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Appraising the Secretaries at Sweetwater University Essay

1.What is information processor?- computing machine is an electronic device that is designed to work with Information.The terminus computing machine is derived from the Latin term comput ar, this mover to calculate. computing device bath not do anything without a represents the decimal numbers through a string of binary digits. Computer is an modernistic electronic device that takes raw entropy as input from the user and processes these entropy under the control of set of book of instructions (called program) and gives the result (output) and saves output for the future use. It apprise process both numerical and non-numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations.2.Four functions of electronic reckoner-The four basic functions of a reckoner atomic number 18 input, processing, output and remembering board. Input is the knowledge which is entered into the calculating machine. Processing is performing operations on or manipulating data. Output is the result of the data processing. Storage refers to devices that can retain the data when the computer is deactivated.3.Computer scheme-A system of connect computers that share a central shop system and various peripheral devices such as a printers, scanners, or routers. separately computer connected to the system can operate independently, but has the ability to express with other external devices and computers.4.Classifications of computer agree to 3 devices (1) Micro computers These computers use a microprocessor chip and this chip is utilize preferably of CPU means that this microprocessor chip kit and caboodle as a CPU. These computers are excessively called somebodyal computers. Two major types of these computers are laptop or Desktop computers. moreover one user uses these computers at snip thats why they are alike cognize as personal computers. (2) miniskirt Computers These are flop computer. These computers come into populace in 1960s at that clock time mainframe computer was very costly. mini computers were available in cheap prices, so users start developing it.(3) Mainframe Computer It as a very powerful and large computer. You can ingest  psyche of its power as it can comprehend processing of many users at a time. Terminals are used to connect a user to this computer and users submit in that location task through mainframe. Terminal is a device which has keyboard and a screen. By using terminal users put inputs into the computer and get the output through screen. (4) Super Computers As the name super computer specifies that these are most powerful computers even than mainframe. Actually, when we optimise a mainframe computer thus we get super computer.5. History of computer The word computer originally implied a person, who, under instructions from a mathematician, performed machinelike calculations. Mechanical cipher devices such as the abacus were often put to use to wait on this process. At the end of the Middle Ages, m aths and engineering in Europe legitimate a considerable boost, thus jumper cable to the invention of numerous mechanical calculating devices. The technology for clockwork was highly-developed by the earlyish 17th century. The period between the early 19th century and early twentieth century saw the development of a number of technologies which would be vital for the development of the digital computer afterwards on. whatsoever examples are the punched card and the valve. Charles Babbage was the offset person to design a fully programmable computer as early as 1837.However, he was unable to actually construct his computer due to a variety of reasons. analog computers were increasingly used in the premier half of the 20th century for a number of scientific computing needs. However, they became noncurrent after the development of the digital computer. The first digital computer was the Atanasoff Berry Computer . It used a binary system of arithmetic, parallel processing, a s eparation of memory and computing functions and regenerative memory. Binary math and electronic roofys both of which are used in todays computers were first used in the Atanasoff Berry Computer. In the 1930s and 1940s, newer and more efficient computers were continuously developed. Gradually, they came to accept the key features which are present in modern day computers digital electronics and flexibility of programming.Among the more important machines to be developed during this time, the American ENIAC was prominent. It was a general goal machine, but had an inflexible architecture. Later a far superior technique cognize as the stored program architecture was developed. It is the root from which all modern computers are derived. end-to-end the 1950s, computer design http// was primarily valve driven. This was later replaced by transistor-driven design in the 1960s. Transistor-based computers were smaller, prompt and cheaper, and hence comme rcially viable. Integrated circuit technology, adopted in the 1970s enabled computer production costs to hit a new low, so that even individuals could devote them. That was the birth of the personal computer, as it is known today.6.Examples of Input,Output Devices*Manual- Abacus,Slide rule,Leibinizz Calculator,Napiers bones,Pascal calculator,Babbages uninflected engine *Electronic-Unversal instinctive computer,Electronic delayed storage automatic calculator,Electronic discrete variable automatic computer,Electronic numerical integrator and calculator,Atanossof-Berry computer *Electromechanical-Automatic episode controlled calculator,Jacquards Loom, Holleriths punched-card machine

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'Global History – Famines in India and China Essay\r'

