Saturday, August 10, 2019

News Article Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

News Article - Assignment Example The reproductive system of both sexes is biochemically and anatomically formed in a way that they have the ability to produce new life to ensure perpetuation of life. It is unique that, among all the body systems the reproductive system is the only body system which an individual may decide not to use to the fullest. Some individuals do not reproduce due their own personal reasons. When sperms are produced by the penis and deposited in the vagina, they travel to the fallopian tubes. Through conception process one of them fuses with the ovum forming one single cell. At this stage the sex of the individual is determined and the baby possesses all the genetic requirements. The 46 chromosomes that the baby receives from both parents will be with the individual for the whole of his/ her lifetime. No genetic addition will take place but more significantly nutrition and oxygen will be required for life to be sustained. Development of the baby in the mother’s womb takes place in three trimesters. In the first trimester, dramatic and dynamic takes place. In trimester two, the baby prepares for survival outside the womb and in the third and last trimester, the baby develops the body organs and system and gains weight. The main purpose of the reproductive system is procreation and this is done by giving birth to young ones. For fertilization to take place the sperm and the ovum from the male and the female respectively must unite. Immediately conception takes place development starts and it takes place in three trimesters. The baby gets all the chromosomes from both parents and that is the number of chromosomes that an individual possesses in the whole of his or her lifetime. I learnt that the reproductive system is very significant in procreation. Creation of new beings occurs after fusion of the sperm and ova. in the developmental phases

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