Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Boeing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Boeing - Essay Example ecommendable such as the ideal anonymous channel that does not reveal the identity and the ideal pseudonymous channel that ensures the registration of the members first (N, 2013). In comparison to other firms, the UC mechanisms of protection enhancement in the coverage of the IP networks is more potent (N, 2013). This means that the Boeing Company is experiencing the value of systems whose probability of hacking is zero percent (N, 2013). The chances of hacking in the UC security mechanisms are severely complex in comparison to other security firms (N, 2013). The UC security firm gives Boeing an advantage in low cost video deployment compared to what the other security firms cannot express (N, 2013). The UC security firm has much capability that the Boeing Company has not deployed (N, 2013). As the CIO of the Boeing Company, I would utilize these capabilities to the company’s advantages (N, 2013). These capabilities offered by the UC security mechanism would enhance the security of the technology employed in the Boeing Company (N, 2013). As the CIO, I would ensure that everything is under the security of the UC security firm (N, 2013). N, G. (2013, January 16). Guard Now. Retrieved from UC Berkeley Security: Getting Security Guards for Parties and Events:

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