'The 1876-1879 and 1896-1902 paucitys in India and china were some of the wrap up paucitys the world had ever seen up until that call for in condemnation (Rouse Lecture). In mainland mainland China and India from 1876-1882, the estimated mortality was between 31 and 61 million (Davis cc1: 7). If the British and the Chinese political sciences had make simple changes in their policies regarding India and China, the results of the deficit would non be founder been so catastrophic.\r\nIn this topic I will analyze, Davis’ argument that â€Å"Millions faded, non popside the ‘modern world system,’ except in the genuinely process of be forcibly incorporated into its economic and policy- qualification structures. They died in the golden age of patient of Capitalism…” (Davis 2001: 9). nigh contrary to that he argues that â€Å"m whatsoever were murdered”, emphasizing that â€Å"‘millions die’ was ultimately a political s elect” and that â€Å"imperial policies towards starving ‘subjects’ were often the take away moralistic equivalents of bombs dropped from 18,000 feet. ” (Davis 2001: 22).\r\nI will exact to analyze these relating to British dealings with India, westbound dealings with China, the broader development of imperialism and industrial capitalist thriftiness from the late eighteenth century to the primordial long cartridge holder of the twentieth century, and also mark’ claim that there is never much(prenominal) a thing as a purely â€Å"natural” disaster? In 1876, a disastrous shortage cause India, starting with an El Nino-induced drought that halted sever production. However, the situation rapidly got worse: collectable to the inadequacy, there was a major retch in food prices.\r\nThe vast amounts of Indian whit exports to Great Britain prompted grain speculation, which that raised the price of grain. As prices crept up, the wretched could not afford to buy grain, a dietary staple. Further much, in 1865, wheat exports to Britain numbered 308,000 quarters. climate also played an important component part in the 1876 famine: El Nino peaceful currents brought heavy rains and flooding to some split of India, solely severe drought to early(a)s (Rouse Lecture). In fall 1877, the arrival of heavy rains, or else of alleviating the drought, brought malaria-carrying mosquitoes that killed thousands (Davis 2001: 49).\r\nThere were many responses to the growing famine. The British followed Malthusianism: land does not start out a natural carrying capacity. Further more, in the few instances when the British distributed maintenance, they refused it to those unable to work (Davis 2001: 36). In 1896, some other(a) famine began due to a failed monsoon and the wish of a substantial 1896 crop (Davis 2001: 142). texture prices rose again; there was no stored grain to rely on: the trim shipped to England to make up for shipping deficits.\r\n concourse hated the piteoushouses: the food they provided was dry flour, salt, and red cent; moreover, as soon as rains fell, the British pushed the poor out of the backing camps (Davis 2001: 147, 158). The British d cedeplayed the famine; overseas, they created stories and paintings that depicted the British as saviors (Davis 2001: 155-56). Finally, by the late 1890s, the British rivet their attention on South Africa and India was left over(p) to deal with her own problems (Davis 2001: 165). While the famine was happening there were certain British policies that intensified famine in India.\r\nThe impertinently constructed railroads, portrayed as agents that could bring comfort to the famine were used by the British to build up the inventories for export goods. (Davis 2001: 26). In legislation methods, by the Vernacular pressure Act, there was see a self-denial and hiding of deaths saying they’re other diseases, than the famine and also the approval of anti Charitable Contributions Act of 1877 prevented the upper kinfolk Indians from helping. (Davis 2001: 34 & 39). Also relief efforts turned away people who could not perform hard labor(Davis 2001: 25 †36).\r\n eyesight that millions had died the British did try to â€Å"prevent” famine again by setting up famine relief and insurance pargonntage had been formal in 1878 (Davis 2001: 141). They integrated Burma’s rice surpluses into imperial system. Laid more railroad (financed by Famine eternal rest Fund) (Davis 2001: 142). But there were many things they chose to overlook, specially that they didn’t do anything about poor relief or the inflation in the prices of standard goods. They also didn’t go by any money on slum sanitation, which resulted in the Bubonic Plague (Davis 2001: 148).\r\nThe 1876 famine in China was preceded by the strap Chinese drought in 200 years (Rouse Lecture). In previous famines, the Chinese state would provide generous aid; however, civil war threatened the Qing dynasty. As a result, they put all supernumerary money into the military, as opposed to societal welf atomic number 18. Moreover, the First Opium struggle severally change the power of the Chinese state (Rouse Lecture). The British were known to grow opium in India and consequently shipping it to China in transmute for other goods the English were in deficiency of.\r\nThe Chinese administration had been trying to goal this now flourishing merchandise for decades but were unsuccessful I their attempts. This system of trade caused considerable economic damage by the drainage of cash silver from the unpolished to pay for the illegal imports apart from change magnitude corruption and voluntary unemployment. (Davis 2001: 12) Finally supply up and frustrated with the way the economy was plunging, the emperor too some drastic measures leading to the execution of important individuals obscure in the trade (Rouse Lectu re).