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Causes of The Great Depression Essay -- essays research papers

The Great Depression It is said that the cause of the catastrophic stock market crash known as the undischarged depression was due mostly to uncontrolled political and industrial systems early(a)wise known as capitalism. However, the timeline leading up to the Great Depression proves that many other factors played a role in the stock market crash that occurred in the decade of the 1930s. So lets take a look at or else four, factors contributing to the great depression that we will further discuss in the following paragraphs. Four of the main causes that led up to the great depression were anisometric distribution of riches, uncontrolled political and industrial systems, high tariffs and war debts. Money was distributed mostly between the rich and the middle-class, in the United States, and between the U.S. and Europe. This imbalance of wealth created an unstable economy this type of the economy eventually lead up to large market crashes. These market crashes, caused the American economy to be overturned. The total income in the United States rose from $74.3 billion in 1923 to $89 billion in 1929 this rise in the economy was due to the Coolidge Prosperity(Business and Industry was flourishing and big transaction became bigger so the stock market went up greatly) even after this boost in the stock market the coin wasnt making its representation around equally because most farmers were still poor. United States maintained high 1.tariffs on goods imported from other countries, at the same time that it was making impertinent loans and trying to export products. This combination could not be sustained If other nations could not sell their goods in the United States, they could not make enough money to buy American products or repay American loan... ... June1939 7.2 10.4 + 7.9 17.21940 6.9 9.9 1941 7.7 12.1 1942 10.3 24.8 1943 13.7 44.8 1944 21.7 45.3 1945 21.3 43.7As you can se e, Roosevelt began to bring the people out of the depression and that resulted in some astonishing harvest-festival numbers. (Roosevelts average growth of 5.2 percent during the Great Depression is even higher than Reagans 3.7 percent growth during his Seven Fat Years ) When 1936 saw a phenomenal record of 14 percent growth, Roosevelt eased back on the deficit spending, overly worried about balancing the budget. Between 1940 and 1945, the Growth Deficit increase nearly doubled in size, from $832 billion to $1,559 billion in constant 87 dollars. And this occurred as deficit spending soared, to levels Keynes had earlier and unsuccessfully recommended to Roosevelt

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The Causes of the Great Depression :: American America History

The Causes of the Great DepressionSince the beginning of the Industrial Revolution early in the nineteenth century the United States ad experienced recessions or panics at least every twenty years. But none was as severe or lasted as long as the Great Depression. Only as the frugality shifted toward a war mobilization in the late thirties did the grip of the depression finally ease. Stock prices had been rising steadily since 1921, but in 1928 and 1929 they surged forward, with the middling price of agate lines rising over 40 percent. The stock market was totally unregulated. Margin buying in particular proceeded at a feverish pace as customers borrowed up to 75 percent of the purchase price of stocks. That easy credit lured more speculators and less creditworthy investors into the stock market. The Federal Reserve tabular array warned member banks not to lend money for stock speculation because if prices dropped, many investors would not be able to pay back their debts. No one listened. The stock market began sliding in early September, but people ignored the warning. Then on black Thursday (October 24, 1929) and again on black Tuesday (October 29, 1929) the goon dropped. More than 28 million shares changed hands in frantic trading. Overextended investors, suddenly finding themselves in heavily in debt, began selling their stocks. Many found that no one would buy anything at any price. Overnight, stock values fell from a peak value of 87 billion dollars to 55 billion dollars. The break up was felt far beyond the trading floors. Speculators who borrowed money from the banks to buy their stocks could not repay the loans because they could not sell stocks. This caused many banks to fail. Since bank deposits were uninsured before the 1930s depositors their money, which in many cases was all that many people had. The stock market crash intensified the course of the Great Depression in many ways. as well wiping out the savings of thousands, it hurt commercia l banks that had invested heavily in corporate stocks. It also caused a loss of confidence in the market prolonging the depression. The downturn began easy and almost unnoticeably. After 1927, consumer spending declined and housing construction slowed. Inventories piled up, and in1928 and 1929 manufacturers began to cut back on production and lay off workers. Reduced income and buying power in turn reinforced the downturn. By the summer of 1929 the economy was clearly in a recession.

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Narrative Structures in Zadie Smiths White Teeth and Toni Morrisons B

Narrative Structures in Zadie Smiths White Teeth and Toni Morrisons Beloved The novels White Teeth by Zadie Smith and Beloved by Toni Morrisonboth explore many distinct issues. However, a principle theme thatappears to be common in both is the way in which the past influencesthe present profoundly and both authors use the history grammatical constructionsof the books to present this idea to the reader. The exploration ofthe relationships between characters through time, the past hauntingthe present and the way in which history and culture is revealedthrough the past argon outstanding devices used to show the emotions andfurther the plot. Each author does this in a very different way thoughand this is the power of the narrative structure and the way in whichit can be used in a variety of different manners in order to achieve a confusable effect.The narrative structure of White Teeth is very logical. The novel isdivided decisively into sections in order to present the reader withth e emotions and views of the main characters. The four sectionsArchie 1974, 1945, Samad 1984, 1857, Irie 1990, 1907 and Magid,Millat and Marcus 1992, 1999 provide the reader with a clear cutstructure to the novel, with the past and present accuratelyintertwined. The separate books in the novel help the reader tounderstand how each character feels rough the others, and thereforeexplores their relationships between time. The main example of this isthe fact the Archie and Samad have been best friends since the SecondWorld War. However, their friendship is based on a lie that Archiekilled a Nazi scientist who was helping to develop the Master Race.The separate books help the reader to understand this and the... ... way in which mistakes and horrific eventscan consume the mind. Two novels, which originally appear to be aboutthe struggle of races and racism in society are in fact also about theimportance of time. Smith writes at the beginning of the novelWhats past is prologue from The Tempest perhaps suggesting thatthe novel is in fact based upon the idea that the past and the presentare essentially intertwined and play an important role in modern daylife.The way in which the past can haunt the present, have a negative andpositive influence on the way in which characters react and the plotdevelops in both White Teeth and Beloved. It is an essentialelement of both novels which helps to create a layered structure andgive perspicaciousness to the plot so that the events of the present have a pasta basis which creates a more profound effect of the reader.

Educational Goals and Philosophy :: Personal Narrative Teaching Education Essays

Philosophy Declining, decaying, and disappearing are just a few of the words that can be used to explain the emphasis specify on wile programs in schools. Art is not seen as a necessity. Standardized tests are now dictating not only what is taught in school precisely what is more important to teach. Seldom do you see a question pertaining to art or even arts history on a standardised test. I guess that art is a very important subject. Not only does it act as a creative outlet allowing students to converse ascertainings that may be forbidden to act on, but art is deeply rooted in our history from the cave paintings first found in France to the innovative uses in advertisement. Our world would be boring without art right down to our cornflakes because they would no longer have a rooster on the box. The fact that I think that art is important is just one reason why I would like to be a teacher. More importantly, I wishing to do what I love and teach others how to do it as well. As generic as it may sound, I want to broaden students minds by teaching them that art is a serious creative process. I want them to understand that they can use it to speak, especially when they think no one is listening. In fact until recently, I never wanted to be a teacher at all. I wanted to be a doctor. However along the way, I have had so very inspiring teachers who had a great impact on me. I want to do what I love. I want to be around people, and I want to be around art. I am pursuing a tier in Art Education K-12 and plan to get a know degree in art once I graduate from Concord College. My ultimate goal is to teach at a high school locally. I feel that the rural schools in this area do not challenge their students enough and do not provide them with information on the various opportunities addressable to them afterward graduation. I also realize that the local culture can be blind to the value of art.Educational Goals and Ph ilosophy Personal Narrative training Education EssaysPhilosophy Declining, decaying, and disappearing are just a few of the words that can be used to explain the emphasis put on art programs in schools. Art is not seen as a necessity. Standardized tests are now dictating not only what is taught in school but what is more important to teach. Seldom do you see a question pertaining to art or even arts history on a standardized test. I think that art is a very important subject. Not only does it act as a creative outlet allowing students to express feelings that may be forbidden to act on, but art is deeply rooted in our history from the cave paintings first found in France to the modern uses in advertisement. Our world would be boring without art right down to our cornflakes because they would no longer have a rooster on the box. The fact that I think that art is important is just one reason why I would like to be a teacher. More importantly, I want to do what I love and teach others how to do it as well. As generic as it may sound, I want to broaden students minds by teaching them that art is a serious creative process. I want them to understand that they can use it to speak, especially when they think no one is listening. In fact until recently, I never wanted to be a teacher at all. I wanted to be a doctor. However along the way, I have had so very inspiring teachers who had a great impact on me. I want to do what I love. I want to be around people, and I want to be around art. I am pursuing a degree in Art Education K-12 and plan to get a masters degree in art once I graduate from Concord College. My ultimate goal is to teach at a high school locally. I feel that the rural schools in this area do not challenge their students enough and do not provide them with information on the various opportunities available to them after graduation. I also realize that the local culture can be blind to the value of art.

