Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Why Chinese governments stimulate outward FDI Essay

Why Chinese governments stimulate outward FDI - Essay ExampleChina has continued to stimulate outward FDI, with the lifting of restrictions on Chinese sure operations overseas on the new law on foreign exchange. For instance, there is no need to obtain exchange based on a risk assessment. This is expected to increase Chinas Outward FDI. As much as the countries may have difficulties in navigating towards the process, China may opt to go to the maturation countries because of initiatives employed by these countries. Recently China is focusing on Africa, to increase the outward FDI since it is currently relatively small than the size of its economy (Ilhu, 2010). There be other top host countries of great interest to china, which include Hong Kong and the Caribbean tax haven. That constantly account for about 70% of the flow. These counties are often used by multinational firms to store wealth as a result of their confidentiality to the foreign investors. Focusing on these countries by Chinese firm may also be one of the ways of hiding wealth from tax authorities, other authorities or the public shareholders (Morck, et al. 2007).The following are the three features of Chinese macro environment that are likely to connect with the outward FDI surge. High saving rates, Weak corporate governance, distorted capital allocation. As much as outward FDI brush aside let firms gain important economies of scale and scope, the above features could combine to induce excessive outward FDI by the wrong players that would be working with the Chinese semipermanent economic prospects (Morck, et al. 2007, p 10). Therefore, it is important to understand outward FDI to achieve prosperity.Outward foreign direct investment by the Chinese firms was expected to reach a record of USD 120 billion in 2014. However, the recent liberalization of capital controls has also further complicated the task of recording such outflows accurately. Other selective information points suggest that the

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