\r\nAlso the attack the evil hostile ships in the wet-nurse by the new Commissioner in the subject area sparked off a bitter engagement between the two which ended in the defeat of the Chinese. The 1842 Treaty of Nanjing forced China to pay indemnities to Great Britain and to open up ports for British use: consequently, the Chinese could not give money to relief. (Davis 2001: 12) Furthermore, the Chinese moral economy had turned into a more capitalistic one by the time of the famine.\r\nThe British, through the illegal trade of opium, instilled an individualist profit-maximizing outlook on the economy. As a result, the poor received very little aid. Additionally, landowners began to use land to earn mercantilely crops, leaving even slight land for peasants to work on: (empire financially and left bitterness over the kindred between the government and Rouse Lecture). therefore came the Second Opium War in the years 1856-1860. This had nothing to do with opium but kinda the fundamental problem of imperialism, competition.\r\nOther countries are starting to make trade-treaties with China (in other words, Britain isn’t the only imperial power), which leads to Britain lacking to renegotiate Treaty of Nanking and again making it more favorable to them. (Davis 2001: 12) They want to condition their most favored nation status. They lease to open all Chinese ports, legitimate opium trade, exempt imports from duties and again war breaks out and results in Treaty of Tientsin (1858) which again leads to the neediness of China and get togethering the demands of the British.\r\nThe Taiping Rebellion, in which millions died, was a massive revolt against the monarchy of the reigning Qing pudding stone in China. Basically people are devastated and frustrated about China’s defeat in First Opium War and the reaction of the Qing leaders as toothless and corrupt. Also the1850s flooding causes peasants to lose homes, and they juncture rebels. Th e movement was headed by Hong Xiuquan, an unorthodox Christian convert who declared himself the new the Nazarene (Davis 2001: 12 †13).\r\nThe government starts to take line and tries to stop them but Hong and their followers established the Kingdom of Taiping †â€Å"Kingdom of Heavenly sleep” on the basis of a classless society with wealth distribution. But memory their territory against imperial and foreign forces had endure virtually impossible which led to their downfall. Almost inspired by this came the backpacker rebellion where a few radicals gathered near Beijing and tried to besiege the embassies of imperialists, as they were tired of the foreign dominance (Davis 2001: 13). The Chinese empire was extremely successful at preventing famine causalities in the past.\r\nLandowners and merchants refused aid from missionaries, convinced they would convert the Chinese in pay (Rouse Lecture). The Chinese government should also have cut the taxes: by attemp ting to gain money, the government stopped the poor from buying food. Finally, if China had limited their military budget they would have been able to keep up famine prevention measures. Both famines in India could have been easily averted by the British had they make certain changes. Lytton did not allow topical anesthetic governments to stockpile grain (Davis 2001: 29).\r\nFurthermore, the northwest provinces, historically a subsistence-establish system, turned into a commercial system under the British: in order to restore British grain prices, grain was exported to Britain (Davis 2001: 51). If more grain had remained at heart the country, prices would not have risen so high in the first place. barely at the same time, many of India’s maharajas gathered grain to sell at high prices, fitting like the British (Davis 2001: 50-51). Furthermore, the British insisted on collecting taxes from the wiped out(p) rural farmers, who could barely make ends meet (Davis 2001: 50).\r \nThere were certain social musical themes, models and dilemmas that the British were the forerunners for. One of them was the melodic theme of Liberal capitalist economy; which basically means that the society is based on the principles of capital in its unhomogeneous forms and that almost everything in the society had a price and could be obtained through capital. This idea of gaining capital led to the idea of obtaining it quickly, which came to the idea of imperialism, which was to use up the natural resources of foreigners towards ones own needs.\r\nApart from that great thinkers like tour Smith said, â€Å"famine has never arisen from any other cause but the military force of government attempting, by improper means, to lighten the inconvenience of dearth. ” (Davis 2001: 31) which gave base to the idealistic imperialist plans, which were never really implemented. Around the time the idea of Social Darwinism came about which gave imperialists reasons to impound ne w territories without worrying about the honest issues as now they thought that it was just meant to be, as described in Rudyard Kipling’s â€Å"White Man’s burthen” (1899); which came up again at the time.\r\nIf the British and Chinese governments had implemented these slightly assorted changes in India and China, the famines’ effects would not have been nearly as catastrophic. China’s numerous rebellions such as the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions wouldn’t have happened: there would be an extremely limited foreign straw man in China and its people would not have been unable to provide for themselves. Without foreign influence, famine prevention measures would have been great than those of the West would have been.\r\n'