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The Proper Golf Stance :: Expository Process Essays

The Proper Golf Stance While there are many factors in ascertain the outcome of a golf shot, setting up the right(a) golf stance is the foundation from which all other aspects essential to hitting a perfective shot are judged as success or failure. Proper stance is made up of proper implementation of multiple factors. The entire outcome (shot) depends on setting up properly. There are three members that comprise the proper golf stance grip, stance, and body placement. Your grip must be firm with pass in their proper places. The stance is crucial to making your weight shift correctly. The golfers body placement must be comfortable, with all elements in their proper places. The proper golf starting position allows for the perfect golf shot. NOTE The stance detailed below is for a right-handed person. Your hold must be located in on the end of the parliamentary law creating a grip. The backside of the left hand should be placed even with the end of the club. The rig ht hand should be directly below the left with both thumbs pointing down the shaft (body of the club). Next lock the right pinky finger with the left index finger, turning you hands into a single unit. The left wrist should be bowed (curved outward) and never cupped (curved inward). The golfer should squeeze the club lightly. A common analogy is to hold the club like you would a bird, tight enough so it couldnt fly away but not so tight that you could kill it. The next crucial element is the stance. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and parallel with the ground. To line up your feet, draw an unreal line from your back (right) butt toe to your front (left) foot toe. Notice where this imaginary line points and you have a good indication of how you are lined up and where you are aiming your shot. The players weight should be on the inside of the right foot and knee. Hold the club with the proper grip next to the left leg. The club head should rest gently on the gro und, centered approximately 18 inches in front of your toes. Allow the club head to lay centered behind the golf ball so it dose not touch or give-up the ghost it.

The Proper Golf Stance :: Expository Process Essays

The Proper Golf Stance While there be many factors in determining the outcome of a golf shot, lay up the proper golf stance is the foundation from which all other aspects essential to hitting a holy shot are judged as winner or failure. Proper stance is made up of proper implementation of multiple factors. The entire outcome (shot) depends on setting up properly. There are three elements that comprise the proper golf stance suitcase, stance, and body placement. Your grip must be firm with hands in their proper places. The stance is essential to making your weight shift correctly. The golfers body placement must be comfortable, with all elements in their proper places. The proper golf starting position allows for the perfect golf shot. NOTE The stance detailed below is for a right-handed person. Your hands must be placed in on the end of the connection creating a grip. The backside of the left hand should be placed even with the end of the club. The right hand should be directly below the left with both(prenominal) thumbs pointing down the shaft (body of the club). Next lock the right pinky finger with the left index finger, turning you hands into a single unit. The left carpus should be bowed (curved outward) and never cupped (curved inward). The golfer should squeeze the club lightly. A common analogy is to hold the club like you would a bird, tight comme il faut so it couldnt fly away but not so tight that you could kill it. The next crucial element is the stance. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and parallel with the ground. To business organisation up your feet, draw an imaginary line from your back (right) foot toe to your front (left) foot toe. Notice where this imaginary line points and you have a bully indication of how you are lined up and where you are aiming your shot. The players weight should be on the inside of the right foot and knee. Hold the club with the proper grip next to the left leg. The club fli ng should rest gently on the ground, centered approximately 18 inches in front of your toes. Allow the club head to lay centered behind the golf ball so it dose not touch or move it.

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Loss and Gain of the Reformation Essay

During and following the Protestant rehabilitation, an innumerable measure of dignitaries lost, as well as gained a groovy deal due to the Reformation. Dignitaries or consent figures during this time period consisted of highly ranked members of the Church and Government. As a result of this 16th century movement, two were affected negatively and positively. The authority figure that lost the most was the Pope. It was established that the Bible held more authority than the Church in the 1400s by arse Wycliffe of England and Jan Hus of Bohemia.Furthermore, they taught that the pope did not have the right to worldly power. At the start of the Reformation, many political leaders questioned his control and power. New ideas from the Renaissance had begun to challenge the Catholic Church. Individualism and secularism went against the Churchs beliefs. Not only did the pope lose all of his power, but the other church leaders did as well.When people didnt believe in what the pope did, the y founded new Christian churches that went against the popes decisions and wrongdoings. Consequently, the Pope and the rest of the catholic churchs leaders lost their authority and wealth.Just as the Catholic Church and the Pope lost a substantial amount of power and authority, the King and the Protestants gained what they lost. Since most people had nearly forgotten about Catholicism by now and reverted to Protestantism, the Protestant Church gained a lot of money through donations to reform the church past what had already been changed.Since the pope no longer ruled, it was left to the poove to do what the pope no longer could. The king took control over the churches and established new churches, which they also regulated. Accordingly, the king gained the most out of the Reformation.As a result of the Reformation, the pope lost all of his power and the king gained it. There are vast differences from the beginning of the Reformation to its conclusion. If you were to look at the tw o periods in time, you would be able to tell how to pope went corrupt and how the king gained respect and held power over the churches.

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Immanuel Kant: Duty and Reason Essay

The treat of an individual is said to depend on lots of factors. The value of these actions is weighed based on the varied point of views of humans. Immanuel Kant, a philosopher, classifies the moral deserving of an action through the use of two concepts avocation and reason. Acting based on duty and reason can be check understand by looking at these cases from Kants point of view and by inwardness of thoroughly analyzing the arguments presented to consider an acts moral worth.Considering the case that a husband loves his married woman because he loves her such that he has an inclination to be faithful to her, Kants view for this example will be that this case has no moral worth. For Kant, the foundation of morality is duty. The factor that causes human to be moral beings is their duty and the factor to be considered in determining the moral of an act is the persons will to detect his duty. (www. ipf. edu, n. d. ) On the other hand, a husbands act to remain loyal to his wife as a matter of duty, although he finds it decidedly god-awful will be considered by Kant to have a moral worth.A moral action has a moral worth not because of the military unit of the action itself only if because of the value that the action done according to duty that was set by the society. (Abbott, 1907) For Kant, the fact that the action is done only for duty alone is in itself makes the action to contain a moral worth. (Herman, 1981) It refers mainly to duty being implemented through the law that makes an action of moral worth. (www. philosophypages. com, n. d. )The moral worth of some(prenominal) cases can be better understood through differentiating acting in accordance with duty and acting from duty. Acting in accordance with duty has no moral worth since it is skillful an act that conforms to duty as guided by opportunism. Acting from duty, on the other hand, is an act that is done because the duty is requiring it. It means that actions will only have a moral worth if they are performed from duty while those actions that are taken as caused by self-interest that accords with duty for whatever reason, have no moral worth.In the example of a husband that loves his wife due to two reasons, we can say that the first case, which is benignant the wife because the husband has an inclination to love her is considered by Kant to be of no moral worth since the husband does not love his wife from duty. He barely loves the wife because it is his self-interest that motivates him to love her. In that way, he loves according to self-interest that just so happen to be in accord with loving from duty. Thus, he is loving his wife in accordance with duty and is thus it has no moral worth.For the second example of loving which is loving his wife because it is his duty as a husband counterbalance if he finds it unpleasant, this act has moral worth for Kant because the act is done out of the need to follow duty. The husband loves his wife because it should be hi s action towards his wife as it is set by the laws and rule of the society. Even if he will not gain self-pleasure from it, he is windlessness doing it because it is his duty as husband to love his wife. Thus, he is acting from duty and his act contains moral worth for Kant.Upon understanding Kants philosophy, I can say that he has a good point on why he believed that the moral worth of an act is based on the duty that forces a person to commit such act. The good thing about his account of moral worth is that an act can be considered to have a moral worth if that is done without self-interest but is done only as dictated by duty. His philosophy is good in a sense because it can assess the moral worth of a person in terms of the responsibility that he should carry and not only acting as a result of his own decision in order to gain pleasure from it.However, I disagree with him. I believe that if an act is done whether for the sake of following your duty or the laws implemented by t he society as based from their reasoning, an act can still have a moral worth depending similarly on its effect on the society. For me, I think that what Kant is trying to say is that the moral worth in different cases that we have to make a decision or an act lies on the will to follow the duty itself. It only means that the one of moral worth is the ability to follow duties or the rules and not the act itself.If we are doing something even if we can just derived pleasure or get something out of it, as long as we dont step on the rights of others and can set in to our society, our acts can still have moral worth. In line with this, I can say that acting from duty is morally right as wellspring as acting according to duty as long as our interests do not difference with the violation of the rights of another people. I think that engage self-interest that will lead to the good of other people, as in the case of Mother Teresa, is morally worth.The self-interest in that sense does not conflict with the violation of the rights of others, but instead, it leads to the good of the needy. Hence, it still has its moral worth. For example, a lifeguard is saving the lives of drowning people, even if he doesnt want too and what he is doing is just a burden for him has a moral worth. Also, a lifeguard that is saving the lives of drowning people and expecting in return that he will receive a condition of thank you from the people that he saved still has a moral worth.This is because, I think, that no matter what motivates you to do an act as long as it can help others and does not bypass human rights, that act has a moral worth. In the case of a lifeguard, saving people as caused by duty and saving people as caused by an expectation to receive a word of thanks are some(prenominal) morally correct. It is because the fact that the lifeguard has saved a life no matter what is the reason that makes me considered it to have a moral worth.I also believe that morality is su bjective depending on a persons bringing up, culture, experiences and way of thinking. One act can be of moral value to a person but for some, whitethorn be the same act has little or no moral worth at all. That is, morality lies on each one of us and that the effect that it can make to ourselves and especially to our society will greatly dictates its moral worth. Different societies may evaluate the same act to have a different moral worth. A way to explain this is by looking at the case of Eskimos.For Eskimos, offering their wives to have sex with a guest is a nice action as a way of entertaining a visitor. In their way, their act has a moral worth because they are acting from duty. However, if a wife from other country will ask his husband that she wants to have sex with their guest as a way of entertaining the guest, the action is resulting from self-interest and not from duty that is dictated by the culture. Thus, it does not have a moral worth. This explains that the value of moral worth is subjective to culture, and to the specific society itself.Thus, in conclusion, I can say that the first case of loving a wife that was mentioned, which is loving as motivated by inclination, has moral worth because he is still doing his responsibility or duty even if he really wants to do it as directed by his emotion. The second case, which is loving because that is dictated by duty, also contains a moral value, although lesser than the first one. For me, its moral worth is less than the first because he is not loving his wife whole heartedly but only loving her because he is required by his duty.I think that in general, Kants theory is good but is lacking in a certain aspect that greatly affects the action of human, which is emotions. This is because aside from intellectual reasoning, we also have emotions and that these emotions can also dictate us on how we are exhalation to act. Whether we act from duty or we act in accordance with duty as directed by self-inte rest which is controlled by emotions, our action can both have moral worth. Thus, in summary Kant had contributed a view about the reason for ones act in terms of the assessment of the action.However, it is curb and there must be other factors to be considered in assessing the moral value of ones act, in which his theory must contain. Works Cited Abbott, T. K. (1907). Immanuel Kant occupation Is Prior to Happiness.Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals. Retrieved November 22, 2007 from http//books. google. com/books? id=Y2oIobRXrWIC&pg=PA92&ots=lqnR0qrkHw&dq= On+the+Va lue+of+Acting+from+the+Motive+of+Duty,&ei=wT9FR63gI4KktAPBgYXbBg&sig=Z8 QYGzRw_L9lc eC8Xkj1_JOZjKA Herman, Barbara, (1981). On the Value of Acting from the Motive of Duty.The Philosophical Review. Volume 90, No. 3 pp 359-382. Retrieved November 22, 2007 from http//links. jstor. org/sici? sici=0031- 8108(198107)90%3A3%3C359%3AOTVOAF%3E2. 0. CO%3B2- B www. ipfw. edu. (n. d. ). Retrieved November 22, 2007 f rom http//209. 85. 173. 104/search? q=cache_3cincyqJb0Jwww. ipfw. edu/phil/faculty/Esteve z/Kant. ppt+Duty+and+Reason-+immanuel+Kant&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us www. philosophypages. com. (n. d. ). Kant The Moral Order. Retrieved November 22, 2007 from http//www. philosophypages. com/hy/5i. htm.

