption frequently ends the

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Herman Miller and Local Produce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Herman Miller and topical anesthetic Produce - Essay ExampleLocal vex good for everyone This is a fact that Herman Miller considers very strongly. For instance Miller and a team up of experts obligate looked beyond their immediate markets to other local but promising markets i. e the Chinese markets. They have noticed that the Chinese do not patronize global goods but argon in jockey with their local produce like many other Asian countries. Thus Miller is creating some designs which are very specific to that marketplace and in other to achieve this they will have to hire a few local people to guide the company towards achieving a perfect local design/produce that suits the need of the local market. Analysis According to (Google books, 2010) Herman Miller uses outside resources to drive innovations. They outsource their creative movement to a network of award winning independent designers. Miller states boldly that when talents are drawn from a variety of sources, innovation thr ives faster. This is what walker refers to as a fresh perspective on existing or emerging problems In expanding into Malaysia, the company will require the flexibility of working alongside other designers in Malaysia and sharing profits with them. This will help them conquer the indigenous Malaysian market.

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Target Corp - Strategic Management - 5 forces - value chain Essay

scar Corp - Strategic Management - 5 forces - value mountain fibril - Essay ExampleOperating in a dynamic business environment, companies often have to diverge their strategies to suit the industry requirements. Technological environment keeps on changing, so does customer tastes and preferences as well as g everyplacenment policies. The environment an organization was operating in five years ago, and the challenges faced accordingly, are a very different from the challenges faced today. Five years from today, this scenario will be different. Thus, strategic management as a process does not end at any particular time rather, it is an evolutionary process. As the business environment keeps changing, the management in most cases has to implement changes that will ensure that it successfully meets its goals and objectives. hardship to implement such changes whenever they fall due means that the organization falls short of its goals and objectives. Thus, it fails to live up to its vision, mission and does not achieve its target. As a destination, strategic management aims at achieving particular goals and objectives, be by the mission, vision and objective rehearsal of the firm. A destination establishes a journey not until the come with reaches the defined destination, then strategies will keep on changing, through the review process. b. All companies currently mustiness have a strategic plan to survive in the highly competitive business environment. either organization, serious enough in achieving its goals and objectives needs to have plans on what it hopes to achieve. Even if it lacks a mission line of reasoning, then it ought to have a vision of the goals it hopes to achieve in the long term. A strategic management statement defines the vision and the mission, establishes goals and objectives to achieve. These are the underlying factors in a strategic plan of a family. design corp has a vision, a mission and a target objective, the key elements defining a mission statement of a company. Laying out its plans in a well-defined way and manner, with a comprehensively started goals and objectives, Target Corporation qualifies as a strategic management organization. While defining what it plans to achieve in future, Target Corporation plans to be the direct firm in the retail industry. Coming second from Wal-Mart retail chain in terms of market share and revenue collection, Target Corporation management hopes to become the leading firm, by passing Wal-Mart. the probability of this vision becoming a reality in absence of strategic management plans is zero. Therefore, Target has to lay down a framework that would help it achieve these goals and objectives. To achieve this strategy, the company plans to embark on an aggressive exploitation and expansion plan. Its long-term plans involve internal and external growth plans on areas identified through the SWOT analysis plan. Externally, it hopes to expand its operations internationa lly through cheek of more branches. This will not only win the firm a competitive advantage over other firms, but will also help it acquire a larger market share. another(prenominal) way in which Target shows its strategic management plan is through product diversification and development. disdain offering a range of fashionable products, and enjoying high customer loyalty, the management believes that through product note and diversification, it can win more customers,

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Advantages and disadvantges of the genetically modified crops Essay

Advantages and disadvantges of the genetically change crops - Essay ExampleFor instance genetic engineers can extract a gene that ca occasions drought resistance then insert it into another plant. The genetically change plant outright possesses the trait of resisting drought that is a trait of the first plant. This practice can be applied tear down for genes from non-plant organisms (Bijaya, 2013). A noteworthy point is that even though this practice can be applied on plants and animals, it is more commonly used on plants rather than animals.One advantage of GMOs is that they grow more apace than traditional organisms. Conventionally, traditional crops can only be grown during the season and only in the mood that is conducive for the growth of that plant genetically modified crops on the other hand can be grown out of season and even in unfavourable climate. Despite the cost of genetically modified seeds being higher, the overall cost of production is marginally lower than that of traditional crops (Bijaya, 2013).Another advantage of genetically modified crops is that they are more nutritious than traditional foods according to Kantor(2013). This is because there is no limit to the multifariousness of manipulation that engineering can do. Swiss scientists are said to have created a strain of rice that contains high amount of vitamin A (Health enquiry Funding, 2013) this could go a long way intohelping eradicate cecity in third world countries caused by vitamin A deficiency. Most also agree that genetically modified foods taste better and do not rot as quickly as traditional foods (Health Research Funding, 2013).Some properties of traditional crops is that in their natural state, they contain allergens and can, therefore, not be consumed by people supersensitised to them. With genetically modifying these plants, these properties can be removed (Bijaya, 2013). Genetically modified plants are more resistant to pests farmers can, therefore, use less amounts of pesticides most people prefer crops grown with

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Abandonment Of The Jews Essay Example for Free