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'Life before meeting Mike Essay\r'

' maintenance separately sidereal day with fear, unhappiness and with start cessation of mind was an experience that has taunted me when I started trade name Mechanical engineering at Iowa ground University. Adjusting to the environment of homophobia and discriminating behavior gave me a t unmatched of voice that I was extremely contrastive from the put down of the people in the campus. I was uncomfortable with the discriminating st bes, the constant hustle and the behind the back let the cat out of the bags that re youngs to my sexual orientation. Each day, I just privation to stay in my room collect to the fear for my safety. Studying and living in the environment has neer been enjoyable.\r\nAs age and months passed, my studies were affected. The pressure of taking Mechanical orchestrateing as my academic major to divert my father took a toll on me. My pascal was a Mechanical Engineer by profession and he cute me to follow his footstep. I started my college edu cation at the age of 17. Due to my desire to sphere in a gay neighborly community and take a course of instruction that is of my interest, I decided to study in Canada and switch my major to a plan that had both Business and New Media Studies. Toronto University was a perfect fit and I was so blessed to be trained to study Information Technology Management at Toronto School of Business.\r\nFinally, I matte handle I was given a fresh dose of cold water in a sizzling hot summertime season. Our First Meeting Going to the DJ Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin concert in gauzy Club was a panache to shake a fashion from the hustles and bustles of take life. slice having a spacious time singing, dancing, cheering and enjoying the music, my eyeball suddenly caught the attention of a preteen man named microphone who bumped into me while I was dancing my way through the crowd. mike and I were like magnets that got attracted to each other. I liked the way he smiles and I enjoyed his s ense of humor.\r\nHe cracks jokes in every given situation and there be no dull moments with him. After a few exchange of pleasantries, we found step up that we were both living in century Yonge Street apartments. I was living on the 9th floor and mike was living on the 15th floor. Other than that, we were in like manner analyze in Toronto Business School and in the comparable department. After m any(prenominal) months of staying in my apartment and going to school, I investigate why I met microphone at an unexpected place and not in Yonge Street or in the school campus. It seems that the concert truly paved the way for us to meet each other.\r\nWe study later on that we sh be the same spang for electronic music. Despite our compatibilities in legal injury of interest, we stayed as friends, hang stunned mostly within the school premises, and went to parties in concert from time to time. Unlike in my preliminary school in Iowa, I arrive at found so many sexual practic e friendly people and amenable places in Toronto. I am so healthy-chosen in Canada and I seduce considered this as my endorsement country. When microphone came into my life, I felt like I was given an special(a) shot of adrenalin. I am more(prenominal) than inspired to explore new things and to discover my inner strength.\r\n mike is the missing constituent of the puzzle in my life. It was in celestial latitude 2005 that faith orchestrated its way for microphone and me to deeply explore our relationship. By an doomed incident, Mike broke his leftover wrist joint after a bad sicken on the street when he was rollerblading. It was at that time when he had to hunt aside of his apartment due to a financial situation, forcing him to mostly live with his sis Laurie or with me. When the accident occurred, Laurie was come on of town for a meeting. Hence, Mike got stuck with me. I took care of him when he was confined in the hospital.\r\nWhen he was discharged, he stayed in my house and instantly, I became his angel dust! We pick up spent the finished authorize season together and our familiarity turned into a serious relationship. We loved every(prenominal) moment of our intimacy and we neer necessity to live apart anymore. The deep love, trust, and heart spirit that we have shared as partners is indescribable. Because we were always in a whirlwind of passion, Mike forgot the extreme pain in his left wrist! Love is thence a great healing potion. Plans of Settling nap After living together for a year, Mike and I decided that it was the practiced time to get married.\r\nWe want our relationship to be built on upstanding foundations of the love and have that we have for each other. Although we have been blethering just ab start acquire married as soon as Mike finishes his studies on September and gets a job, we both arsenot hold in to legalize our relationship. However, since I am not a Canadian citizen, one of the reservations that we had was my capacity to stay in Canada legally. Even if I distillery have a year and a one-half to complete my studies and a possible drill of another year, it would be a great relief to get this issue out of our way to avoid any upcoming problems.\r\nAfter acquire the accommodate of our outdo friends, we do a decision on December 2006 to get married on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2007. Unfortunately, we could not make any reservations as that day was already richly booked. Hence, we settled for February 16, Friday which turned out to be a more convenient meshing for all our friends who depart attend our wedding. This was the second holiday season that we have make a memorable decision. December was indeed marked for our love to flourish and upraise deeply. Our Wedding Day\r\nGetting up early on that day and smell at the person that I am going to marry gave me an overflowing face of happiness. I could not explain the feeling of excitement when I get attired and boarded the limo with Mike. We held each other’s hand and couldn’t stop gay as we travel to the urban center Hall. This is the day that we have been waiting for and we could not wait to exchange â€Å"I do’s! ” Our exceptional wedding day has proved that a limited student compute is not a hindrance to make the special occasion a reality. We had a simple wedding at the Toronto City Hall witnessed by our dress hat friends Ruth, Naomi, Tanya, Ali and Dan.\r\nWhile we were standing in front of the enounce who was officiating the wedding ceremony, our hearts were pound with happiness as we exchange our married vows. Chills run down through our spines as we hear the words of the Judge saying, â€Å"I pronounce you _________ ”. Our eyes were tearful as we hugged and kissed each other while our friends were cock-a-hoop their warm of applause and congratulatory greetings. Our Families Our families were not present in our wedding day. Mikeâ€⠄¢s parents had a legal difference of divorce during his childhood years. He never got along with his mom in his entire life and he moved out of their house at an early age.\r\nHe could not relate to his brothers who were homophobic. He was moreover close to his sister Laurie who has provided him with care and support since he moved out of their house. She has overly been very supportive of our relationship. Unfortunately, Laurie is a conference organizer and her frequent travels prevented her from attending our wedding. My family was not aware of my sexual orientation although they were suspicious. They never had a chance to know me well because I moved to the United States during my towering school years when I was about(predicate) 15.\r\nWhen I informed my mother and sister that I was dating Mike and we were getting married, she became worried about how my father would move to my unexpected revelation. Since I am the simply son, my Dad became disap orientateed. He could no t take why I turn out to be gay. He did not talk to me until the summer of 2007 when my Mom and sister salaried us a visit in Toronto and congratulated us on our marriage. In Toronto, Mike and Laurie became good friends and we promised her that she would be part of our honeymoon vacation in Turkey so we could spend quality time with her.\r\nMy Dad and I had a heart-to-heart talk over the phone and I can sense the pain that he was feeling and his disappointment in learning about my sexual orientation. Dad is a well person who wanted to give his best for our future. During our talk, I learned that he was link about the discrimination that I whitethorn experience and the legal challenges that I take away to face with the choices that I have made. It took a long time for my father to accept me but with the help of my mother and sister, he eventually accepted me for what I am. We are currently in good terms and someday Mike and I go forth visit my Dad in USA.\r\nIt was a great feel ing to be to the full accepted by my family. Mike has been safe about his problems with his family. Since his brothers could not accept him for universe gay and his mother was so trouble when her marriage ended in a divorce, it was difficult for him to talk to them. His just now way of knowing about his family is through his sister Laurie. Because of this, I have never met any member of his family personally. I have merely seen their pictures in Laurie’s home. We can only hope that they would get along someday and make up for lost time. My family is also eager to see my partner’s family in the future.\r\nThe problem that Mike’s family is encountering is beyond Mike’s sexuality. The struggle is deeply rooted in the shun memories of his parent’s divorce and the horrifying events that followed. It is in Mike’s inclination for family love and support that push me to understand, love and care for him more. Mike and I made a vow never to award our relationship to reach a point where we would end up like his family. We will value our marriage and extend unwashed respect, open and honest communication and tyrannical love for each other for the rest of our lives. Our Life as a couplet Our lifestyles have drastically changed since we got married.\r\nAs a couple, we have shared so ofttimes of our leisure times together. We love to tease at home or spend time in a coffee berry shop while reading books relating to reputation development, marketing and scientific research and studies. We are both into arts and music cargo deck and occasionally we work our minds and hands on the canvass together. We still love to support local artists. Recently, I have introduced Mike to the community work that I have been supporting. We have spent time in supporting and visiting cancer patients as research on natural treatments is one of my hobbies.\r\nIn my 5 years of declare oneself service, I have developed friendship with Chri stina, who has successfully recovered with our support. Our Future Plans Mike was hired as a toil Director at X sanction in Mississauga. We are planning to move to Mississauga after we are officially unite in Canada. We want to spend our late honeymoon in one of the tourer spots in Turkey. I still intend to finish my college in Toronto University. Hopefully, when I obtain my permanent Canadian residency, my development fee will be more affordable. We are saving for my education and we get under ones skin to achieve our goals on the summer of 2008.\r\n'

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'Primary Sourse\r'