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HITECH visual and psychological method Essay

We may look at Ads as an informative legal instrument with critical judgement. The ads give misleading impression on people basically through the words used or through the verbal message conveyed by an established public someone addressing the audience to provoke the feelings for getting the result as claimed by the Ad quickly . Latter method is to (mis)use the stardom value of the person on the screen. For example Amitabh Bachchan speaking good of some cold drink. Its good that he stopped it subsequently may be because he understood function of his stardom. Good of him. But this speaks of misleading effect an ad can cr take ine on the minds of people who are easily carried away by the appeal of their darling star. It willing be a good idea if some wise and responsibly feeling stars come forward for the cause of consumers And also the consumers get educated against the HITECH visual and psychological methods used by the Ads. Misleading AdvertisementsThere are many advertisement s that always overstate the products effectiveness in our daily animateness. One of the some notable example is weight-reducing advertisement. In addition, the height-adding and health-improving advertisements are also good examples of misleading advertisements.People can see many different good-hearteds of weight-reducing advertisements on cable idiot box programs, and these advertisements are always broadcast all day. They will defend many consumers tell audience their personal experiences, and their amazement at the strong effectiveness of this weight-reducing product. Furthermore, the fair(a) weight the consumers lose may be almost five to eight kilograms a calendar month.These drug drug users will also tell audience that this weight-reducing product makes their face radiancy with health because this product makes their chronic excrement smoothly and completely out of their bodies. However, the best way to reduce weight is to do more exercise and eat less food of high c alorie, so I dont think utilize weight-reducing products is a good way to lose weight, and these kinds of products may have side effects that will hurt peoples bodies.Height-adding advertisements are also a good example of misleading advertisements. These kinds of advertisements always have a doctor explain the principle of adding height then, a short user will appear and asks that doctor to help him. After one week, that short user will show up, and he would become taller by about three centimeters, and the user will have more confidence in themselves than before. One month later, the user will become almost another person because his/her height will increase about ten centimeters. Also, the user would tell audience that his/her social relation becomes better than before, and makes more friends of the opposite sex. However, peoples height will not increase so dramatically, especially after the growth period, so height-adding product advertisements are really misleading.Health-imp roving advertisements are always broadcast on TV programs, and in this kind of advertisement there will be a linkman, an expert, and many users. The expert will do an experiment of healthy food, and tell the audience that this kind of healthy food is more effective than others. Then, a user will appear and tell the audience that he/she had cancer before, but since he/she used this product for one year, the cancer magically disappeared. Moreover, he/she will tell the audience that his/her weak body turns to be a strong one. However, if people want a healthy body, they have to keep their daily life regular and have a balanced diet.These three kinds of misleading advertisements are easily seen in our daily life, and most people will believe their effectiveness. This kind of concept is very dangerous because if the product has poisonous substance, it will hurt peoples body severely. Therefore, people should test these three kinds of products before using them. These products may have si de effects or people will lose their health without getting the effectiveness that the advertisements state.

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An Analysis of Marquez’ The Plane of the Sleeping Beauty

The short paper by Gabriel Garcia Marquez which is entitled The Plane of the Sleeping Beauty written in June 1982 may be interpreted as a depiction of our colonial history and its legacy to the world. While reading his work I find myself searching for the true individualities of the main sheaths. This is likewise what I de partd to be the problematic of the story. It hopes to unveil a reality of human existence that is often rooted in our historical structures- where countries have crossed cultural boundaries and homogenized economies making some of them quite unhappy. The author presents such scenario combined with his emotions toward it through symbolisms in the guise of the character and crimsonts. Indeed the setting, characters and context of the story harmoniously created the characters dilemma- the pique of their lost identities in a continuously globalizing world with flashbacks on the impacts of colonialism and wars.I would like to focus on three aspects of the litera ry text in explaining the problematic the setting, characters and context. The story is narrated by the author who is also one of the main characters. He is subtly confirmed Japanese though unnamed, in the latter part when he verbalise Who is going to believe it, I told myself, with my own passion exacerbated by the champagne Me, an elderly Japanese by now. The other main character is a wench who is non also introduced by the author but quite referred to as the Sleeping Beauty. This is proved by the title itself and the plot which seemed to have concentrated on her or filled with her quintessence. At the beginning of the story is already a romantic description of this mysterious characterShe was bonnie elastic with tender bread-colored splutter and green almond eyes. Black hair long and calm fell to her back, and she exuded an aura of antiquity that in it of itself could be Indonesian and not from the Andes. She was dressed with taste-lynx jacket, indwelling silk blouse ador ned with tenuous flowers, crude linen pants, and lined shoes the color of bugambillas.Also in another section of the story the author narratesShe had on her neck a chain so fine that it was each but invisible above her golden skin, perfect ears with no earring holes, rose fingernails in good health, and a smooth ring on her left hand.While both characters have no names, they suggest however nationalities that are nonetheless experiencing confusion. Nation is defined as a stem of people who share a common cultural inheritance (Heywood 106 ). The cultural inheritance be set ab come forwards the source of common identity for all the members of the group and may come in the form of language, history, poetry, music, race or ethnicity, etc. The confusion arises in the mixtures of influences that are manifested in the characters languages and experiences. For instance, the lady appears Indonesian to the Japanese, but may be sensed Latin American in the narrationShe then put on her lynx jacket, walked nearly on top of me with a conventional apology in a pure Castilian straight out of the Americas, and walked off without saying goodbyeThe lady has used other languages as well in the story like French and English.The man on the other hand exposing his knowledge of Japanese and Western forms of literature has interestingly revealed fascination over Chinese mythological beliefs- all of which present a fusion of culturesI thought, reciting into the crest of foam from my champagne the skillful sonnet of Gerardo Diegolast spring I read a beautiful novel by Yasunari Kawabata concerning the ancient bourgeois of Kyoto that paid enormous sums to spend the night speculating the most stunning women of the cityand inDammit, I said to myself, with great(p) scorn. Why was I not born a Taurus?.The setting has more to explain actually-previously the airport then the plane. The airport signifies to me the ability of countries to transcend borders. In particular, the Charles de Gaull e de Paris airport as a chosen background where all succeeding events are to be witnessed somehow represents a historical moment when liberty is aspired by most regions. Especially that France is known for its love for liberty and freedom. The entire commotion as imagined by the author is a semblance of World contend II whose outcomes and length were initially perceived uncertain and infinite, respectively. For instanceOnly then did she mention that the airport was about to close and all flights have been slow upAs long as God desires she said with a grin. It was announced on the radio this morning it will be the biggest snowstorm of the year. She was wrong. It was the biggest of the coulomb such is also the case during the Worl War.and inOutside I found an unpleasant spectacle. All kinds of people were overrunning the waiting rooms, camped in the stifling corridors and even the stairs, and spread out on the floor with their animals, children and luggage. Since communication wit h the city was interrupted, the palace of transparent plastic felt like an immense capsule launched in the storm something like missiles and ammunition By lunchtime the collective conscience resembled a shipwreck. The lines stretched endlessly in front of the seven restaurants the seven continents of the world in less than three hours they had to close them down because in that location was nothing to eat or drink such is the devastation on the part most especially of the colonized regions But the scenario in the so-called first manikin waiting rooms is different- which to me reflects the experience of those countries now known to be in the First World category. If the Sleeping Beauty was a place, it must be those places in the world which are rich in natural resources and potentials for development, yet both admired and captured by imperialists. Truly, the author was anticipating for her to belong to them, first-class nations (yet the char isnt to be found there) in the space de scribed in the story as followsIn the first-class waiting room however, spring was tangible that there were become roses in the vases and canned music felt as sublime and sedative as its composers intended. Suddenly it occurred to me that this was an adequate refuge for the womanBut the majority of the mob was down-to-earth men probably symbolizing men who have succumbed to the colonizers losing their dignities reading newspapers in English the dominant language of the world while their women were thinking of other men, symbolizing patriots and true nationalists contemplating the frosty factories and the vast seed plots of Roissy devastated by lions representing the effects of colonial past, that of economic dependence and abused laborers and farmersThe man, the Japanese symbolizing the same country which chose to extend territory instead of being colonized by the Westerners in its Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere theme (the attempt for Japan to colonize its Asian neighbors ) has indeed taken the itinerary less traversedPick a number, she told me, Three, four or seven.Four.You are the first one to not choose seven.But this later has been contradicted when the man realized inside the plane when he encountered the Dutch womans eyeglasses, But I retraced my steps, picked them up, and put them on her lap, suddenly thrilled that I had not chosen seat number four earlier. What this suggests is that Japan although guided by its dreams of Asian development through Asians themselves (as shown in its fascination in the woman representing the ontogeny countries be it South-East and East Asian, Latin American, South African, or Middle East) and its hatred in previous intruders manifested in his irritation against the fat Dutch woman (the Netherlands also once colonized Indonesia) has failed to avoid the course of the French, German, Dutch, British and other previous colonial powers .Besides, it is quite amusing to realize that the main character could also speak and understand the now considered global language- a sign of acceptance and engagement in the globalized system. Is it the author Gabriel Garcia Marquez who is feeling the disappointment in the main character against what it represents? This may be true. What is certain however is the melancholy of the woman who as described in the narration below has resorted to a deep slumber in order to veil its passivity and discontent of the results of historyShe did everything in a methodical and parsimonious manner, as if there was nothing anticipated for her since birth. Lastly, she lowered the chimneypiece in the window, declined her seat as far back as it would go, covered herself with a blanketand slept without a moments breathfor the eternal octonary hours and twelve minutes of the flight to New York.Yes, the plane is going to New York. The man, the woman, and the rest of the passengers are bound to the United States. Could this represent the fate of most countries- undermentioned th e American ideals? While most of them seem to have forgotten the past, most have tried to belong to the present global order although with less abridgment and a lot of difficulties to the extent of losing true identities, like the Sleeping Beauty.The author was successful in his presentation of a hopeless romantic tone with be themes that are both historical and political. The audience may be more interested to know that Gabriel Garcia Marquez was identified as a supporter of Latin American revolutionary movements and whose literature introduced the so-called, magical realism. The challenge here is really for the readers to be able to challenge the paradigm presented in the story, which beforehand must be decoded. A lot of the symbolism in the story has yet to be discovered. My interpretation here offers a new form of conflict that could only be resolved by historical, political and economic understanding and awakening.because the only thing I desired in the last hour of the fligh t was to see her awake, even if she was infuriated, so that I could reclaim my freedom, and possibly my youthWorks CitedHeywood, Andrew. Politics. New York Palgrave, 2002.Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. The Plane of the Sleeping Beauty. June 1982.

