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Discuss the ways in which contemporary organisational theory can be Essay

Discuss the ways in which contemporary organisational theory can be read as criticism of organisational theories developed in the course of the 20th century - Essay Example During the early 20th century the imperialist era started while the situation then demanded the workers of revolutionary and the new type parties are said to be capable to lead then bring the completions which was then victorious as the struggle that is against bourgeoisie preserving the rule and then set up the repressive ramification with state apparatus, the military machine which is said to be powerful and the means in economic, political and ideological for the purpose of disuniting as well s disarming with those people who are working. The workers of new type are said to be capable in order to lead the class who are working and not to be advanced as well as organized and conscious part in politics with the class considerably working but also in the organization as the highest form that directs all the proletarian organizations with all forms of struggles by the proletariat. There is also evolution of capitalism during the 20th century with pre-monopoly capitalism that becomes v ery imperative with the said working class raising the This is also the period that marked the struggle which is against the right line of opportunist in terms of International leadership in order to build the revolutionary parties that is proletarian capable to lead the socialist revolutions in terms of the countries classified as the capitalist imperialist and the revolutions that are said to be democratic in Asia, African and those countries who are said to Latin-American under the oppression and plunder while both the revolutionary trends may form the integral parts of the world as the revolution in socialist area as well as the organization and at the same time leading the proletariat with the toiling masses in terms of democracy and of course socialism. The struggle was then experienced on all the fronts under the CPSU leadership leading to the great victory regarding the Revolution of October while forming the Third International as well as the communist parties' formation that happened and experience all over the world which was then surrounded with the class as revolutionary and organizational mass. The adverse were said to be the real break through from the stagnant period facing the movement of revolution by the first decade of the 20th century. The trade unions was then organized as part of the said activities which was then during the period while Lenin was able to write the Trade Union Organizations considerably of tremendous value that served the development as well as the economic struggle consolidation but became very important in terms of auxiliary in agitation for politics and the organizational revolution and those right who are Contemporary Organizational Theory P

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