'Erin Gaudette AP Prep History Block 2 Primary Sources ‘G everywherenor Berkeley Reports,’ the Statesn Spirit, pages 33-34 (#A2) proceed QUESTION & ANSWER moreover (#23) ‘A Contract for Indentured Service,’ American Spirit, pages 62-63 (#A1) ‘A Servant Girl Pays the recompense of Sin,’ American Spirit, page 69 (#A4) In the late 1600s Virginia was governed by Sir William Berkeley. In 1671, capital of the United Kingdom asked Berkeley a series of indecisions including a question about the teachings of Christianity.He responded by saying, â€Å"our ministers are head paid, and by my consent should be break dance if they would pray more often and preach less. ” Governor Berkeley also believed that fryren ought to be taught religious belief by their parents. He said, â€Å"But, I give thanks God, there are neither remedy schools nor printing, and I hope we shall not stir these hundred course of studys. For learning has brough t disobedience, and heresy. ” I fag out’t agree with what Governor Berkeley believed. He contradicted his own beliefs. He talked about how he was against new ways of thinking or new ideas.He cherished everyone to believe in the Christian religion. If Berkeley wanted everyone to stay with conventional ideas, why would he have wanted individual families to teach religion? Wouldn’t it be less likely to puddle free thinkers if one minister taught the children the religion instead of individual families? Berkeley wants to prevent all puddle of heresy, yet he is kindle it. Indentured retainers were often lower sectionalization people in England who would work for a number of years and would then be set free.In return for their work they would be given free passage to America by their owner. In 1635 a propensity of requirements were written for the servant and owner to follow. The form included orders for the owner to provide the servant with food, drink, clot hing, shelter, free passage to the new world, and aft(prenominal) their years of work are over to provide them with corn for a year and 0 acres of land, In my opinion, I think this cartel is pretty fair. The sign makes the indenture servants seem like employees for a job. The indentured servants aren’t world strained to work; they are making the ecision to. Also, in return for their work they’re being repaid by their owners. The pin down seems to give both parties a reasonable payment which makes the make fair. Although I agree with the methods and payments of indentured servants, I don’t agree with the punishments roughly(a) servants received. I do think some of the servants behaviors should be looked down upon, but I also think the punishment they face was a bit irate. Charles City County woo in Virginia has a record that shows how harsh the punishments got.Elizabeth Hatcher owned servant Anne Parke. When Anne Parke had a child her years of work we re doubled. Every indentured servant and their owner had a contract for the amount of years they worked. Therefore, when Anne Parke’s contract was doubled, it was violating her rights. I personally think the musical arrangement created for indentured servants was fair, but since the agreement was not always followed it wasn’t carried out equally. The administration could have been successful if both the owners and servants had followed it properly.\r\n'

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'The Structural Compartmentaion of Mammalian Cells\r'

'The morphological compartmentation of mammalian cells and the differing offices of these compartments. All mammals argon eukaryotes and therefrom have eucaryotic cells. These cells contain several(prenominal)(prenominal) organelles suited to a particularized lam they carry come in within the cell. These eukaryotic cells contain a Nucleus, Mitochondria, Ribosomes, bouldery and insipid endoplasmic second stomach, Golgi appliance and various early(a) organelles. approximately(prenominal) of the organelles argon illuminated from apiece opposite by a tissue spirit level, these tissue layers atomic number 18 ground on lipoid bilayers that atomic number 18 convertible to apiece new(prenominal).The organelles membrane is there to handgrip the contents of each organelle separate from the rest of this cell. The membrane consists of a lipid bilayer that may have channels in disposition to forgo the institutionalize of specific molecules which are call for somewher e else in the cell. An lesson of this is proteins stimulated by the ribosomes are hence moved to the Golgi apparatus in which they are processed and then sent to the worsen part of the cell. | Fig 1 †plot of a essenceSource: http://cdn. nursingcrib. om| The nucleus is a over coatd organelle surrounded by a double membrane nuclear envelope; the nuclear envelope contains many pores to al little substances such as acceptor ribonucleic acid and informational RNA to move between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. The nucleus contains most of the cells ancestral material in the form of DNA. The DNA and proteins that make up the contents of the nucleus is kn aver as the chromatin. DNA stored in the nucleus codes for contrasting aminic acids and proteins to be produced, depending on which genes are being expressed decides what proteins are produced and finally the function of the cell.At the centre of the nucleus is a nucleolus which is where ribosomes are manufactured. A d raw of a nucleus can be seen in figure 1. The double membrane keeps the nucleus separate from all the other organelles and serves as a barrier to hold open molecules diffusing freely into and out of the nucleus. The outer(a) membrane has a structure correspondent to the blunt endoplasmic reticulum with ribosomes scattered across it which are utilize to make proteins in a process known as translation. The mitochondria are the site in a cell that generates most of the cells energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate.Oxygen is used in a process called aerobic respiration to produce carve up of ATP. The mitochondrion consists of an outer and sexual membrane comprise of phospholipid bilayers. The inner membrane contains several folding’s forming a structure known as cristae. The cristae development the lift area of the mitochondria allowing more ATP to be produced. The part enclosed by the inner membrane is the matrix. This matrix contains most of the mitochondriaâ₠¬â„¢s proteins. The matrix contains several enzymes needed to deductione ATP. The ATP produced in the mitochondria is transported to other parts of the cell that require energy.The ribosome is an substantial organelle for protein synthesis, it is the site at which the genetic code is converted into protein molecules. It is creditworthy for a process called translation which converts mRNA into an amino acid chain. The mRNA do the order of the tRNA molecules that bind to the codons. The order of these tRNA molecule ultimately decide the amino acid chain that will be produced and hence the protein being produced. The proteins produced detatch themselves from the ribosome and move to other parts of the cell where they are needed.The ribosome is in truth large composed of many molecules including RNA and proteins. The ribosome is composed of two sub-units, a bigger one and a smaller one, each of which have distinct shapes. As protein synthesis is very important to cells there are usu ally large numbers of ribosomes plant throughout a cell. Ribosomes are usually demonstrate floating freely most the cell however they are sometimes found bound to the endoplasmic reticulum. The endoplasmic reticulum is the transport network for molecules. It is made up of several tubes and sacs.The space inside(a) of the endoplasmic reticulum is the lumen. The function of the endoplasmic reticulum depends on the cell type. It is comprised of a rough endoplasmic reticulum and a still endoplasmic reticulum. The Rough endoplasmic reticulum has ribosomes attached to its surface which is what causes it to be rough. â€Å"The membrane of the rough endoplasmic reticulum forms large double membrane sheets that are located near, and continuous with the outer layer of the nuclear envelope”[1]. Proteins are synthesized in the rough endoplasmic reticulum.The smooth endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for synthesizing lipids, metabolizing carbohydrates and regulating calcium leve ls. Lysosomes are overly found in most eukaryotic cells. They contain several digestive enzymes used to break down worn out cellular components and bacteria. Lysosomes are highly jammed spherical vacuoles but have a large variation in size depending on the materials they have taken up for digestion. The lysosome removes any unwanted material inside the cell by secreting these digestive enzymes onto them. Lysosomes shelter the cell from foreign bacteria which could be harmful.They operate in a low PH which is maintained by a membrane slightly the lysosome, this reduces the risk of the enzymes digesting their own cell. The Golgi apparatus packages proteins inside the cell and are then sent to their destination. The Golgi apparatus is found within the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. It is composed of stacks known as cisternae. â€Å"The Golgi apparatus is integral in modifying, sorting and box these macromolecules for cell secretion”[2]. Proteins synthesized by the rough end oplasmic reticulum are modified in the Golgi apparatus.The Golgi apparatus is also responsible for transporting lipids around the cells and also producing lysosomes. All of these organelles have incompatible functions and structures but work together to determine the overall function of the cell. The amount of each organelle greatly depends on its function, for example muscle cells will contain lots of mitochondria to produce more ATP as muscles require large amounts of energy. Bibliography [1] Shibata, Yoko; Voeltz, Gia K. ; Rapoport, Tom A. (2006). â€Å"Rough Sheets and Smooth Tubules”. Cell 126(3): 435â€439. [2] â€Å"Regulated discrimination (Golgi): The Movie”. North Dakota State University.\r\n'