forsaking Of The Jews EssayDavid S. Wyman, the author of Abandonment of the Jews America and the Holocaust, seems to be a well-educated and interesting man. Wyman earned an A. B. in history from Boston University. He then went on and earned his Ph. D. in history from Harvard University. Wyman then began to teach history and was the chairman of the Judaical studies program at the University of Massachusetts. He has written other books such as Paper Walls America and the Refugee Crisis A Race Against Death Peter Bergson, America, and the Holocaust and was an editor of The World Reacts to the Holocaust. See more Foot backrest In China essayDavid S. Wyman seems to be very educated on the topic of Judaic information, including the Holocaust. He now has his own institution to educate people on the Holocaust and Americas date it is called the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies. Abandonment of the Jews America and the Holocaust, was taken place during World War II in 1941 -1945. The author, David S. Wyman, covers many topics and discussions to why Jews could have been saved by America and its, could have been, involvement.The author has many diametric reasons why he believes America could have succored save the Jews all the way from the Roosevelt Administration to bombing the railroad that led to the Auschwitz concentration camp. The authors central argument David S. Wymans argument included that if the coupled States had a serious commitment to help rescue and save the Jews of Europe that the United States could have back up in saving several hundred thousands of the Jews that fell under Nazi command.Wyman helped support his thesis by using several books, the one most common that he cited from was Bauer. This was a heartbeatary source because it a book from another Historian. Although Roosevelt did not agree to the call for retaliation against Germany, he again warned the Axis, on appalling 21, 1942, that perpetrators of war crimes would be t ried after Germanys defeat and face fearful retribution. (pg 29) In the second chapter of the book Wyman focus on how America acknowledged the war but did little to step in and help pr until nowt it or help the Jewish people find refuge.The chapter highlights the conversations and the thoughts of many of the worlds leaders and their thoughts on the upcoming war. Many countries wanted to wash their hands of the situation, or they wanted to help with the minimal amounts of troops and money invested, particularly the British. Another point that supports our authors thesis is the out-of-door countries also closed their door to all immigrants making it nearly impossible for the Jews to enter the country even if they managed to escape the Nazis. We had relief organizations overseas to help apply for visas and to provide food, water and clothing.Because we failed to open our doors to immigrants many died in the refugee camps. The ones that did make it through the unliv qualified conditio ns and diseases had other issues to worry about. Whatever stability and support the Jews found in France was quickly diminished as Germany came in and had round-ups collecting all the people in camps and sending them to their death. They were fundamentally sitting ducks in France wishing and hoping for freedom and fearful because they were still so close to death. This information came from the foreign Files.The deportations were devastating on a person level, even before people realized that evacuation meant send off by gas. (pg 34) This was a primary source because it was a diary article of a woman workings at the camp. A family that had done everything possible to escape from the Nazi grasp, ended up separated. At low gear the children lived but eventually it was all a massacre. The children that did escape tried to find their parents at a subsequent time 2 and many just received return letters stamped, parti sans addresse, which means destination unknown. David S.Wyman ut ilize the New York Times often in the writing and research for this book. He found many articles that refer interviews with congressmen during the times of stress in and the deficiency of involvement from the United States. One of the articles helped the author show the lack of concern for the Jewish victims in Europe. As Roosevelt just talked about how the Nazis and others would be tried after Germanys defeat and face fearful retribution. Not one time did Roosevelt mention the fate of the European Jews.The author also used the Am Jewish Congress Am Jewish Congress cover multiple times in this book. One showed the support and protests that came from the American Jewish Congresss assure Hitler Now campaign. It was a mass meeting that started off on March 1, 1943. It was support that combined efforts and was able to buy a full page advertisement in the New York Times that stated, America must Act Now I thought this book was very intriguing. Although sometimes my reading level was not up to par to fully understand what was going on or just that fact that mayhap not all of my attention was devoted to reading at that time.I enjoyed the book, but I am also a person that enjoys learning about the Holocaust and would rather learn about that than do a lot of things. I feel like the book was written for the general public because I think the authors purpose was to educate the United States people of how we may have morose our backs. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to educate themselves on a difficult but intriguing topic. I would not say that it is a must read, but it is a book that can be read by many different individuals.

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Cote d’Ivoire Essay Example for Free

Cote dIvoire EssayCote dIvoire was unrivalled of the most changeless societies for decades, until a crisis hit them in 1986 which caused the collapse of cocoa harms worldwide. This farming is the biggest producer of cocoa in the world, so they were affected pretty badly. The cocoa plantations started in the 1920s in the southeast part of the country, expanding to the center west and then to the southwest by the 1970s. Every year the state would fix the prices of cocoa and the differences in price between world and country would be taken by the government thither. They would, however, use it on the country for better keep.The income from cocoa is mainly what inspires industrial growth, along with the development of infrastructure. The capital was Abidjan (capital of the former French colony) until it was locomote to Yamoussoukro after the crisis occurred in an attempt to balance the country out which so happens to be the birthplace of the latest p abident. Despite the cap ital moving, most of the wealth remained in Abidjan. After the crisis jobs became so scarce, especially in places much(prenominal) as Yamoussoukro that people would move back to the rural argonas in an attempt to find jobs.With a surprise, they nominate there was little land left and a lot of foreigners creating tension. With all that tension, land and crops turned into a sort of politics over who was Ivorian and who wasnt. Now, as this country struggles with higher populations and few jobs, will they overcome it? Gabon Gabon is one of the richest nations of Africa south of the Sahara. They rely on crop harvesting and natural resources much(prenominal) as oil, although a non-renewable source. Gabon happens to be the 13th largest exporter of oil.When Gabon first gained independence, lumber was 75% of their exports. Today, it is 6% of their exports because of the importance of oil. Their main way of making cash is through oil, which is 50% of their exports. While it brings in a lo t of money for the country, it causes citizens to struggle since it is harder for them to sell their goods such as crops. If they continue to rely on non-renewable sources, when it runs out their country will suffer. The president, however, is working on nerve-racking to rely less and less on oil. They plan on exporting more lumber and crops. take time off of the issue, is that Gabon only imports 50% of their required foods and the citizens suffer for that. With all the sudden logging in forests they ar endangering the species living within it. So after hard work of group members from the National Geographic Society, the president announced that there would be a National Park system covering 10% of the forests. Wealth in Gabon is fairly unbalanced there are those who make plenty of money while there are those that make enough to make it by. Majority of the population resides on the coasts in two cities, Port-Gentil and Libreville.Between those two cities there is no means of tra nsportation other than by air or by water. It is voiceless to go between the two cities. One-third of the population resides in the capital city, Libreville, nicknamed The City of Bees because of the fact they are all piled atop one another. As this country works, to relieve its issue of vulnerability and lessen the dependence of oil, they work together to provide for one another both animal and people alike. Laos Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world, despite their efforts to raise way of living.The Mekong River is 11,000 miles long through and along Laos, serving as a barricade between Laos and its neighboring countries. That is, until The Friendship Bridge was constructed, connecting Thailand and Laos together. Laos is the least essential country amongst its area, and life expectancy there is low fifty three years roughly. Many of the children are malnourished, about 43% of them. Children have withal been dying, falling prone to Malaria and other diseases, diarrhe a, or infections due to lack of clean facilities and medicines.That and much of the population reside in the rural areas of Laos. Laos is using hydro-electric power to connect them to the rest of the world. They produce an excessive amount of electricity, more than they endure use. So they sell all that excess electricity to Thailand for good profit. They make only can use 20% of the electricity they make. Laos has over 60 dam sites that can eventually be developed into a hydro-electric power plant. It is a hope that they can use this to improve the country and to help its people.However, they cannot leave to pay for construction of the dams and generators required. Another problem is the effect it would have on the people living closelipped the river. Will the dam make enough money that causing problems for the villagers below will be expense it? Another thing is the fact that only 8% of the rural population is connected to the electric grid. roads connecting to China and Thai land are in progress, for more networking between the countries. One issue that worries citizens of Laos is the major problem of acquired immune deficiency syndrome/HIV in Thailand.While The Friendship Bridge is definitely something they have always needed, they do not want their country suffering even more than it already is because of it. The president of Laos wants his country to grow, but at a rate that is suitable for everyone so they can all adapt. He believes that a country growing too fast is a bad thing that humans shouldnt grow so fast. So as they work toward building dams for their hydro-electric plants for profit, they will have to decide which dams will be good in the long run, for everyone.

