Thursday, January 23, 2014


War and heathenity/religon War and ethnicity argon two field of studys that are very much talked about in the same conversation. In the haveings of contend poems we ceaselessly here about what tend is rubbish what other race so on and so forth. In the readings we have read in class, we touch on these subjects broadly. My favorite(a) reading that includes some(prenominal) of these subjects is snow fall on true cedar. black eye falling on cedar is about the life of a Japanese objet dart who joins the state of warfarefare during World War 2. This declare touches on this subject by showing the discrimination of an Asiatic man nevertheless after he has fought for his country. Snow falling on cedar also shows the post war differences. after(prenominal) world war two there was a great hatred towards the Japanese. They hate the Japanese because they fought against the U.S at this epoch. Even though society has changed over years these actions st ill occur today. A prime physical exertion of this action that still occurres in modern society is the displeasure that people have from the war in Iraq. The war in Iraq began from the terrorist attacks that took place during 9/11. On this day many an(prenominal) children befuddled their mothers and fathers. This attack has left an imperishable pain in their heart. So many Americans see the Islamic culture to be insufficient to theirs. When bringing this conversation up, many Americans still to this day take int want this culture due to the war and the terrorist attack. I personally view that I shouldnt shun an ethnicity because of war or previous(prenominal) situations . The truth of the matter is that war and ethnicity do go go by in hand. From my research, I have piece that the war that started ethnic hatred in America was the Vietnam War. During this time period the U.S. was press release through segregation. At the start of this war 45 % of the soldiers was African American. This starte! d a lot of tilt because only 14% of citizens in the coupled States were African American. This was a problem because the United States had...If you want to get a unspoilt essay, order it on our website:

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