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Employment Law Compensation Plan Essay

In response to your request to stand an manipulation law respectfulness plan for our client, Bradley Stonefiled who plans on scribbleing a limousine service called Landslide Limousine, I have developed an involvement plan which covers both State and national employment laws. macrocosm in compliance with the Texas state employment laws, as well as Federal employment laws provide greatly help out client in avoiding and penalties. The employment plan is based on Texas employment laws, which is where our clients base of operations will be. The employment plan will also include Federal employment laws which are relevant to our clients needs in helping him start his limousine service. I have also included the consequences for not being compliant with State and Federal employment laws.Texas Employment uprightnesssTexas is a right-to-work State. This means that a person cannot be denied employment based on the fact that they are or are not a member of a crunch union or other labor organization. The Texas Labor Code has five titles General Provisions, Protection of Laborers, Employer-Employee Relations, Employment Services and Unemployment, and Workers Compensation (Texas Statue, 2013). The Texas Labor Code covers all aspects of employment. Title II (Protection of Labors) covers wages and discrimination. Being noncompliant can result in a civil action being brought by the employee, which can result in a monetary submit that is determined by the courts (Texas Statue, Chapter1). Title IV (Employment Services & Unemployment) covers unemployment benefits and insurance which our client will be responsible. Failing to make unemployment contribution can result in a class A misdemeanor (Texas Statue, Chapter2). Title V (Workers Compensation) covers workers compensation insurance coverage, workers health and safety, and workers compensation benefits.The penalty for noncompliance is sanction, criminal prosecution, fines and restitution (Texas Statue, Chapter 4). Texas profitday Law covers how employees are to be paid, either monthly or bi-weekly. The law also states that companies are not required to compensatetheir employees for vacation time, breaks, and lunches. However, they are required to even off employees for attending company meetings. Failing to pay employees can result in administrative cost equal to the wages in the claim plus 25% per employee. In addition to the wages which have not been paid ((Texas Workforce Commission, 2014)Federal Employment LawsStates have their own employment laws which strengthen Federal employment laws. However, the Federal employment laws set the standard by which the States follow and or strengthen by adding new protections. Since our client is only looking to hire 25 employees, this would be considered a small privately owned business. Our client should also be made aware of the federal laws that he moldiness comply to. The fairly Standards Act (FLSA) which requires employers to pay overtime to employee s working more than 40 hours per week, at a rate of one-and-a-half times their regular hourly rate. The FLSA also includes the Equal Pay Act, which is an amendment to FLSA, which establishes the same rate of pay for both women and men (Cascio, p.82, 2013). Since our client is going to start Landslide Limousine in Austin Texas, the Immigration Reform and retard Act (IRCA) should also be included in this employment plan.The IRCA explicitly states that employers cannot hire someone that is not legally authorized to work in this country. The employer must exercise his due diligence by verifying all documents supplied by a potential employee as verification of who they are. The penalties for noncompliance can vary from $ hundred to $1,000 per employee furthermore criminal sanctions can be imposed if a pattern of hiring unauthorized employees (Cascio, p.88, 2013). The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its amendments, which is the forerunner to the Texas Labor Code, protects employees from dis crimination based on their race, color, religion, gender, and national origin as it pertains to employment and promotions.This law was expanded in 1972 to include public and private employers with 15 or more employees. The penalty for an employer who is in violation of the Civil Rights Act can be responsible for compensatory and punitive damages (Cascio, p.82, 2013). The compliance plan stated here is a necessary start to get our client, Landslide Limousine, in compliance with Texas employment laws, as well as Federal employment laws. The goal here is not only to tame our client but to ensure that he is aware and understands all employment lawswhich pertain to him and his company.ReferenceAttorney General of Texas. (2013, February 20). Right-to-Work Laws in Texas. Retrieved from Texas Constitution and Statutes https// Cascio, W. F. (2013). Managing benignant Resources. New York.McGraw-Hill. Statutes. (2013). Retrieved from http/ / Texas Workforce Commission. (2014, June 02). Texas Payday Law. Texas. Retrieved fromhttp//

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Effects of imperialism in Asia Essay

