Sunday, April 12, 2020

Cause and Effect Argument Essay

Cause and Effect Argument EssayWriting a cause and effect argument essay is not that hard and it is actually fun to do. To be able to write this kind of essay, you should already have the knowledge of the human nature in the first place.You see, human nature is the one thing that can affect or influence our decisions in most situations. If we find ourselves to be following wrong ideas, then what would happen? We will start doing things that will no longer lead us to the right path.It is common knowledge that this would result to bad decision-making process. In fact, we are all aware of the fact that the human race started being its own worst enemy over 100 years ago when World War I and World War II happened. This time we learned our lesson; we started looking for someone to blame in order to get out of the current situation.Now that we are in a bad situation, we try to find out the cause and effects of the situation. But remember, we are not talking about the cause and effects of th e situation. We are talking about the effect of the behavior of the people around us. So we just need to understand this and become a smarter person.When we speak about causes and effects, we are talking about the behavior of the other person's reactions to the cause and effect of our behavior. And now we understand that we cannot write a cause and effect argument essay with the help of theory.For example, if I shoot a dog because it is running towards me, and when I do so, I accidentally shoot a squirrel, that is a cause. But what about the squirrel when it runs towards me? It is just a reaction caused by the cause of the dog shooting at it. It was just an accident in between those two events.If you are able to determine what causes and effects in your case, you will be able to write a good cause and effect essay. Of course you can also read books or browse the internet if you want to.It is important to know that you can easily write a cause and effect essay without any prior knowl edge about this topic. You just need to be more informed about your knowledge of human nature and learn how to talk about it in a well-written essay.

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