Thursday, June 20, 2019

Investment Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Investment Report - Essay Exampleon and depreciation allows investors to limit the risks they expose their investments to provided that different industries atomic issuing 18 affected differently by economic factors. Thus, as part of the Portfolio Theory directives, I decided to purchase stocks/ETF/Mutual funds from Hyperdynamics Corp (HDY), CNET, SinoCoking & Coke chemic Industries Inc. (SCOK), Charles Voegele Holding AG (DEVCH), and CyberArk Software hold.The merit for selecting these stocks is due to the nature of their trading trends. Currently, most of the stocks from the five companies have a positive appreciating trends which was originally not the case. At the time of investment, August 25, 2014. Most of the stocks did not have the potential they currently have. However, provided that different investment plans were applied such as the consideration of the potential companies cost growing unrivaleds investment value to favorable levels. On the other hand, the stocks wit h minimum potential at the time of investment were considered on the seat of their potential to grow in the future. While the option of investing in stocks that have the same value as my industry, my strategy did not match this meter as the result of investing in such stocks is like banking with a low-interest-rates financial institutions.According to course book, Street Smart, Book Smart, rule number two warns investors from investing on stocks that do not exceed or reach the 1 million volume threshold. These type of stocks are weak and show up economic instability of the trading company at hand. As of the current purchase of Hyperdynamics Corp (HDY), CNET, SinoCoking & Coke Chemical Industries Inc. (SCOK), Charles Voegele Holding AG (DEVCH), and CyberArk Software Limited the daily stock volumes of these companies are not above the 1 million mark and therefore this rule applies with every investment consideration made.2. Rule one of the course textbook indicates that whenever in vestors are buying stocks, they

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