Meaning of Life and Jeremy Fink Essay Example for Free


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Definition of Humanities Essay Example for Free

Definition of Humanities EssayThe dictionary definition of forgivingities is the languages and lits of antiquated Greece and Rome the classics. A second definition I retrieved was those branches of knowledge, such as philosophy, literature, and art, that be concerned with human thought and culture the liberal arts. So basically its a combination of art, literature and history. To me humanities are the study of culture and myths. It explains how dissimilar cultures communicated through story give tongue toing and old hymns.I believe humanities finish be used to understand how the past effects the way the foundation operates in the show up day. The culture which we have was shaped by the past. Facts, findings, and literature of even thousands of years ago have changed our world today. Its important to know your past can allow large number to understand our nonplus. The study of the humanities can also be used to realize different rulings of life and history. Studying f acts of the past helps to understand literature of the past. Poetry was another form of expression 4 those who didnt want 2 sing or tell stories.There were different types of poetry there were some poems that rhymed from line to line and others that were just compose out as a thought. According to the Humanities in the Modern World, humanities attempts to navigate what we protect or we despise, what we to do or what limitations hold us back. To me humanities will elaborate on how different cultures passed down traditions from generation to generation. From those traditions different family values and expectations were set for parents, children and every body to live by.Without these specific traditions people cannot decipher what is wrong and what is right and have no idea how to adjust to change in the present and future. Humanities seem to be interesting and hopefully Ill get a better view from this class.

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Geddes Garden City Essay Example for Free

Geddes garden City EssayIntroduction The American Political Economist who authored the best enjoin book titled Progress and Poverty (Lause) defined urbanization as This support of great cities is non the natural aliveness of spell. He essential, under such conditions, deteriorate, physically, mentally, and morally . To consider his point, the author view that life must be maintained in a serene atmosphere and not in a busy city just like those old considerably days that red beans or the chocolate is enough to send all household child to a good school. Henry George began musing on this concept when the clean railroad transport was developed in California that made an influence on high land values and influx of ordinary people to city life. That development in nonp argonil place brought about overcrowding and had wayward implications on the sustainability of the natural environment. However, his idea provided scotch reforms that made improvements of the life of the running(a) classes practical. Cities argon indications of developments and of the visible civilizations of the history of man. It takes a process of transformation that is unique and at the same sentence diverse. This work is aimed at explaining the townsfolk concepts during the period of industrialization from the beginning of mass transportation and birth of modern cities in particular on how Geddes observed and analyze these processes.Sustainability of the Man-built Environment It was concluded by Henry George that the man-built environment is something that will not last. However, Patrick Geddes the Leonardo da Vinci of the twentieth century teaches and reaffirms that our world environment could be continue provided that man cooperates in the process. It has to be sustained in order that the life cycle of the young generations continues. His statement is not a contradiction to Georges philosophy but a possible event to mans current problems. His reaffirmation brought to th e world a natural hope that flush though life cycle is limited, this world is still something worthy to be cared for and it can endure. The positive bearing of George influences not only his neighbors but the human settlement at large during his time to the record. There are issues on industrialization which brings wealth but at the same time destroys the natural environment caused by pollutants. For this reason, Geddes made it clear that man do not live by the jingle-jangle of his coins. There is continuously a chain effect if one resource is used in accordingly. He provided a solution written in the Evergreen book that a sustainable world is as simple as making it comfortably green. His conviction reminded even planners that if developments are unchecked it would create more disaster than improvements. Globally, everyone pass the same air that a poor or a developed nation breathes. The current fearfulness do not deals alone with affordability but also sustainability. With the pressing trend of modernization, comfortable living is dearly-won and value for money is usually a rare find. The problem of overcrowding in the cities and the lack of economic ontogeny in the rural demesnes still remains to be a problem on poorly intend cities. The increase of deteriorating cities will lead to the decline of the global sustainability. The idea here is to provide developmental options that are definitely relevant to every cities of the world.His mottos by creating we think and by living we learn was made to good use by educating people about their environment (Grewar). The new housing design for workers, organizing his neighbors to renovate houses and wee-wee gardens made an indelible mark in his works which can still be seen in every postcard of the citys Royal Mile that even Albert Einstein admired and has honored him (Grewar).The Garden City MovementPatrick Geddes three dimensional thinking (geography, economics and anthropology) places affable sciences above math and logic, biology, chemical science and physics. His belief that the earth as a cooperative planet must teach people on how to treat properly their environment and is aimed specifically on educating children, improving the physical quality of life by biological knowledge by producing better medicines, and understanding human influence on ecology (Killiecrankie).Geddes bridging social sciences with biology even influenced his biographer Lewis Mumford on the simple idea that man just like plants and animals thrived in sun-loving conditions which are expressed in one of the extracts of Geddes writingsThe world is mainly vast leaf-colony, growing on and forming a leafy soil, not a mere mineral mass, and we live not by the jingling of our coins, but by the fullness of our harvest. This is green world, with animals comparatively small, and all independent upon leaves. By leaves we live (Grewar). Mumford an architectural critic and is particularly noted for his study on urb anization of the environment regarded engine room as the wastrel of environment even if he qualifies that electricity could lead to the improvements of the social spheres (University). His works are indications that technology must be regulated.During the late 18th century Garden Cities began to evolve through the works of city and town planners particularly the works of Ebenezer Howard in UK influenced by the philosophy of Geddes new approach in urban formulation called the garden city movement. Howard began to build self-sustaining towns that combines convenience and industries located on agricultural sites (Sir Ebenezer Howard).Howard realizes that no function from what nation a man belongs, on that point is but one social issue which is difficult to work and that is problems on housing and labor. This propelled many to advocate the new movement and increases the awareness on the concept of decency of environment and that includes, ample lacunas, clean housing with garden s, and preservation of landscapes (Letchworth).The First Garden City Letchworth City is founded by Howard and is the prototypical garden city of the world in 1905 the garden city movement became involved in the exhibits of new housing called the workers cottage or housing for the working class in which some of it still stood today.Those flash but strong and functional residences can be affordable to workers. Some of these cottages made of wood or concrete can still be found in Letchworth streets and is now being conserved. Some of the double housing called the workers cottages influences the human settlement design of this century. This new housing designed departed even to the west for exemplification the workers cottages of Architect Maybeck of California and to the whole world at least giving man an accommodation that he humanly deserves.Mass Transportation Fast developments are out-of-pocket to improved transportation and communications. The streets affect the life of all its inhabitants and this vision is very more encouraged in order to serve a commodious population. This is indeed very necessary but at the same time may lead to a city decline. This entails thorough planning on how to maintain a good life in a cellular metropolis. Victor Gruen a planning practitioner, mentioned in his last publicized works that auto lie would cripple the global ecosystem and brings about physical and psychological starvation of the urbanized man (Hill). Today, some cities plants a good number of trees for every parking slots or spaces created. Planning theories must be integrated to go across that is useful to automobile cities and providing more mass transit and more freeways. Automobile cities, needs more spaces hostile the old horse tracks during the colonial times. Human settlement today cannot tolerate a waste of space in places where living condition is dense. Somehow, these dense spaces are capable of providing the maximum comfort for man by means of me chanical equipments in buildings.In this cities life is fast and expensive. Technology is a provision for mans comfort and not a means to enslave but more often than not it is the other way around. However, there are many fast developing cities that is capable of coping with the new technology because work is valued in congruent with the dignity of man. Gruen proposes a plan that could justify economic productivity of big cities and at the same time create sub cities that would adapt to what he calls megalopolitan sprawl. However, globalization could also mean going beyond ones land area. There is still vast area of lands wanting to be developed. There are many nations that are in need to cope with the present dynamics of the new world technology. And while there are other places where overpopulation is a problem there are affluent cities in the second millennium that the inverted population growth also presupposes danger. resultant In the abstract written by Dr. Mervyn Miller, he m entioned the book written by the founder of Letchworth, tomorrow a Peaceful Path to Real Reform written in 1898 is very much unfeigned to our society of today. He recalls that the garden city is a potent concept in the emergence of the 20th century cities. Contemporary planners addressed the issue by following the course of people like Geddes. However, due to the increase in the demand on the lease to life, those familiar workers cottages are considered mini-mansions of many career orient people of today. Ample spaces are defined as functional spaces due to the ever increasing approach per area of construction in square foot or in meters. Coping with life that is go unsustainable is becoming a depressing problem even more than how George views it in his time.The internationalist who believes that nothing is gained by overcrowding still support the issue on the green environment that is very relevant today. However, there are trends that are still needed to be discovered and be r ediscovered especially within the new technology along on how this new ideas can be within the reach of everyone. The key here is what frame of technology should be provided to sustain the ordinary man of the streets.The approach that Geddes concept has provided in his time is for the working class of the industrialized period. That became the reason why todays environmentalist regarded Geddes a steward in land use and its sustainability. Today, a number of men with the same aspirations of those Internationalist described is very much needed. This fast growing old planet needs people who are a hundred per centum human beings in the middle of the electro- mechanical world.Works CitedGrewar, Mindy. Vivendo Discimus Everything in the Garden Is Magnifique for the Anniversary Celebrations of a with child(p) Scot. (2004). 11 April 2008 http//www.scotland.org/about/history-tradition-and-roots/features/education/geddes.html.Hill, David R. Sustainability, Victor Gruen, and the Cellular M etropolis. (2008). 11 April 2008 http//www.questia.com/googleScholar.qstjsessionid=H1TcfmZ4RRyJKG06dF94gjTT9hyHh99GrVvwdzytZzVnn6Lq771Y-798756091?docId=5001677813.Killiecrankie. Patrick Geddes 1854-1932. (2008). 11 April 2008 http//www.visitkilliecrankie.com/patrick-geddes.htm.Lause, Mark. Henry George. 11 April 2008 http//www.geocities.com/CollegePark/ blank space/6460/bio/G/eorge.html.Letchworth. Letchworth the First Garden City (2007). 11 April 2008 http//lgc.amolad.net/heritage/index-3.htm.Sir Ebenezer Howard. (2007). 11 April 2008 http//www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1E1-HowardEb.html.University, Regent. Lewis Mumford (1895-1988). (2007). 11 April 2008 http//www.regent.edu/acad/schcom/rojc/mdic/mumford.html.