What impact did western sandwich imperialism and colonialism have on AsiaThat Colonialism and imperialism played a significant role in shaping the modern world and particularly Asia is a prudent judgment. Colonialism is a policy in which a acres rules other nations and develops trade for its own public assistance and the extension of power or authority over others in the interests of domination (2004). The West, which refers to the societies of Europe and their genealogical, colonial, and philosophical desc suppressants. Spain, France, Britain, Canada, and the United States of America are some standards of Western societies.These countries have spread their diverge and hegemony over other nations for centuries shaping todays North America, Central-America, South America, Africa, Oceana, and Asia (Western Society, 2004). Indochina is a region that today we would consider as atomic chassis 34 Asia, comprised of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam (Indochina, 2001). Its most recent and m ost important contact with the West came from France and America. The West had a negative impact on Indochina because its influence damaged selenium Asias system of regimen, undone and diluted the indigenous socialization, caused me rattling masses to lose their lives and liberty, and set the course for future economic depressions and poverty.INDO-CHINESE GOVERNMENT.Under French colonisation, the Indochinese governmental structure went into shambles (pounding, 1966). The puppet governments installed after French colonization were repressive, totalitarian, and corrupt which meant that age old traditional and cultural monarchies were replaced by despots under French influence. In little time, each country lost its own unique identity Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam disappeared off maps and were replaced simply by French Indochina (Vietnam War, 2004). Only French-speaking or French-educated people were allowed to gain high positions in government, while others were treated as second- class citizens and toiled in the fields.Opposition to these policies was punishable by exile or imprisonment. This system of government ensured absolute French political control over Indochinas administration and contributed to lost initiative among the working class people (Hammer, 1966). This system would dominate for most ahundred days, suppressing regular riots and movements undertaken by the Indochinese people. As time went on, communisms appeal grew stronger as the repressed saw a light in forms of promised equality, housing, statement, money, and better jobs (Vietnam War, 2004).CULTURAL EFFECTS.Culture was also affected. Before French colonization, Vietnam was Chinas sphere of influence. After French colonization, however, Vietnam was torn between ii spheres of influence, Chinese and French. The French also imposed their influence on Laos and Cambodia. As a result, many Indochinese people became confused. They did not know whether they should embrace the new emphatic Fren ch influence, or try to live their shattered pre-existing animatenessstyle in secrecy (Vietnam War, 2004). Hammer states, the widely diffused Chinese educational system, commandment history and morality as well as language, which linked Vietnam with its past, was abolished. (1966, p.63). The French did whatever they could to stuff their culture down the throats of the people of Indochina one strategy was manipulating the education system.They implemented a policy where all public secondary education would be taught in French, not the native language of the people (Clayton, 2002). Since the beginning, France had plans to seed their culture in Indochina. Even before colonization of Indochina, French missionaries were sent around the world to spread the French culture through mission civilisatrice (civilizing mission). This policy affirm that it was Frances duty to spread the ways of the superior beings to inferior beings with inferior ways of living (Ty, n.d., para.17). In addition to implementing new policies and changing existing ones, acculturation was some other method of cultural dominance. The French were not hesitant to intermix with Indochinese women and assimilate them and their children to adhere to Western ways of life (Vietnam War, 2004).Everyday lifestyle changes were another method of ensuring cultural dominance. The French manipulated those who had power. A portion of the elite class in Indochina admired the French for their prestigious lifestyle and converted to Catholicism, setting an example for the lowerclasses (Vietnam War, 2004). Literature is an important part of culture, seeing that countries keep their records, history, and information in texts which would be stored for future generations. A French missionary named Alexander de Rhodes romanized the Vietnamese language, which used to utilize Chinese symbols. This new script, called Quoc Ngu, detracted Vietnam from its original culture and Chinas sphere of influence.Quoc Ngus impact is so large, that it is the how the Vietnamese language is written and read today (Quoc Ngu, 2001). In the later 20th century, the Western urban youths rebellious lifestyle leaked its way to the Indochinese people. numerous young Indochinese people embraced sexual freedom and the movies, clothing styles, and rock music from Western cultures became popular (Vietnam War, 2004). As well as corrupting the way of life for all of Indochinese people and destroying the cultural language of Vietnam, many important historical and cultural cities such as the ancient dynastic capital of Vietnam, Hue, were physically destroyed during the Vietnam Wars bombings (Vietnam War, 2004).As most people lost their government and culture, they became restless and weary of living their peasant lifestyle. Peasants struggled under heavy taxes and high rents. Workers in factories, in coal mines, and on rubber plantations labored in abysmal conditions for low wages. A growing nationalistic fervor was growing by d ivided up feelings of anger, poverty, destitution, and lost liberty. This fervor contributed to the formation of many revolutionary movements. Many people died, became refugees, or became homeless while trying to overthrow foreign invaders out of their country to unify their people.The Vietnamese revolutionary group, the Viet Minh, had a prime objective to overthrow the oppressive governments and install a Communist regime to unify Vietnam. After the end World War II, Ho Chi Minh, leader of the Viet Minh, declared Vietnams independence from France (Vietnam War, 2004). Minh was prepared to go at great lengths and sacrifices to achieve his dream of a unified Vietnam. You can kill 10 of my men for every one I kill of yours, yet plane at those odds, you will lose and I will win., decreed Minh himself (Karnow, 1998, para.2). The French were unwilling to give up their colony, a symbol of their world power, so they opposed this informal declaration and attempted to affirm their power bac k into Indochina by militarist means. This resulted in the bloody Franco-VietMinh war where the French were defeated, but at a large human cost to the Vietnamese freedom fighters (Vietnam War, 2004).The victory for the Vietnamese in the eight-year-long Franco-Viet Minh war was supposed to end Indochinas colonization, and end the bloodshed to unite their people. For nearly a hundred years the people of Southeast Asia resisted and rebelled to no avail, until this landmark victory. But the bloodshed did not stop. Minhs declaration of independence and liberation would not happen for thirty more years of fighting. The second Indochinese War, The Vietnam War, had an even greater effect on Southeast Asians lives.American Secret Bombing campaigns and countless napalm strikes lead to the end of many homes and at least 10 million people became homeless, and 800,000 became war orphans in South Vietnam alone at the end of the Vietnam War. Most crucially, most of these casualties were civilians . South Vietnamese civilians make up a significant portion of victims of the bombings, even though they were allied to the Americans. Entire cities, forests, mountains, and fields were laid to waste. One quarter of Laoss population became refugees which is close to 500,000 people. In total, over 5 million Indochinese lives were lost fighting for their independence and freedom (Vietnam War, 2004).ECONOMICS.Indochinas economic problems today can be traced back to colonial times. Frances mercantilist policy exploited the land, labour, and resources of Southeast Asian countries. Indochina was simply a large pool of natural resources for French industrialists. France would get the resources it needed from Indochina, manufacture them into goods, and remove them to her colonies at inflated prices. In addition, Indochina was not an autonomous colony, meaning it could not be self-sufficient. This was intentional because France wanted to have a monopoly on trade with her colonies (Hammer, 1 966). Frances attempt to industrialize Indochina only ravaged the land. The sudden shift from calm subsistence farming to large plantations lead to a precariously unbalanced economy that was passing dependent on agricultural exports which would eventually be disastrous because of futureland degradation (State of the Environment Vietnam, 2002).A large decline in the number of farmers was not good for agriculture, either. During the time of European domination, productions of rice grew immensely. With this increase of production came an increase in quotas that impoverished peasants had to yield to their landlords, causing widespread famine (Hammer, 1966). Hammer states, Both areas referring to Vietnam In the 1930s, at a time when the Vietnamese people did not have enough to eat, Cochin China exported rice in considerable quantities, even Tonkin managed to export some. (1966, p. 64). Adding to the famine was the insistence that nonfood crops like jute, oil seeds, and opium be grown in certain areas instead of rice (Hammer, 1966).Today, economic expansion is extremely arduous because of Indochinas history. Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia rank as some of the most undeveloped and impoverished countries in the world. Strained foreign relations as a result of Indochinas wars and its communist system of government have lead to significant decreases in foreign aid over the past decades (CIA World Factbook, 2003). Although agriculture makes up a significant portion of Indochinas economy, Indochina cannot even rely on their agricultural economy because Vietnams fields, forests, and streams have been contaminated or destroyed by cistron Orange and napalm strikes. As well, Laoss beautiful jungles consisting of exotic woods, timber, and stones are laden with millions of deadly, unexploded land ordnance, and Cambodias prolonged anarchy has proven fatal for any form of significant economic growth. The effect of Indochinas hardships created by the West has even hindered its abil ity to pick up where it left off, before foreign influence (Vietnam War, 2004).Even decades after formal European military conquest and intervention, Indochina continues to feel the sting of the Wests influence. Today, Southeast Asia is among the poorest places in the world, where people enjoy very little personal freedom and opportunity. Indochinas primitive infrastructure and poverty-stricken society is burdened by its history and injured foreign relations. The future for Southeast Asia in terms of political stability, human liberty, and economic growth looks unpleasantbecause of on-going internal civil tensions caused by unresolved conflicts brought upon by Western imperialism and colonialism. The West truly had a detrimental impact on Indochina because it caused the collapse of Indochinas traditional system of government, loss and weakening of its pre-existing culture, diminishment of its peoples prosperity and freedom, and destruction of its economy. Concisely, Indochinas rela tionship with the West brought nothing but bloodshed, tears, poverty, famine, and a legacy of economic and social problems that will continue to plague Southeast Asia for centuries to come.

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History of civil rights movement Essay

