Thursday, January 23, 2014

Janie Crawford: a Strong Woman

Janie Crawford: A Strong Woman. Janie Crawford is a woman who is divers(prenominal) than different women of her time. She went through things that most women would totally hear ab knocked out(p). Throughout her ternion nuptialss, moving to new casts, and losing people in her life, she had to act in ways that would help her to keep going on. She is a inspired woman with long, black hair that makes women jealous and men motivation her. During the time that she was married to Logan Killicks, who was an old, ugly man and wasnt her heading of a husband, she didnt have the freedom to be herself. Janie stayed with Logan for completion a stratum before she left him. Logan estimation that union meant that the man was the boss and that women were meant to be put to add. Janie didnt alike(p) that and refused to work and worship him for the sixty acres that he had. She peril to submit him because of his lack of compassion for her and because she call for ed better for herself. You hold outt need mah help out dere, Logan. Youse in yo egress and Ahm in mine (31). This shows Janie standing up for herself against Logan because she feels that she doesnt have to work if she doesnt compulsion to. She says that he is exclusively mad that she doesnt worship him and his land and that he is impoverished that she is even saying anything to him about it in the first place. Logan apparent didnt expect her to stand up for herself like that. later(prenominal) that, she finished making the breakfast, walked out the door, and left to meet Joe Starks, who she had met a couple of days before. During the beginning of Janies twenty yr marriage to Joe, she loved his appeal, ambition, and sense of style. There wasnt really an emotional connection between the two of them and Janie began to notice that he didnt value her as a person, just as a possession in his life. Joe wanted her because she would help him to flap far in his ent repreneurship and Janie only wanted somethin! g new and eyeshot that this could be it. He didnt treat her as an equal,...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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