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Important Inventions Essay Example for Free

Important Inventions EssayYou have probably heard the give tongue to All thoroughfares go along to Rome, many times from numerous people. Of course, not alone passs lead to Rome but back in the time of ancient civilizations, most roads in easterly Europe did. Of all ancient people, the roman prints were the finest road builders. At the beginning of the 4th century B. C., they built smooth, ambitious surfaced, and durable roads wherever they ruled. That empire extended from England to North Africa many of the roads in England be still in use today Since you may not realize the important role that these other(a) roads played, I am going to give you an idea of how they were built, used, and what exciting discoveries were made as the final result of these ancient road builders. You will even get to see how these discoveries were used in the construction of their roads. almost of us take the roads we use today for granted, we never think about how some of the inventions de al concrete, early arch bridges, and cement were discovered. Without some of those inventions, it would have been much more difficult for the Romans to rule their gigantic empire. Well built roads were necessary to control and extend their empire, permit trade and travel, and move their broad armies. They were the most impressive road builders of the ancient world. Over 50,000 roads, many well paved, stretched all over the Roman Empire. Settled in 800 B. C., Rome and its citizens communicated efficiently on land using a famous road system that linked all parts of the empire.Even though the army built most roads, all people traveled on them. Official messengers and troops moved rapidly over swamps, rivers, and mountains because of good bridges, paved causeways, and tunnels. Cutting through mountains and spanning streams, roads were built in straight lines whenever possible. The Romans knew how to lay a solid behind and to give a road a pavement of flat stones. They also knew to m ake a road slope slightly from the center and toward both sides to drain off water.

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Auto biography of a Tree Essay Example for Free

Auto biography of a Tree EssayI am a tree, tall and imposing, standing all entirely near the campus of a temple. My life is ever so interesting as, I see a huge spectrum of society, funny gestures of people, and observe all kinds of conversation of the devotees who overstep by me. I was not unendingly so huge. As is true of all living macrocosms I was likewise a long clip back, a young sapling with this huge tree within me.At that time I looked fresh and beautiful as all other creations who are young, but, at that time I was of course not so imposing. This is what I move over seen about life that, every peg has some topic good about it. I understand that, I am a peepal tree which just grows anywhere and everywhere. Ever since I was young, I remember several people coming to my descend and worshipping me.They would light an earthenware lamp, and shake off it near my root, say their prayers and go away. This was a daily ritual which scores of people followed at my roo t ever since I can remember. As I started growing up bigger and bigger, the temple administration put a two feet wall like boundary around my trunk.This was done to protect me from being destroyed by crowds who thronged to me. Since I am near a temple, I throw away always had the pleasure of a lot of confederation daily and, the great honour of being worshipped by scores of believers every day. Now, I am a full grown tree, and that two feet wall has been converted into a broad plan all around me, with my root out of sight, and the trunk likewise reasonably covered from vision. Here on the platform people sit and say their prayers and relax. At multiplication they also consume their temple prasad while sitting on this platform.Oh, what a wonderful note it is to be so loved and cared for and, above all, being so honoured and respected. This honour is given to me as, I understand now that, a section of the Indian society considered me a holy tree to be worshipped. This is why th ere is so much hype about me and my kin. As I stand here, near a temple, I neer ever feel lonely I press all sorts of company throughout the day, so, where is the scope of feeling lonely. Early in the morning the temple is opened at 6 a.m. It is cleaned and washed so, I get the company of people who clean the premises.They come to me also and broom the area around me, wash the platform and I am trim and neat to welcome my guests for the day. After the temple is cleaned there is a pooja, and from 7 a.m. devotees start pouring in, and the temple bells start ringing and breaking the silence of the night. Devotees continue pouring in the temple right from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., when the temple closes.These long hours of the day, there is no chance of my getting bored as, I have the company of so many people moving around the area. make up though I am alone, a lonely tree but, my life is full of thrill and excitement, as I get lots of, and variety of company. This in turn is an added hon our for me that, while my friends have the company of trees only, I have the company of human beings who talk and walk and discuss matters to make my life more lively and enjoyable. I often wondered to myself as to why there is so much of greatness energy upon me, though I am just a tree like any other.Yes, here is the catch, I believe I am so revered because I am considered by the Hindus, a phantasmal sect as a holy tree, an incarnation of their deity. Aha this makes me feel proud of myself and I am abandoned to thank God for this birth in which I get honour, respect, love and care. What else could any living being aspire for. I and my honour are further enhanced as, I stand near a temple of God. Now, all my anxiety is put to rest as, I have learnt that I am also here to be worshipped just as God himself. I stand here alone yet in great company of human beings.My life is just wonderful, I pray to God that HE grant such a wonderful and eventful life to all humans. One thing I fo rgot to tell you all, about my life. When people come and sit on the platform around me, I also get a lot of information about mans world. I hear scandals, I hear about murders, thefts and what all evils that exist in this mans world. At times I also get to hear small children saying lovely words to their mothers and, seeing the mothers cajoling them, I feel what a beautiful life men have.Thus to add to my experience of life, I have come to know a lot about human beings and their lives. Their lives are also full of pleasures and disappointments. It is not that men only enjoy as, most of us lesser beings seem to feel. Men also have their own problems. So, to add up Id say my life is a pleasure and a rich experience.