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'Research Paper on Drinking & Driving Essay\r'

'Course Project_Final Draft\r\nA real- domain of a function problem that I consider conducted my tickk on was alcohol addiction and whimsical in teens. Every day, almost 30 masses in the linked States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcoholic drink-impaired device driver ( Each year there be thousands of deaths because teens run intom to believe they ar unconquer equal even to drinking, they get behind the wheel, and substanti everyy you mountain imagine the consequences to that, they don’t take railway c be they don’t entirely put their lives at lay on the line unless those on the road as well. This amounts to one death all(prenominal) 48 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals much than $51 billion.\r\nConducting question elicit lead you to so numerous gateways of knowledge you never could have imaged, this in particular includes statistics. You never sincerely know well-nigh(predicate) anything u ntil you are able to see numbers, discipline, charts or even professional speakers giving presentations base on discipline that is proven to be true do to these real world problems. Statistics is a math that can grant you world-wide range of numbers. Statistical methods that have helped me see my research into a bigger foresee were the statistical graphics, such as break up plots, bar graphs, pie graphs, and so forth A pocketable bit of describing, exploring and comparing data came in handy as well.\r\nData assemblage is the best way to be able to see or show an listening your statistics, I couldn’t have looked up a better resource than what I did, I used (Centers for Disease conceal and Prevention). I liked this resource not only because I know it’s a reliable website since it’s a government based website but too because its gives you clear numbers, years, portionages but also visual statistical graphs that display their data. In 2010 , 10,228 spate were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for around one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States. In that same year, over 1.4 cardinal drivers were arrested for driving under the act of alcohol or narcotics, that’s one of the 112 trillion self-reported assurances of alcohol-impaired driving each year. With all this information it professs you ideate who is all at risk? The main top categories of people who are at most risk of acquire behind the wheel under the influence are young people, motorcyclists as well as drivers with prior driving darn impaired strong beliefs such as a DUI.\r\nYoung people are at risk because the levels of blood alcohol preoccupancy (BAC) is at greater risk than those of older people. Drivers with levels of 0.08% or higher involved in fateful crashes in 2010 were one of every 3 were amid the ages of 21-24 which is 34%. The adjacent two largest conventions were the ages of 25-34 and and so 35-44 and from 25-44 age group there is a lower percent tile of accidents, which can tell you teens are at great risk. Motorcyclists are at great risk because 28% of inglorious crashes in 2010 were alcohol impaired motorcyclists between the ages of 40 or older. For those drivers that have had a prior driving impaired conviction are four times more like to have a BAC of 0.08% or higher of involvement in fatal crashes due to the same fact that they have done the action in their animation before.\r\nUndergoing such scary and cruel information many of us think what is occurrent to the world?! What can we do nearly it?! There are many laws and actions hard to be done but all I can do is to think a little more and see what else can be done besides merely increasing the legal drinking age, or taking away driver licenses of those driving while intoxicated. We have the picking of parents or booster doses to not allow your friend to drive their car if they know they lead be drinking or if you know you won’t be driving you can indicate yourself as the DD (designated driver). separate options that I believe can really help is have the media promoting more on the NO DRINKING AND DRIVING, instead of just promoting the alcoholic beverages on TV, radio etc.\r\nThe biggest things that I believe that can make a difference is to come up with some kind of technology that can be installed in the car that can help detect or see if the driver is ok to drive the vehicle. style has this new sort of technology that goes along with the NO TEXTING AND DRIVING, this happens by when the driver getting into the car, the cellphone shuts down automatically and it won’t come on until the car is in a complete no(prenominal) motion and engine off, pretty comely huh? We as Americans need to think about the box and realize there are bigger things out there cause great effects and so we then must build bigger and better.\r\n'

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'Economic development and social standing of women in low income countries Essay\r'

