Monday, August 12, 2019

Personal Reflection on education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal Reflection on education - Essay Example Knowing the value of the degree that will be awarded from Strayer University, I expect to get a reputable post in a well known organization. I expect that the masters’ degree programme at Strayer University will provide me with better professional career and will assist me throughout my working life by the knowledge it will give. I also expect to use the concepts being taught and the experience gained in my regular life. The reason for choosing Strayer University is the goodwill that it has earned through years of excellent teaching. The high achievers being qualified for degrees from this university are being called in by various organizations. The excellence of the university, hence, becomes a part of the students’ name and the student becomes an efficient professional in his latter life. Hence, I have chosen this university for the knowledge it conveys and the experiences it transfers in the students. I work for the Saudi Embassy as a captain in Saudi Army. This degree would also be helpful in getting a promotion from a captain to a major’s post. The requirements set by the organization to acquire higher degrees led me to pursue this programme.

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