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Middle Range Theory Essay Example for Free

Middle Range Theory bear witnessBank of the States is the largest US avow founded in 1904, it has expanded finished several acquisitions. By the oddment of 2009, Bank of the States was the market leader serving 82% of the US population and over 53 million customers. They ar positi unrivalledd as number one in online and nimble positing. Their active banking service were launched in 2007 and have gained 4 million customers in less than tierce years. Acquisitions make by Bank of the States prior to the monetary crisis ca routined a very strong drop in their stock price. Customers In 2009, 10 million customers used mobile banking and this is expected to grow to 37 million by 2014. Customers that use mobile banking are not the same as online customers. Customers that use mobile banking represent a different element of the market that other banking customers. Security issues, a perceived low value and expense, were the primary reasons that customers did not budge to mobile banking. Potential customers were reluctant to try a new banking service that are represented an limited cost and they were also afraid of losing control of their finances.Debit cardholders were the most active users. It was convenient for them because they could check their history at any time. Customers that used this service changed their usual banking channels and as a result -the bank had a higher retention for these users of online services. Competition/Competitors Bank of Americas main competitors were Bank of New York Mellon, JP Morgan Chase Co. , rise up Fargo Co. , Citigroup, and PNC Financial Services. These competitors also used mobile banking to ensure good service for their customers.They used SMS, customized web browsers and apps, depending on the bank and the customers they served. Citibank and Wells Fargo had different natural coverings customized for their target groups. General Context Considering that the banking industry is fragmented, with thousands of b anks offering retail and sell banking services ten of the largest banks hold 46. 4% of total deposits, Bank of America beingness the largest one. The mortgage crisis of 2009 take to a deep recession and spilled over into a financial crisis that affected the retail banking business.Banks started waving fees and offering additional benefits in order to capture and retain customers. Mobile banking was introduced in the US in 2007 which added cost to each transaction. However, these cost were lower than call centers and interactive voice response costs. Bank of America had three options mobile messaging (mobile stream modification without any software installation), mobile Internet (wireless coating protocol), and mobile applications. Mobile applications in particular were more sophisticated and costly. Smartphone use was estimated to grow to 46% by 2014. reading DilemmaBank of America has two options to handle the future of mobile banking 1) Build new and mingled applications to target different customers a) Pros i) Customers want customization in the products this ordain increase retention and satisfaction. ii) Marketing strategies buttocks be segmented into different types of clients. This increases efficiency and reduces costs. iii) Superior brand and innovation perception. a) Cons i) Cost of application creation leave increase due to the different areas and type of customers at Bank of America ii) Any changes in the bank services will have to be applied to all apps. somewhat customers will have to transfer and use various apps at the same time 2) Refuse to add complexity to the current application a) Pros i) No extra costs on building a new application ii) Customers that don? t like technology or doubt about security issues wont be affected b) Cons i) otherwise banks offer better mobile apps and this will increase their competitive advantage ii) Customer satisfaction will suffer if the app is not updated and does not fulfill their needs. iii) Tran sactions will still be done through ATMs, Call centers and IVR, which are 4 to 11 times more costly.Opportunities Since Bank of America is one of the largest financial institutions in United States that has millions of customers online banking is an important feature that offers to ease transactions and provides chafe to billing statements. However, because of the multitude of services banks offer it is overly-complicated to provide all items in one bundle. Because of this complexity (to add all the banking features in one app for mobile banking) Bank of America should target tablet-users to provide all the banking features with different applications.For example Bank of America can provide tools like market reports for savvy investors or savings programs for households (where it is easier to keep track of expenses. ) Tablets are relatively easier to use than mobile phones. Targeting such a market at an early stage can broaden the spectrum in which Bank of America operates its mobi le banking. This opportunity which targets future markets as computers are being replaced by tablets should not be forgone.Ease of access and use for customers with multiple Bank of America services, easier trailing of frauds or errors. ) Bank of America customers will be able to access a large grade of services online. c) For about high-end apps a nominal fee may be charged to cover some of the technology budget. 2) Cons a) Customer information may be at risk as it is insecure to access sensitive information online for which Bank of America will have to maintain high privacy, increasing cost. b) Some of the features may still be complex and require customer support hotline. c) Customers may act on unintended transactions involving significant funds.Recommendations Bank of America needs to improve the complexity to the current application. subsequently analyzing the options and the opportunity, we think that Bank of America has to differentiate themselves from their competitors w hile offering a great service to their clients, we would urge on to increase the functionality of the mobile app. This change will bring extra benefits to the different type of clients in a ace download. The company will also cut costs in the type of transactions made by the clients.The continuous growth of the mobile market especially the Smartphone use is another aspect of the recommendation. Having a mobile has become a commodity for the population. The new generation will get so accustomed to this technology that they will be able to deal with any app complexity without any problem. Bank of America has to think of its future customers, not only the current mobile technology adaptors. 1) Pros a) Having a better application will differentiate the bank compared to their competitors b) Customers will have overall services in a single application.Mobile payment services would be added to the app and will attract and benefit many customers. d) Transaction costs will become lower as the % of Smartphone users grows (46% for year 2014). 2) Cons a) Added complexity will discourage some customers to use the application b) Speed of the application may suffer if the customer has a bad connection or has too many applications downloaded in their mobile. c) The cost of developing a more complex application is larger and may require more expertise and training for employees and customers as well.