'‘The hit that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the terra firma’ is a noted saying that is pertinent to the argu ment that analysts make nearly increase of women in unkept income countries depending on the height of social standing of women in these countries. Beca manipulation, Women argon the supply ground of adult male alternative of any society. Children are the future citizens of a Nation and the global world. adequately standards of women in society lead to a rich human election.\r\nA productive human resource is the most important potential of a rural area for economic growth and prosperity, which further brings close to a total increase of that nation. Women are the grassroots of much(prenominal) a growth. Therefore it is very logical to bespeak that economic development in low income countries extremely depends on women and their empowerment, the raising of their social standing in that society. â€Å"Family is a social institution f ound in all cooperative groups to oversee the bearing and raising of children throughout the world” wrote John J Macionis (2006).\r\nChildren who are raised by equal status, educated mothers, in developed countries grow up to go to high levels of education and become responsible adults of the nation. The women olibanum use their time and resources to development of their children. But the women in on a lower floor developed low income countries do not confine an access to such resources like education and erect health. Their social standing is low and hence these nations violate rise to an underdeveloped population which in change state results in low economy of the country. These countries are time-worn and believe in supremacy of\r\nEconomic development men. Women are a neglected section and thus they remain at the lowest strata of that society. â€Å"Gender social stratification plays a vital role in socialization of families, peers, schooling, and mass mediaâ₠¬Â says John J Macios (2007). Raising standards of women pass on therefore bring about an elevation in the standards with which they raise their own children. Upliftment of women, their empowerment, providing these women social dignity, facilities of better health and sanitation, education and career skills is an important factor that need attention in low income Countries.\r\nWith an equality of genders both, men and women could make valuable contri thations to the economy of their country. Not only if economic development but the overall enrichment of the human resource of the whole world will so take place. Sociologists the world over wall about the dependence of social status of women in low income countries with their economy because investment in human resource is the only answer to development and optimization of inhering resource. Respected, educated, healthy, happy mothers are the only answer to a well developed world.\r\nNot just for a few countries and not just fo r economy but for the good health of the Universe, women all over the world deserve a high status in society. They really are the ones who teach children to become good and responsible adults, and this is the only way economic development can take place. Therefore sociologists agree and analysts argue that economy of the country depends upon the social standing of women in that country with special reference to the low income nations of the world.\r\nReferences\r\nMacionis, J. J. (2006). golf-club: The Basics. Pearson Education.\r\n'

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'Conservation of Petroleum Products\r'

'PCRA aims at making oil color preservation a subject atomic number 18a movement. As part of its mandate, PCRA is entrusted with the task of creating awareness amongst the good deal ab start the sizeableness, methods and benefits of conserving vegetable oil products & vitamin A; emission reduction. To parcel out the message to the people, PCRA uses totally possible and effective media for aggregative communication. These let in electronic and press media e. g. TV, Radio, Electronic displays; abbreviate at the National and allege level printed literary works for specific target groups; outdoor publicity through and through Hoarding, Bus panels, Kiosks, Balloons, Banners Transliders etc.The focus of all the messages is easy to work through and practical conservation lips for the industrial, please, agriculture & municipal sectors. For effective communication to the target groups in semi-urban and homespun areas, messages are made in regional languages. line inter active programs like seminars, Technical meets, Consumer meets, Workshops, Clinics, van-publicity, Exhibitions, Kisan melas are conducted for spread of conservation messages and demonstration of conservation techniques.To give movement to the oil conservation movement, PCRA utilizes various platforms like the land environment day, World qualification day, various festivals etc. When creative press advertisements are brought out. over the grades, PCRA has create a number of films, TV spots and radio receiver jingles in various languages for promoting oil conservation. PCRA likewise publishes quarterly a journal and a newssheet. Active conservation Techniques (ACT), is a journal containing articles on technology by energy experts. It also brings out successful parapraxis studies leading to conservation of energy.The conservation news is an in-house newsletter highlighting the major activities carried out by PCRA in the core sectors. For the benefit of various target groups of fossil oil products, PCRA has developed literature containing simple ready to tool conservation tips and techniques. Special low cost fountain leaflets have also been developed to educate the plenty on the ill effects of pollution caused receivable to incomplete combustion and its impact on health. The channelize light world â€Å"Where conservation fails pollution starts”. anoint & splosh preservation FortnightIn order to establish awareness among the business deales closely the urgency of conserving petroleum products, the celebration of oil conservat ion week with the participation of PCRA and the unblemished oil industry under the guidance of the Ministry of oil colour & Natural Gas was started in year 1991. Considering the over whelming response and enthusiasm generated by OCW in the entire country, and to further increase the r separately as headspring as effectiveness of the oil conservation campaign the duration of the program was increased to a fortnight from the year 1997 onwards.The eco-friendliness of natural louse up stands etablished beyond doubt and it is being used in more and more large volumes by Power, Fertilizer, Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Transport sectors. As the demand is increasing, there is large scope for gas conservation. Keeping this in view, the field fortnightly conservation campaign has been renamed as â€Å" rock oil & Gas preservation Fortnight” in place of crude Conservation Fortnight (OCF) since 2004.During the fortnight the entire oil industry under the guidance of MOP&NG undertakes various kinds of activities to emphasize the need and importance of conservation of petroleum products & environment protection. The activities undertaken include: dissemination of oil conservation messages through out door publicity, print media, electronic media, training programs, kisan meals, technical foul meets & distribution of literature in national as well as vernacu lar languages all over the country.The activities are carried out by the assure level Co-ordinators (SLCs) of the Oil Industry in each State under the directions of the Regional Level Coordinators (RLCs). Over the years the no. of activities undertaken during OCF has risen. In order to gain the efforts of the executing agencies, MOP&NG has instituted awards for the outgo performing; State Level Coordinators (SLCs), Regional Level Coordinators (RLCs) of the oil industry and the best performing States for the activities conducted during the fortnight.Besides this, State Transport authorities, empanelled energy auditors, industries in large, medium and runty categories, who have done exemplary work in energy conservation activities, school children, teachers and their institutions are also given performance awards for the year. Petroleum has brought enumerable benefits to homosexual civilization; quality of life and dynamic successfulness is fueled by this precious, miraculous resource. Petroleum is the life line of modern civilization.It is the source of energy for agricultural, industrial and transport sectors and keeps the wheel of other essential industries moving. In fact, there is no conceivable area where energy does non play its vital role. Petroleum currently provides 90 per cent of energy used for transportation, and while its benefits are astounding, the use of petroleum-based technologies also has cost. The environmental impacts associated with extracting and transporting petroleum hold open a major issue, as the extraction of petroleum can affect fragile ecosystems.However, oil companies continue to develop new techniques and enhanced recovery methods, which center the footprint of drilling equipment and the amount of land affected. mayhap the m«st serious concern, the combustion of fossil fuels contributes a variety of emissions to the atmosphere and releases carbon dioxide, a stiff greenhouse gas. These emissions have modified atm ospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, which play an important role in moderating global temperatures. Therefore, there is considerable have-to doe with in reducing our reliance on petroleum-based technologies.At the while of independence, India produced crude oil from only one inshore field in Digboi, Assam. At that time, the country depended upon imports for world(prenominal) oil companies controlled 90 per cent of petroleum products and the industry. With Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and Oil India Ltd. (OIL), the doing today has increased to over 34 MMTPA by technology upgradation and assimilation. During this period exploration and ware drill has grown in its scope and has moved from onshore to offshore.Natural Gas Corporation associated with oil production, which was flared at the well head in the earlier day, is now being harnessed and supplied for power generation to gas-based power plants, as raw material units including petrochemical industry. Natural gas production has risen from ‘nil at the time of independence to about 29 billion cubic meters during the five decades of mean economic development and it is taken to the consumer through an massive nedeucerk of 4100 kms. Gas pipeline system Conservation Petroleum is an exhaustible resource and the industry has been certain of this attribute.To promote efficient and economic uses of energy, Petroleum Conservation and Research Association (PCRA) has been functioning for last two decades. PCRA has done enormous work in mass awareness energy conservation in industrial, transport, and phratry and agriculture sectors through energy audits and studies and by infinitely educating the users of petroleum products on importance and urgency of energy conservation. The task is enormous as it includes highly fit engineers, drivers or automobiles, housewives and farmers.\r\n'

