Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Designing for the Dump Video Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Designing for the Dump Video - Movie Review ExampleElectric equipment being produced imbibe a limited life span with studies showing approximately eighteen months life span for most electronics. Increased e waste levels imply increased risks on the environment in relation to pollution. With these high rates of e waste there is pressing need for solutions to reduce levels of e waste production. Some of the solutions implicate recycling, donation, and innovation among others.In response to increasing e waste levels, there are suggestions on more concentration on recycling. Recycling entails taking electronics that have no use to the recycling centers for recycle. Most countries around the world have recycling centers where people can take their unused electronics. However, it is important to make certain that these recycling centers have the required mechanisms to effectively carry out their task. This requires recycling in environmentally friendly mechanisms to avoid pollution. For example, burning waste products openly is not advised due to high level of fume production. Effective recycling may involve refurbishing the unwanted electronics for reuse or breaking them down to trade good level where they can be used as raw materials. To ensure appropriate recycling processes stakeholders such as the government can come up with appropriate regulations ensuring that the recycling centers have the effective mechanisms to carry out environmentally friendly recycling. With environmental friendly recycling, e waste management is bound to belong simpler and more effective hence reducing pollution.Additionally, e waste can be managed by donating unused equipment to people and or facilities with the need for the equipment. For example, electronics can be donated to a local family, school, and or training centers in need of the equipment. In almost every locality there are people without the abilities to regularly leaven their electrical equipment

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