Riordan Manufacturing Supply Chain Design Essay Example for Free

Riordan Manufacturing provide range of a function Design EssayA tote up arrange is the subroutine of moving information and material to and from the manufacturing and serve well routinees of a firm (Jacobs Chase, 2011). Two components encompass the focus of the furnish chain the intersection, readying, and stocktaking determine process and the distribution process. The supply chain is part of daily business operations and directly affects productivity, efficiency, and financial profitability. fitting precaution of the supply chain ensures a business delivers quality, appeal-efficient products to customers while remaining competitive in todays global market. Team B provides a review of Riordan Manufacturings (RM) performance scheme and describes supplier relationships and how they affect the supply chain. Finally, Team B explores how lean production principles and inventory requirements can be used to determine appropriate supply chain processes.Electric buff Ma nufacturing St aimgyRM uses the level production planning strategy of maintaining a stable workforce to produce electric fans at a everlasting output rate (Jacobs Chase, 2011). Shortages and surpluses atomic number 18 enwrapped with inventory levels, order backlogs, and potential lost sales (Jacobs Chase, 2011). Employees make from stable work hours at the cost of increased inventory levels, increased potential of lost sales, try of obsolete products, and decreased customer service (Jacobs Chase, 2011).Electric Fan lend cosmic stringRMs supply chain process flow in Figure 1 provides raw materials to the manufacturing plant and warehouse at the input end and the supply ofcompleted plastic fans to the customer on the output end of the supply chain (Jacobs Chase, 2011). The supply chain for the individual manufacturing processes is detailed in Figure 2.Figure 1Riordan Manufacturing Supply ChainFigure 2Manufacturing Department Supply Chain ProcessSupplier Relationships and th e Supply ChainRM uses vertical integration as the framework for structuring supplier relationships. A vertically blendd process allows RM to control supply chain activities. Strategic activities are a key source of competitive advantage. Instead of outsourcing non-core activities and maintaining all core competencies under make outment control, RM taxs each activity using required coordination (the difficulty of ensuring how well activities integrate with the process), strategic control (degree of loss that would result if supplier relationship were severed), and intellectual property techniques (Jacobs Chase, 2011). Other types of losings important to consider include specialized facilities, knowledge of major customer relationships, and investment in interrogation and development (Jacobs Chase, 2011). RM does not outsource activities requiring frequent information exchange but instead outsource extremely standardized, well understood, and easily transferrable activities t o specialized business partners. Such strategic planning led to RM offshoring their constitutional fan operation from Pontiac, Michigan, to Hangzhou, China in 2000. This decision allowed RM to operate in a more possible location, expand exponentially, and maintain financial stability (Jacobs Chase, 2011).Electric Fan Supply Chain MetricsA carrying out measurement system is vital for businesses to operate efficiently and effectively. According to Jacobs and Chase (2011), process performance metrics give the operations manager a gauge on how productively a process currently is operating and how productivity is changing over sequence (p. 116). Two metrics used to evaluate the performance of the RMs electricfan supply chain are utilization and productivity. Utilization measures the rate at which resources are used compared to time available for use by calculating time touch off divided by time available (Jacobs Chase, 2011).Productivity metrics determine the amount of output per unit of time by calculating output divided by input (Jacobs Chase, 2011). Metrics used by consumers to measure supplier performance are also the strategies suppliers use to improve their services. Examples of metrics include change quality through lower product defects, cost-efficiency, timely delivery, and shorter order fill time. Globalized businesses must not moreover ease up capable supply chain partners that support global market initiatives but also have the capability to lower supply chain costs (Handfield, 2012).Lean Production PrinciplesRM can adopt Toyotas lean principles by using the just-in-time inventory approach that emphasizes elimination of waste (Jacobs Chase, 2011). The lean process is native for inventory management to reduce manufacturing cost and increase productivity. Inventory is controlled using the lean principles by eliminating unembellished processes and ordering supplies just-in-time based on value streaming. Value streaming involves understandin g the value-adding and non-value-adding activities required to design, order, and provide a product or service from concept to launch, order to delivery, and raw materials to customers (Jacobs Chase, 2011, p. 421).RMs electric fan production system uses a push system for input from a number of specialized departments such as receiving, molding, trimming, and assembly. Implementing a pull system for its production process helps master the lean production principles through more efficient inventory management and shorter lead time by focusing on building what customers desire, when they want it versus producing too many goods that sit in inventory or become obsolete (Turner, 2013).Sales pictureForecasting sales provides necessary information to determine inventory needs, production plans, and resource needs to name customer value. Sophisticated statistical analysis, cyclical and seasonal factors, and historical data are important factors in creating a sales prognosis for RM.Foreca sting TechniqueForecasting techniques can be subdivided into deuce major groups qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative techniques use subjective data that is difficult to represent numerically. It is based on the panorama and judgment of key persons, specialists in products and markets. Quantitative techniques involve numerical analysis of past data immaterial by personal opinions or judgment. This technique employs mathematical models to project future demand. Quantitative forecasting is subdivided into two major groups time series techniques and causal techniques. RM forecasts future sales based on an average of the previous three years production with the idea that history repeats itself. A quantitative forecasting using the time series technique results in the forecast in table 1. This demand forecast provides information management needs to make decisions on production planning, inventory, and marketing activities.Electric Fan Production Planning coalesce Production PlanRMs electric fan aggregate production plan in gameboard 2 specifies the optimal combination of fan production rate, workforce level, and inventory on hand to play down the total production-related costs over the planning horizon (Jacobs Chase, 2011). Because RM uses the level production planning strategy, inventory is a cost of business that RM accepts. RM will continue to employ a stable workforce at the cost of inventory. This results in level production of 96K units per month. Fluctuations in demand shown in Figure 3 are absorbed by inventory levels, order backlogs, and potentially lost business (Jacobs Chase, 2011).Figure 3Riordan Manufacturing Electric Fan Demand and ProductionMaster Production ScheduleRMs master production schedule in Table 3 is the time-phased plan specifying how many and when RM plans to build each electric fan model.Materials Requirements PlanMaterials requirements planning (MRP) is essential to manufacturing organizations for calculating and maintaining o ptimum inventory levels to join production requirements. Material requirements planning (MRP) is a computer-based inventory management system designed to assist production managers in scheduling and placing orders for dependent demand items. interdependent demand items are components of finished goodssuch as raw materials, component parts, and subassembliesfor which the amount of inventory compulsory depends on the level of production of the final product (Reference for Business, 2nd ed., 2013). A proper MRP puts the organization in a proactive position rather than reactive. MRP assists in reducing inventory levels and component shortages and ensures the right materials are in the right place at the right time, which increases productivity.Other benefits include improved plant efficiency, trim down overtime, higher production quality, and less scrap and rework. RM uses MRP to optimize production based on forecasted sales. Table 4 provides a forecast of finished goods inventory b ased on the forecasted demand. With this data theorganization can forecast and plan for future production requirements and use materials requirement planning to coordinate accurately inventory, shipping, and production. Riordan Manufacturing uses a better order system or meeting its materials requirement needs. They procure the assembled motors for the fans from local manufacturers in quantities adequate to meet its order requirements. They also purchase the plants plastic polymer requirements from local suppliers. To assure consistent operations and quality control, Riordan manufacturing has a set of procedures developed for the management of receiving raw materials, tracking products during manufacturing, accounting for the finished goods inventories.ConclusionThe supply chain is an integral part of an organizations manufacturing process. A successful supply chain is able manage production costs, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and control inventory flow while averting fin ancial impacts from upset(prenominal) supply chain disruptions. Last, an effective supply chain is easily integrated into a businesss production planning, scheduling, and forecasting strategies to achieve maximum results.ReferenceHandfield, R. (2012). Supplier Development Strategies and Outcomes. Retrieved from http//scm.ncsu.edu/scm-articles/article/supplier-development-strategies-and-outcomes Jacobs, F. R., Chase, R. B. (2011). Operations and Supply Chain Management (13th ed.). New York, NY McGraw-Hill Irwin. Reference for Business, Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. (2013). Materials Requirement Planning. Retrieved from http//www.referenceforbusiness.com/small/Mail-Op/Material-Requirements-Planning-MRP.html Turner, C. (2013). Pull System. Retrieved from http//leanmanufacturingcoach.com/pullsystem.htm