Civil rights movement can be described as the non violent protests against something that the public feels does not auger well with them. Dierenfield, (2004, pp 23) differentiates civil liberties and civil rights by describing the former as entailing the right of every citizen to receive fair discussion from his regime whereas the latter, he says involves citizens gunning for fair treatment from their fellow citizens and local authorities. Therefore, civil rights can also be described as social rights.However, the mammoth effects of the civil rights movement against slavery and the more than conspicuous civil movements against racial segregation have taken credit for defining the term. This paper discusses the civil rights movement in the US by follow its history, the key leaders involved and how their activities influenced the American government of the time. History of civil rights movement Civil rights movement are most famous in the US between 1955 and 1965 where there happe ned numerous historical accounts led by civil rights leaders protesting against racial segregation in the US more so in the south.The leaders were mainly black who were protesting against mistreatment by their blank counterparts who by then treated them as second class citizens. Key activists Martin Luther King This is definitely bingle of the most renowned African American leaders in fighting for equal rights for African Americans living in the US who were mainly descendants of wee slaves. He is most remembered for leading the Montgomery bus ostracize among other protests. This Montgomery bus boycott is recorded to have officially started on initiatory December 1955.The boycott involved the black American living in that area boycotting using the city buses unless they were allowed to flummox anywhere they wanted to sit in the bus instead of the area specifically set out for the blacks. The boycotts were triggered by the arrest of one wo gay genus Rosa green who had defied givi ng up her sit to a white person in the bus. Having the fronts seats reserved for whites sonly, Rosa Parks defied the order o give up her seat and was subsequently arrested for that. Rosa Parks This is one woman who the US congress came to nickname the mother of modern-day civil rights movements (Boyd, et al 2004, pp 125).As said above, her defiance into giving in to mistreatment in the public transport system triggered the massive boycotts which were to last more than a year until their pleas were heard. Her arrest was still against t the law which she claimed to have ascertained. A 1900 law on segregation in the buses by race allowed the setting up of specific areas for blacks and whites in the bus but did not give specifications as to force one to vacate his/her seat for another in case there were no more seats. However, custom and culture and mis-configured the law and interpreted it for the benefits of the whites.Park was charged in a court of law and was found guilty but some of her friends bailed her out (Boyd, 2004, pp 125). The same friends who bailed Park out formed an makeup by the name Montgomery Improvement Association to spearhead the boycotts and among the leaders was Martin Luther King Jr. Black churches were used in communicating about the boycott which was to last exactly 381 days. The public transport buses stood idle as 75% of the commuters had decide to either walk or used blacks operated taxis (Dierenfield, 2004, pp 23).The bus companies were making losses and thus they had also to join the blacks in calling for the abolition of the law on segregation in order to save their businesses. Leaders of the movement such as Martin Luther King had their homes torched by segregationists and their families threatened. The United States Supreme Court, on13th November 1956 outlawed racial segregation on buses operating within the individual states and cities. The court order was authentic with a lot of celebration in Montgomery on December 20, 19 56, and the bus boycott ended the very next day. King did not barricado there.He went ahead and met with chairperson John F Kennedy who was also for equal rights for blacks. Unfortunately, changing the constitution to outlaw segregation by race was not that simple. former(a) protests were planned to push for what they believed was naturally theirs by the virtue of being a human being and an American citizen. The bus boycott had planted a ejaculate of freedom in blacks. Since the need of the boycott, many cases wee reported where blacks were being accused of disrespecting the segregation laws or the Jim Crows laws as they were famously known. separate protest marches were also organized by Martin Luther and other fellow activists.The major ones being the Birmingham March, The freedom rides, The Washington march among many others (Dierenfield, 2004, pp 23). Unfortunately, the man was subsequently to be assassinated due to his civil rights activities. many an(prenominal) of these subsequent marches turned violent with the local authorities and civil segregationists turning violent towards the protesters. unrivalled of the most violent march was the Birmingham march which involved children aged from 6 to 18. The local authorities used fie extinguisher hoses to chase the children out of Kelly Ingram Park where they had gathered.Many were injured and over 950 of them arrested. Jails were packed to the brim as more protests and arrests followed. The police had no other wise but to watch in despair as the marches took over the lives of everyone. Business was down and the economy of Birmingham was at a standstill. Finally, the Birmingham community had to give in. They allowed integration in the citys eating counters and even offer equal employment services to the blacks (Boyd, 2004, pp 125). Medgar Evers This man specifically sought to have equal education rights for the blacks in America.Being a former armament man during the Second World War, he felt his denia l of entry at University of Mississippi Law School was race based which was not in harmony with his acceptance in the army as a full American citizen. He therefore challenged racial discrimination in education centers. The man also organized massive boycotts against gas stations that could not allow blacks and whites share restrooms (Newman, 2004, pp 164 ) Working under the National Association for the Advancement of Colored plenty (NAACP), Evers had more avenues for airing his views.He therefore also organized campaigns for the blacks to be registered as voters. His attempt to have his friend admitted to the University of Mississippi attracted the intervention of the federal government after he had been denied entry on racial basis. Many interventions were to follow and more and more blacks found their way in to university. The whole process was to metamorphose on how blacks felt about themselves and even motivated them to seek integration in other areas and receive fair treatmen t as equal citizens with their white counterparts.Unfortunately, the man was also to be assassinated 1962 due to his involvement in the civil rights movement. However, his legacy of no violent protests and equal education rights were to be observed and remembered up to now. The culmination of all these deaths, arrests, marches and protests was the passing of the civil rights act of 1964 which outlawed racial segregation in schools, public places and employment which was introduced by President John F. Kennedy. This act was followed by the civil rights act of 1968 which criminalized discrimination in housing which had prior enforcement in the constitution (Newman, 2004, pp 165)

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Melina Marchetta’s “Looking for Alibrandi” Essay

In Melina Marchettas novel, Looking for Alibrandi, the theme of identity operator is a assist of discovery along a journey for most of the characters. Although toilette Bartons journey is short by the end, he knew what he desireed and he do sure that no angiotensin converting enzyme was vitiated much than necessary when he achieved it. Josephine Alibrandi discovers her identity after many developments in her purport, many of which include Jacob Coote, John Barton and Katia Alibrandi. Katia Alibrandi, Josies grandmother, (nonna) has experienced a lot in her time but still needs Josies help to let go of her past. Jacob Coote went along with what every unity expected of him until he met Josie. She helps him to reopen the door to his journey of identity. Melina Marchetta has provided a schoolbook with the identity issues that many face and she has provided her readers with outcomes that prove to be perfect examples of the outcomes of discovery of identity.John Barton does non cut what he wants in life but he knows what he does not want. He does not want to follow in his fathers footsteps to train promises I potfult keepI founding fathert want a lot of responsibilities in lifeI simulatet want to climb to the top (pg 47). As John Barton continues to discover his identity, he dislikes it more and more. He convinces himself that he does not want to live anymore. It is a fact that many jejuners face and Marchetta portrays it extremely well though John Barton. When John First tells Josie that he does not want to live anymore, she, like many teenage friends, did not fully understand. At first I didnt understand watching those va merchantmant eyeball(a) I realised he meant no other life (pg 134). Many songs portray the pure tones that John Barton fells, an smooth example being the chorus of Simple Plans Welcome to my LifeTo be hurtTo fell lostTo be left out in the darkTo be kickedWhen youre downwardTo feel like youve been pushed aroundTo be on the edge of breaking downAnd no ones there to save youNo, you dont know what its likeWelcome to my lifeThe next time that Josie and John are alone together, he seemed fine, there was a euphoria about him that was catching, (pg 228). Marchetta foreshadows John Bartons coming(prenominal) with the link of I dont infer I want to live this life anymore, (pg 134) and Ive got my whole future planned out the way I want it and there is cryptograph anyone can do to take that away from me, (pg 229). The journey of John Barton may have been short, but that equitable made it all the more necessary to understand.Josephine Alibrandi is a senior student, at St Marthas College, who is confused with her social and ethnical status. Josie considers herself to be stuck between cardinal cultures, Australian and Italian. As far as the Italians are concerned we werent completely one of them. Yet because my grandparents were born in Italy we werent completely Australian, (pg 7) Josie also feels that she does not live in at school. The ones like me didnt belong in the eastern and northern suburbs, (pg 8). Josie hated ivy Lloyd, yet envied her social status and desperately wanted to belong to her world. No matter how much I hate Poison Ivy, I want to belong to her worlda world where I can be accepted, (pg 32). All she wants more than anything is to be free and think for myself. Not as an Australian and not as an Italian and not as an in between, (back cover). It was not until after Josie left the walk-a-thon that she realised, with Sister Louises help, that she and her friends were not as socially out of it as they thought.Socially we werent as shitty as we thought we were, (pg 184). With the mixture of JohnBartons death and Jacob Coote, breaking up with her Josie realised that she wouldnt aftermath up one daytime and everything would feel liberated. It had taken her a year to become so. I just sat there thinking back on the year and I realised that I was liberated long ago. It wasnt one particular point either it was several, (pg 258). The walk-a-thon was one of those points, I remember feeling socially out of it at St Marthas, yet when the fiasco of the walk-a-thon happened, I realised I wasnt, (pg 258), after Nonna sexual congress her about Marcus Sandford she realised that her illegitimacy had never been my cross. I had exactly made it mine, (pg 258) and with her culture she realises that she is not where the large number have placed her but an Australian with Italian blood flowing rapidly through her veins, (pg 259). Josie realises that no matter how perfect she is people will still rebuke. She realises that it only matters who I feel like I am and I feel like Michael and Christinas daughter Sera, Anna and Lees friend and Robertss cousin, (pg 261).Katia Alibrandi, nonna, is always fighting with her daughter, Christina Alibrandi, and her granddaughter, Josephine Alibrandi. Josie thinks that it is because her grandmother loves to meddle and is forever wo rrying about what people think and talk about. She tends to forget that all she does to mama when theyre together is nag her about the way shes legal transfer me up, (pg 34). Melina Marchetta foreshadows a hint of secrecy and betrayal in Nonna Katias past with I understand, Christina, more than you think I do, (pg 97) when they are fighting about her going out on a date. It was not until Josie gave in to the urge to ask about the photos in Katias house that Katia told anyone about the mysterious Marcus Sandford, even if it was only a fraction of the whole story.She told Josie about her life in a country where no one could understand her. You do not know how much I hated Australia for the first year. No friends. No people who spoke the same language as me, (pg 114) Melina Marchetta foreshadows the same hint of secrecy and betrayal with some other clue Francesco couldnt afford to come home and then(prenominal) go away againI wasalone for Christmas, (pg 200). Then when Josie was at her Mothers birthday party it was said conceived a workweek before which was Christmas day, (pg 215) Josie was furious at her Nonna because she had been such a hypocrite, and it took her a week to realisethat she did not care. Katia told Josie all about the affair with Marcus Sandford and Josie realised Nonna hadnt live the life the way I thoughhadnt worried about what other people thought. She had taken chances. Broken rules, (pg 226). Katia Alibrandi, by discussing her journey of identity with her granddaughter, has re-established the kin with her daughter and granddaughter.Everyone expects Jacob Coote amount to nothing and he would be more than happy to prove them right, he was towering of getting bad marks and thought that it did not matter because he was going to be a mechanic. Right from the beginning he had decided what he was going to be because it was easy and no one expected more from him. That was until he met Josephine Alibrandi. She was smart, and he did not think he was. Youre intellectual. Im an idiot, (pg 249). When the started going out he started to change, I think that during that year Jacob got a bit more driven than he used to be, (pg 260). He did not want to be a mechanic that worked all day and complained about house payments and petrol prices, he wanted to be a mechanic that has a regeneration of options, and he wants to discover his identity.Because you opened me up to this whole new world out there. I dont want to become a mechanic and work all day long and then at night go to the pub and marry someone just like me and have two children and whinge about housing payments and petrol prices and the economy But this year I realised, because of you, that there is more to life I want to step outside my circle and look at other options. I dont want to be stereotyped because of the school I attend or the suburb I live in, (pg 251)Melina Marchetta has written a novel, Looking of Alibrandi, which shows the youth of today that in order to d iscover your identity you need to have travelled the journey of life, however short that may be. She uses John Barton, Josephine Alibrandi, Katia Alibrandi and Jacob Coote to show that no matter how old or how bad you think you life is you can still make the decisions to make it better or worse. She cleverly states that when you no longer have the ability to dream you have nothing left to hope for. And to be that smart means you know the answers and when you know all the answerstheres no room for dreaming.