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'Monotheistic Religions\r'

'After lots deep thought and brainstorming closely this brooding statement for the mo nonheistic religions, I realized how much that I micturate grown intellectu entirelyy since the spring of the semester. It is evident that I truly put what Mr. K said at the beginning of the semester into theory: â€Å" get dressed’t believe anything I say. ” Prior to winning this course I had truly little intimacy about founding religions, and the only knowledge I did have were taken from media sources. I was very dying(predicate) to learn about Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Sikhism, save not so much about Christianity because I am quite an familiar with Christianity.\r\nThis assignment made me realize that I never took the time to think outside of the box, and I’m happy to say that I started, not only in this class, but in in all of my other courses. The video â€Å"History on The chew out” was especially captivating because the word â€Å" dickens” is synonymous with numerous religions, and used quite frequently in everyday life. I was raised Catholic, and I unendingly associated the Devil with all of the stereotypical ideas and theories like: the charge up between good and evil, and the opposite of God. After honoring the movie, the meaning of the Devil changed.\r\nNow it agent anything that is noxious to one’s self. General examples include not losing 10 lbs. due to lack of exercise, a medicine addiction, and abusive significant other, or not act a life-long dream. Personally, the challenge or â€Å"Devil” that I face in my life is not completing my degree in a timely manner. I have allowed too many obstacles to come into my path, and grasp my success. It is odd how a movie on the devil would offer me motivation to complete school. Chapter 8 Judaism was very intriguing to me because I wanted to visit B’Nai Israel Synagogue for my Religious Visit report.\r\nI did not want to attend the service w ithout a creation knowledge of Judaism because I felt like that would have been somewhat disrespectful and in order to be fully immersed in the culture I need a foundation. According to the textbook book Israel refers to â€Å"all those who answer the call of God and who acknowledge and get through to obey the one God, through The Torah, or teachings, given(p) to the patriarchs, Moses, and the prophets. ” It is this aforementioned quote that intrigued me to learn more about Judaism.\r\nIt was a simple statement, but I wanted to learn more. As a child, I attend a Synagogue for a summer camp. I am not a practicing Jew, nor are my parents or any close relatives, so at measure I felt left out. I intend taking Challah bread on Fridays, and reading out of what I thought was â€Å"The Bible, which is referred to as Tanakh, but I never learned anything about what Judaic people believed or their heritage. There is more to bring home the bacon on Judaism in my report. I ha te to harmonize this, but I had several stereotypical views of Islam.\r\nThe aspects of Islam that pique me were the treatment of women, how the institution of marriage is treated, the fact that it is a patriarchal religion, and its affiliation with U. S terrorism. After reviewing the text and videos, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Islam means â€Å"peace”, and that treatment of women has improved dramatically. Furthermore, polygamy is allowed, but seldom practiced. The spiritual practices and beliefs of Muslims can be summed up in the Five Pillars: belief and witness, daily prayer, zakat (charity), fasting, and Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).\r\nThe decision religion I would like to touch base on is Sikhism. I grew up in Taos, NM and there was a Sihk temple down the street, and I was always fascinated by this culture. After researching Sikhism in NM, it is interesting to know that Espanola, NM houses one of the world’s largest populations of Sikhs in the enti re world. Sikhism is a monotheistic religion that originated in India in the 15th century. Their property of worship is called gurdwara. The Five K’s refers to the expression of faith worn by the Sikhs which include: Kesh, kangha, kara, kachera, and kirpan.\r\n'