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Cantaloupe Description Essay Example for Free

Cantaloupe Description EssayThe Cantaloupe At first glance, the cantaloupe bears round and fallible grayish-tan, with a hint of green. From afar it looks round and plain, about the size of a peewee soccer ball. On approach, the circular shape is less perfect with subtle dents and bumps all around. Surrounding the sphere shaped return are light tan lines bid a dense city map with all the streets intertwining and veer around without any significant pattern, not geometric equal gridlines. On the surface, at that place are scurvy matchbook sized patches gloss the skin, several(prenominal) more yellow and other patches that are darker green. A particular indention looks homogeneous the fruit might have laid on a rock on the ground bandage it was growing. One end, where the flower might have once been, is the queasyst of yellow circles. On the opposite edge, the stubby phantasm of a infrastructure remains. This dried up nub is the brown and shriveled, slightly indented f rom the rest of the globe. Surrounding the stem is a dark circle of hunter green. Picking it up from the counter, the weight of this globular object seems significantly heavier than it looks, like a mini bowling ball.Despite the spate, it feels that the weight is not solid which is proven by the hollow sound the fruit makes when tapped, like patting a child on the head. The delineated lines feel like webbing and give the fruit a rough feel, but its not an uncomfortable roughness. The familiarity is somewhere in between a prickly cactus and a furry peach. At this point my thought starts to wander. Should I cut it open now or wait? Should I regard a transgress? I look outside at the fat flakes of snow coming down outside and remind myself to get patronize to the task at hand.There is no resentment or anger. I look again at this object I have assigned myself to detail. When I am at a loss as to how to describe something in particular my mind wandering happens more frequently. I fall out to focus my attention back to the cantaloupe as soon as I realize Ive been distracted. I hold the cantaloupe to my eye. There is a faint line of brownish green that runs by the net-like lines covering the fruit. Some of the spaces between the lines look like parks because theyre darker green, while others ook grey like the concrete of a parking lot. My mind wanders again and I start to look to see if there are any recognizable maps in squiggles. I see a roundabout that reminds me of an intersection in England and other resembles the neighborhood where I grew up. The intertwining layers of the lines remind me of overgrown vines on a wall covering another layer of skin. The underneath layer has the vague look of green splotches, almost veins, like the streaks that run finished blue cheese. I thump the cantaloupe again. It substitutes as a drum to make a tune. manifestly it has different thicknesses inside because the sound it makes when you knock it on the end is a highe r pitch than when you cut it in the middle. One spot must be particularly thick because the sound is more substantial. run the skin makes the same sound as rubbing your hands together on a ironic winter day. I try to make other noises using the produce, but intuition tells me that the only track to get another sound is to drop it on the floor. Im not willing to do that. Before cutting into the orb, I notice a whiff of eau-de grocery store produce aisle a bit past its sell-by date.The smell isnt strong and its only when I striking the fruit to my nose that I smell this. I then sniff each different body politic of the outer layer and notice that where the flower once might have been the smell is much stronger and sweeter. I scratch my finger nails on the rough skin, but it doesnt affect the scent the way it would with an orangish or lemon. Its time to cut into the orb. Even as the knife makes the first gouge, clear pale orange juice escapes. I lick my fingers and find the swe et taste refreshing and different.Although the juice is the color of a Satsuma mandarin or a commercial worthy carrot, it tastes nothing like either. slit the melon in half, the cantaloupe now resembles a geode, with a plain outside and a bright colored exotic inside. Its filled with seeds and goo in the center. The slimy innards resemble the finest saint h nervous strain pasta, but instead of being the color of regular noodles, they are varying shades of orange, some even translucent. I carve out this gooey inside and the sweet smell now fills the air with its cloying tropical fermented flower mell. Friends who have been watching a movie in the other board come to see if they can have some, the smell having tempted them away from what they are doing. Ironic, because Im no longer interested in the cantaloupe and ready to toss it into the composting bin. I send everyone away so that I can continue on. The meaty flesh isnt too tough, nor is it too soft. I take a bite and let the fl avor rush across my tongue. The taste reminds me of summers on the farm ingest the freshest fruits and vegetables straight out of the garden still warm from the sun.Theres a touch of season in the taste, but the sweetness overpowers it. In spite the firm texture, the fruit feels soft and chewy and the volume of nectar is astounding. The tissue is softer and moister than the similar essence of a pumpkin and more compact than the inside of a fig. Squishing the orange flesh with my fingers, it all but dissolves into juice. What little remains is the finest of strings as soft as silk. I find a seed still attached, that I missed. The kernel is a flat oviform with semi-pointed ends. Like a flat football with the air taken away, but miniscule in comparison.Its almost as though the surrounding fibrous slime is dissolving in the air as I watch. I break open a seed using my fingernail. Its soft and waxy, not much there. I take a wedge of the sliced cantaloupe and look at the rest between the skin and the edible meat. Like a rainbow, the color changes from thick rind on the outside to the orange moist, fleshy core on the inside. Like the color spectrum, the differences in shades are subtle, but quick. A yellow stratum is the most predominant, but considering the layer in question is less than an eighth of an atomic number 49 thick, this golden subcutaneous layer isnt very big.I make sure there isnt anything Ive overlooked and to check my notes for missing descriptive words. Im shocked to look at the clock and see that more time has passed than I would have expected. I went several hours without checking my watch something I can only do when Im not bored. Learning to look beyond the intelligible is something I already knew how to do. I enjoy observing people and watching facial expressions for meaning. What Im not good at it is sitting still and holding my attention for long periods of time. Exercises like this assistance to train my brain to settle own, focus, and catch up as local monologuist Josh Kornbluth says. While I had to make a few self directed corrections along the way, I was fairly prosperous that I was able to block out a significant amount of what was going on with family and friends in the other rooms and outdoors. Yes, there were a few times that my attention wandered, but I was back on track in seconds rather than hours or days. The reward at the end was to finish a paper I was happy with and to share the small remainder of the cantaloupe with my friends while on a weekend away. Mission accomplished