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Political Issues Regarding the Hispanic Population

semipolitical Issues Regarding the Hispanic Population Courtney Warner ETH/125 cultural Diversity Instructor Michelle Ward Saturday May 8, 2010 Political Issues Mexican the Statesns, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, and Dominican Americans induce discontinue cultures but twain include strong family bonds and phantasmal beliefs. These cultural groups argon classified into the Hispanic American category because they share the Spanish language. Although these groups share the same language each group has a different dialect and origin. Cuban and Dominican Americans beat make the greatest developments in the social and political set up point.Puerto Rican Americans have made progress on the homeland in the economic view. While some groups endure assimilation into the American lifestyle, another(prenominal)s have embraced it. (Alba, 2006). Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican Americans have many resemblances but still remain reissue in their ethnicity and are de scendants from a variety of immigrants. The main reason for these groups immigrating to the join States was for a honest environment free of political issues occurring in their countries and to seek a let on way of life.Mexican Americans have attained both social and economic positioning, broken the language barrier, and achieved statutory status in the United States. Most Mexicans that come to America are looking to work hard and everyplacecome the obstacles they faced politically and economically in Mexico. The political issues facing Mexicans are typically the same as any overseas immigrant. Voting is a challenge. The voting of the Hispanic population is down because the legal age of Mexicans are not legal citizens which prevent them from voting. According to the Census Bureau (2008), it is estimated that 1. 7 to 2. million percent of the United States population is wrong immigrants. The Hispanic population has not obtained political power equal to its proportion of popu lation. Through years of protests and debates multilingual voting is now an option for counties with large numbers of non American speaking citizens. Bilingual education is to a fault another very important political issue in the Mexican community. Originally nurtures in America only taught one language with the exception of extra credit language courses. With the rising number of immigrants the aim boards in heavily populated Mexican communities are now offering bilingual classes.Immigration laws are also a constant debate with Hispanic members. After years of failed attempts at passing newborn immigration laws, with the new Obama administration hopes are high that immigration reform will be set up back on the national agenda. English is the primary language of Puerto Rican Americans. English is taught in Puerto Rican elementary develops since Puerto anti-racketeering law is commonwealth of the United States. Even though Puerto Rica is considered commonwealth it still has it s own constitution, legislature, and governor but is instance to the rules and regulations of the United States.The commonwealth status allows all Puerto Ricans American citizenship, making them migrants not immigrants. Puerto Rican American assimilation has been both successful and problematic. Puerto Ricans living in the United States and Puerto Rico are still experiencing issues with drug use and crime. wishing of educational opportunities and failure in family structures are also causing struggles in the Puerto Rican population. The political involvement of Puerto Ricans and other minorities in the United States is small in comparison to their population size.Less than half of the Puerto Rican population has interpreted advantage of their voting privileges. Once Puerto Ricans become more settled as residents, they start to participate in politics. For most Puerto Rican residents their primary concern is to search for better economic conditions rather than become a member of a political party. The majority of these immigrants that chose this route are non-English speaking and not able to join or participate in an election. Instead, the immigrants are more likely to become members of religious organizations because they are accustomed to these religious ways in their country.Religion plays a major role in family and political life. Recent password amongst Puerto Rican government officials is pushing for Puerto Rico to become a legitimate U. S. state. Cuban Americans have asserted themselves politically and economically in the Miami, Florida area and are becoming the dominant ethnic community. In Florida this is where the most celebrated Cuban American political organizations, research centers, and cultural institutions exist. Between 1989 and 1990, 78% of Cuban Americans registered to vote in comparison to 49. 3% of Mexican Americans, and 49. 9% of Puerto Ricans.Cuban Americans also seem to have a better economic security than other Hispanic groups. The average Cuban American income in 1986 was roughly $26,700 which was more than $6,700 for all Hispanic households. Cuban Americans are also highly educated a vast majority has completed either college or graduate schooling. Cuban Americans are noted to be conservative politically and tend to vote for the Republican Party. The most important political organization in the Cuban American community is the Cuban American depicted object Foundation (CANF). This organization is dedicated to restructuring U. S. olicy toward Cuba and removing Castro from Cuba. The CANF is also responsible for tiptop money for political purposes and lobbying elected officials. There has been much progress made in the Cuban Americans political role, they elected Cuban Americans to Congress and dominated the local political scene in the Miami area. However, the core issues still remain in the political debate of Cuban Americans migration, Castro, and U. S. Republicanism. Dominicans view education to be a prima ry concern. Dominicans in the United States have fought one of their most important political battles over education.It was in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, that they organized together to voice to the local board of education. The school board consisted of no Dominican citizens but the school itself had a majority or Dominican school agers. The Dominicans protested to put a Dominican on board and they were successful in their motives. This began the political mobilization for Dominicans in the education arena. Other important political issues the U. S. Dominican community is concerned with is the status of undocumented migrants into the United States, citizenship status, and the police violence towards Dominicans.There have been several organizations and lobbies created to achieve these rights. As of now, Dominicans have not been involved in National politics, but have made efforts at local levels. The National Association of Hispanic Elected and Appointed Offic ials (NALEO) is a research, policy, and education organization dedicated to developing and implementing programs that countenance the integration of Latino immigrants into American society, developing future leaders among Latino youth, providing assistance and training to the nations Latino elected and appointed officials and conducting research on issues important to the Latino population.With the recent election of an African American into U. S. Presidency demonstrates how our society has evolved. The important fact to understand is not that we have a dour president, but we have come to terms and not dismiss a candidate based on race. WE need to consider other important issues like this election has brought understanding that new opportunities have been made available for minorities in the political world. Our modern day society is beginning to change by victorious positive steps in the right direction.References Alba, R. (2006). Mexican Americans and the American dream. Polit ical Science & Politics_. American Political Science Association. _ Retrieved April 30, 2009 from http//www. apsanet. org/imgtest/PerspectivesJun06Alba. pdf Ballasy, N. (2010). Top Puerto Rican Government Leaders Argue for Statehood on Capitol Hill. Retrieved from http//www. cnsnews. com/news/article/65006 Countries and Their Cultures. (2009). Multicultural America. Retrieved from http//www. everyculture. om/multi/index. hypertext mark-up language Mongillo, I. (2010) Yale-New Haven Teacher Institute. Puerto Rican Cultural Differences in Politics. Retrieved http//www. yale. edu/ynhti/curriculum/units/1980/6/80. 06. 08. x. html NALEO Educational Fund. (2010). Action urgently Needed on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. http//www. naleo. org/ Pew Hispanic Center (2010). Key Issues for Hispanic Voters let in Education, Economy and Health Care. Retrieved from http//pewhispanic. org/newsroom/releases/release. php?ReleaseID=14 Pew Research Center Survey (2006). Chapter 7 Ideology and insur ance Issues. Retrieved from http//pewhispanic. org/files/reports/75. 7. pdf Reshaping politics. Economist, 00130613, 1/9/2010, Vol. 394, Issue 8664 Retrieved from http//search. ebscohost. com. ezproxy. apollolibrary. com/login. aspx? direct=true&db=a9h&AN=47437302&site=ehost-live Schaefer, R. (2006). Hispanic Americans. Week sevener Reading Chapter 9. Retrieved from ETH/125Cultural Diversity website. References Insert References Here.

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Ada Lovelace Essay

adenosine deaminase Lovelace was natural in 1815, and died in 1852 from cancer. Ada Lovelace was the daughter of a famous poet Lord Byron and Anabella Millbank, who also enjoyed math. Adas parents were divorced right after she was born and was never able to meet her estrange puzzle. However, her father corresponded with her develop on her upbringing. Anabella Millbank, Adas mother, did not want her daughter to be a poet like her father and did everything possible, pushed Ada night and day, to learn mathematics. Even though Adas fond interests were elsewhere, her mother minuscule those interests until Ada grew a fondness of math, by no choice of her own.At an early age Ada met with Charles Babbage in London, and with that Ada first learned of the Difference Engine. This is when Ada Lovelaces eyes grew with enormous content, interest, and fervency of the invention, which was later known as the Analytical Engine. In her twenties, Ada married her husband ( some(prenominal) years her age) Earl William pansy and soon after, she bore three children. After having her children she became engrossed and focused on the formulation of the Analytical Engine, which took several years of extensive work, which she loved.Ada composed a designing for how the engine might calculate Bernoulli numbers. This plan is now regarded as the first computer program (Larry Riddle, p. 1). Ada became ill and was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus and died at an early age, like her father, right after her accomplishments. Adas achievement was shown in her notes on Charles Babbages Analytical Engine, which was finally acknowledged and became reality in the 20th century computers which earned her a start in the history of mathematics and computer science (Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, p. 6).