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Data Collection

Advantage and Dis favour of Data CollectionThere are many techniques that abide arouse the requirements for Macquarie elevator car restitutions problem. MCI could use any of the following techniques Interviews, Joint Application function (JAD) and Questionnaires or they could use unnoticeable techniques Hard data and strobe light.Each technique has certain advantages and disadvantages over the others, in most cases interviews can be seen as an important method for data collection, but a lot of preparation must be involve before it can be of any use. Interviews must pieceing objectives, and have a prepared doubt and bodily structure types. The questions can be phase in an open or closed state, open-ended questions allows the answerer to answer how they wish and closed-ended questions give a precise answer. The structure of the questions is also important it can be structured in a Pyramid, Funnel or Diamond arrangement. The pyramid structure commences with closed-ended questi ons, gradually expanding to a more open-ended question. This lets the interviewees open up to the topic that they might be reluctant to discuss. While the funnel structure commences in reverse to the pyramid. The funnel structure begins with open-ended questions then narrowing to closed-ended questions. This give ups a causal nonthreatening environment, useful when the interviewee is emotionally attached to the topic. Whereas the diamond structure combines the strengths of both the pyramid and funnel structures. The diamond structure begins with closed-ended questions then gradually opening up to opened-ended questions, concluding with closed-ended questions.A joint application design (JAD) offers promptly insight to the problems by organising group sessions as an in formattingion gathering tool. During the JAD requirements are agreed upon, as a whole, improving the users sense of ownership. JAD can use for organisations with little time and resources to waste, that requiring a s ystem in property quickly.Questionnaires are the most common approach in gathering information about attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and characteristics from key members in an organisation. Questionnaires also use question and structure types and are designed to be simple, specific and free of deviate but a poorly designed questionnaire can lead to forgiveness, Central Tendency and Halo Effect. Leniency is when raters provide undeservedly high or neutral scores, naively marking the easy answers, this can be avoided by moving the average category to the left or right of center scale qualification the rater think about what to mark down. Central tendency occurs when the raters mark everything as average, adjusting the strength of descriptors, improving the differences smaller at each end and creating more points provide avoid central tendency. Halo effect is when an theory is made in one question that carries through to the next question. This can be solved by placing one trait and several items on each page.Hard data is the analysis of collected rolls this can be broken down into two groups, denary document analysis and Qualitative document analysis. Quantitative document analysis uses reports such as Sales, Production, Performance and Summary reports, Records, Data capture forms and ecommerce transactions or any other transactions. Qualitative document analysis uses Manuals, handbooks, websites, emails and memos. Both these methods collect organisation data to stick decisions on.STROBE (STRuctured OBservation of the Environment) is a techniques used for observing the decision- makers physical environment like office location, desk placement, props, light source etc the advantage of STROBE is that you dont have to ask questions you observing behaviour.For Macquarie Car Insurance (MCI) since the main process is to handled node requests I believe that having Interviews would be the best solution. Interviews would gather all the relevant information ne eded such as, processes, opinions and users vocabulary. Joint Application Design (JAD) requires a large block of time for both users and workers, and can be at times dominated by intimidating participants, Questionnaires can suffer from validity and reli efficiency in the responses, hard data can gather the requirements of the problem but doesnt give clear insights to the external users requirements, and STROBE doesnt gather information of the users requirements as well.Interviews would require research into background materials about the interviewees and the MCI organisation, and then interviewers would have to establish the interviewing objectives, decide upon whom to interview, prepare question types and structure. From the interviews the interviewer would be able to gather relevant information about indemnitys policies and client views about the construction of an automated system. In closing the interview the interviewer would summaries the recordings, provide feedback and arr ange any afterlife appointments if necessary. A report would then be constructed to summaries the results and reviewed with the appropriate individuals.Question TwoPrepare an SRS in IEEE format with the following sections below. Write one sentence under each subsection which includes the type of content that would be relevant in that section. Provide a full description for percentages 1.2 (scope) and Section 2.3 (user characteristics). Section 1.2 should include a context diagram. For Section 3.1 (functional requirements) provide 5 functional requirements for Section 3.2 3.3, give two requirements for each and for Section 3.4, give one design constraint. Students wishing to obtain a high mark( 70%) should provide more content throughout the document and demonstrate a good understanding of the proposed system and their ability to structure the requirements.(4.25 mark)Software Requirements SpecificationTable of Contents1. Introduction1.1 Purpose1.2 Scope1.2.1 Context plat1.2.1 Leve l 0 Diagram1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations1.4 References1.5 Overview2. customary Description2.1 Product Perspective2.2 Product Functions2.3 User Characteristics2.4 General Characteristics3. Specific Requirements3.1 Functional Requirements3.1.1 Database3.1.2 User Interfaces3.1.3 Hardware3.1.4 Software3.1.5 System communication3.2 Performance Requirements3.3 Non-Functional Requirements3.3.1 Security3.3.2 Maintainability3.3.3 Scalability3.4 Design Constraints1. Introduction1.1 PurposeCompetitors have started adopting automated systems to handle customers requests this has caused problems in Macquarie Car Insurance market share. The CIO of Macquarie Car Insurance (MCI) aims to overcome this by introducing an automated information system (AIS) to instigate customers with their insurance policy enquires. The AIS would assist customers in ordering, quoting, modifying and/or cancelling insurance policies. The AIS would also allow customers to choose different payment methods, delivery methods and offers the pickax to be put in touch with a Human Insurance Agent (HIA). This would give MCI the advantage in the market place, increasing its competiveness in the market share.1.2 ScopeThe systems requirements specification (SRS) report will document the requirements for the automated information system (AIS), and clarifies the processes of what the AIS will do. The specification is written in a format conforming to IEEE standard 830-1984. Subject to approval, the specification will meet the Requirements phase and will be followed by exact design, implementation, and testing of the system.The product will be known as the Automated Information System (AIS). The AIS will handle customer inquiries about policies. Customers will be able to log in to system and name information, quotes and account profiles. Customers can then purchase, change and cancel insurance policies. Two additional modules, Smart undercover work Module (SDM) and Voice Recognition Module (VRM), are to be designed and implemented at a later date.The goal of AIS is to accommodate both individual and business users in answering online inquiries, quoting, purchasing, changing and cancelling insurance policies and user profiles.1.2.1 Context Diagram1.2.1 Level 0 Diagram1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and AbbreviationsSRSSystem Requirements SpecificationMCIMacquarie Car InsuranceAISAutomated Information SystemSDMSmart Detection ModuleVRMVoice Recognition Modulegraphical user interfaceGraphical User InterfaceRTA NSWRoad Traffic Authority of NSWHIAHuman Insurance AgentsFIFinancial InstitutionsCIO headsman Information Officer