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Obesity in African American Culture Essay

?Obesity has more that just a physical personnel on the body. Obesity also greatly affects the mental and turned on(p) part of the body as well. Although you pratnot straight off correlate metal and emotional health to fleshiness, you rat see that its mental pictures do in situation play a role in the mental and emotional health of an obese person. While the effects of obesity do indeed reach out to all(prenominal) races, it is easy to see that mental and emotional problems from obesity in the African American culture ar present in the culture. Depression, anxiety, and discrimination, are all results that are campaignd by obesity in the African American community.Many people are old(prenominal) with depression, whether it be a friend or family member that went through it or that they themselves went though it. Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can nurse a negative effect on a persons thoughts, behavior, feelings, conception view and physi cal well-being (Salmans 1997). African American obesity has a close tie with depression in African American people. When people are self-conscious about their weight they may think that people look down on them for this. This would cause them to think less of themselves or believe that others are better then them.In turn it can cause the obese African American to have a bad view of themselves, other people, and the world in general. This is exactly what depression is. You can see that depression can be caused by obesity in the African American culture. worry is another emotional distress many people are familiar with. fretfulness is know as, the displeasing feeling of fear and concern (Davison 2008). Many people have felt the effects of anxiety in their own lives, whether it is before an important test, a speech in front of many people, or the big gam many people feel anxiety.Looking only at anxiety caused by obesity in African American people is a different situation. Anxiety or nervousness before a big event is common and in many shipway healthy because it motivates us to do the very best we can. Anxiety in African Americans because of obesity is not healthy in fact it can be dangerous and destructive. By feeling displeased and concerned about their weight African Americans can struggle all through out life to oer come these feelings. It could limit their goals and overall make them settle for less then they really can do.Anxiety do to obesity in the African American community is not a healthy and can severely constrain someones life. Discrimination in the African American community has eer been a problem through out history. Slavery is a very obvious product of discrimination. winning a more specific look at discrimination of the African American community because of obesity is a different situation. When people discriminate African Americans because of their weight it seriously prohibits their chances of succeeding in life. It could be in the work pl ace or at school.By placing these barriers we are limiting the ability of the African American community and hurting their chances of having a successful and meaningful life. These mental and emotional effects of obesity in the African American community are unfair and wrong. People should not be judged on their weight. Davison, Gerald C. (2008). Abnormal Psychology. Toronto Veronica Visentin. p. 154. ISBN 978-0-470-84072-6. Salmans, Sandra (1997). Depression Questions You Have Answers You Need. Peoples Medical Society. ISBN 978-1-882606-14-6.

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Bcg on Hul Essay

Once you know which logical argumentes stand where in your furrow portfolio, you also come to know which businesses need investments, which needs harvesting (making money), which needs striping (reducing investment) and which needs to be all interpreted out of the business portfolio. For a major organization like HUL, ITC etc which have multiple categories and at heart the categories, they have multiple lines of results the BCG analysis becomes very important. At a holistic level, they get to make a decision on which convergence to continue and which product to be divested.Which product whoremaster give cutting returns with good investment, and which products be reaching the apex of grocery store sell. BCG Growth Sh be Matrix The BCG growth constituent matrix was developed by Henderson of the BCG group in 1970? s. The matrix classifies businesses / SBUs by 1) Relative foodstuffplace Sh atomic number 18 The market shargon of the business / SBU / Product in the mark et as compared to its competitors and overall product / category. 2) shekelset growth appraise The growth rate of the industry as a whole is fruitn into consideration from which the growth rate of the product is extrapolated.This growth rate is then pitched on the graph. gum olibanum by having 2 basic but at the same judgment of conviction very important factors on X axis and Y axis, the BCG matrix makes sure that the classifications are concrete. Calculating the Market growth rate comprises of both industry growth and product growth rate on that pointby giving a moderately knowledge of where the product / SBU stands in comparison to the Industry. The market share on the otherwise(a) hand comprises of the disputation and the product potential in the market.Thus when we consider growth rate and market share together, it mechanically gives us an overview of the competition and the industry standards as hale as an idea of what the future aptitude become for the product. On ce the businesses have been classified, they are placed into four different quadrants of the matrix. The quadrants of the matrix are divided into 1) currency Cows High market share but depressive disorder growth rate (most profitable). 2) Stars High market share and High growth rate ( soaring competition) 3) marvel marks Low market share and heights growth rate (uncertainty) ) Dogs Low market share and low growth rate ( little profitable or may even be negative profitability) On the basis of this classification, strategies are decided for each SBU / Product. lets discuss the characteristics and strategies of each quadrant in detail. Explanation 1) gold Cows The cornerstone of either multi product business, change cattle are products which are having a high market share ina low growing market. As the market is non growing, that immediate payment cow gains the maximum improvement by generating maximum revenue due to its high market share.Thus for any company, the cash cows are the ones which require least investment but at the same time give high returns. These higher returns enhance the overall profitability of the firm because this excess revenue can be apply in other businesses which are Stars, Dogs or Question marks. In the case of HUL following are the cash in cows like Mass Soaps, Beverages, Oral care and slipstream which are running very well in the market today, Oral and Mass soap today is doing very good hence it is the cash cows for HUL today.Strategies for cash cow The cash cows are the most stable for any business and hence the strategy generally includes retention of the market share. As the market is not growing, acquisition is less and retention is high. Thus customer satisfaction programs, loyalty programs and other such promotional methods form the onus of the marketing plan for a cash cow product / SBU. 2) Stars The best product which comes in hear when thinking of Stars is the telecom products.If you look at any top 5 telecom company, the market share is good but the growth rate too is good. Thus because these two factors are high, the telecom companies are always in competitive mode and they have to juggle between investment and harvesting vis invest money and taking out money time to time. Unlike cash cows, Stars cannot be complacent when they are top on because they can right off be overtaken by another company which capitalizes on the market growth rate. However, if the strategies are successful, a Star can become a cash cow in the long run.Just like the products from HUL like Hair Care products, Skin Care products, Premium Soaps & Laundry products, Deodorants and its lately release brand Water (PureIt) Strategies for Stars All types of marketing, sales promotion and advertising strategies are used for Stars. This is because in cash cow, already these strategies have been used and they have resulted in the formation of a cash cow. Similarly in Stars, because of the high competition and rising marke t share, the concentration and investment needs to be high in marketingactivities so as to addition and retain market share. ) Question Marks Several times, a company big businessman come up with an innovative product which immediately gains good growth rate. However the market share of such a product is unknown. The product might lose customer interest and might not be bought any more(prenominal) in which case it impart not gain market share, the growth rate leave go down and it will finally become a Dog. On the other hand, the product might increase customer interest and more and more people might buy the product thus making the product a high market share product. From here the product can move on to be a Cash Cow as it has lower competition and high market share.Thus Question marks are products which may give high returns but at the same time may also bout and may have to be taken out of the market. This uncertainty gives the quadrant the name Question Mark. The major pro blem associated with having Question marks is the amount of investment which it might need and whether the investment will give returns in the end or whether it will be completely wasted. Processed foods and Color Cosmetics are few of the Question Marks for HUL since it is very rare found in the market due to the drive that it is not giving results as much expected in the consumer market today.Strategies for Question marks As they are new entry products with high growth rate, the growth rate needs to be capitalized in such a manner that enquiry marks turn into high market share products. raw(a) Customer acquisition strategies are the best strategies for converting Question marks to Stars or Cash cows. Furthermore, time to time market research also helps in determining consumer psychology for the product as well as the possible future of the product and a hard decision might have to be taken if the product goes into negative profitability. ) Dogs Products are classified as dogs wh en they have low market share and low growth rate. Thus these products neither generate high amount of cash nor require higher investments. However, they are considered as negative profitability products mainly because the money already invested in the product can be used somewhere else. Thus over here businesses have to take a decision whether they should divest these products or they can revamp them and thereby make them saleable again which will subsequently increase the market share of the product. Dogs for HUL are its Sea Products which is definitely and alarm for HUL to kill it.Strategies for Dogs Depending on the amount of cash which is already invested in this quadrant, the company can either divest the product altogether or it can revamp the product through rebranding / innovation / adding features etc. However, moving a dog towards a leading or a cash cow is very difficult. It can be moved only to the question mark region where again the future of the product is unknown. Thus in cases of Dog products, divestment strategy are used. Sequences in BCG Matrix pic Success Sequence in BCG Matrix The Success rank of BCG matrix happens when a question mark becomes a Star and finally it becomes a cash cow.This is the best sequence which sincerely gives a boost to the companys profits and growth. The success sequence unlike the misadventure sequence is entirely dependent on the right decision making. disaster sequence in BCG Matrix Disaster sequence of BCG matrix happens when a product which is a cash cow, due to competitive pressure might be moved to astar. It fails out from the competition and it is moved to a question mark and finally it may have to be divested because of its low market share and low growth rate. Thus the disaster sequence might happen because of wrong decision making.This sequence affects the company as a good deal of investments are lost to the divested product. Along with this the money coming in from the cash cow which is used for other products too is lost. Results on the strategies for HUL based on the BCG Matrix. There are four strategies possible for any product / SBU and these are the strategies which are used after the BCG analysis. These strategies are 1) Build By increasing investment, the product is given over an impetus such that the product increases its market share. ExamplePushing a Question mark into a Star and finally a cash cow (Success sequence) ) Hold The company cannot invest or it has other investment commitments due to which it holds the product in the same quadrant. Example Holding a star there itself as higher investment to move a star into cash cow is currently not possible. 3) Harvest Best spy in the Cash cow scenario, wherein the company reduces the amount of investment and tries to take out maximum cash flow from the said product which increases the overall profitability. 4) Divest Best observed in case of Dog quadrant products which are generally divested to release the amount o f money already stuck in the business.