Tuesday, February 25, 2020

How can rescue operations be improved by Kuwait coast guard and how Thesis

How can rescue operations be improved by Kuwait coast guard and how could they cope with all weather conditions - Thesis Example cue operation cases 26 Example number (1) 27 KCG 721 and a fishing boat collision (Cross on situation) 27 Example number (2) 29 Chapter 4: Methodology 31 Designing Questionnaire 31 Chapter 5: Results 33 Result of Question 1 33 Result of Question 2 37 Result of Question 3 39 Result of Question 4 40 Result for Question 5 42 Result of Question 6 44 Result for Question 7 47 Result for Question 8 50 Recommendations and Suggestions 52 Chapter 6: Conclusion 53 Appendix 61 Questionnaire 61 List of Tables Table 1: Job Categories with Years of Service 35 Table 2: Performance of Kuwait Coast Guard 39 Table 3: Required Information to Take Onboard before Sailing 41 Table 4: Availability of Necessary Equipment for Handling Rescue Operations 42 Table 5: Ship Bridge Simulator as One of the Methods for Training Kuwait Coast Guard Officer Cadets 45 Table 6: Testing and Update Courses for Rescue Operations for Commissioned Officers 49 Table 7: Time Scale for Testing and Update Courses for Commissioned Officer... The physical geographic conditions of Gulf are concerned with the Monsoon and Trade wind of Indian Ocean. The heavy monsoon rains and winds occur in the summer season as the storms, for example Tsunami and Phet, disturbs the coast guard operations of Kuwait. To have full control on all the activities of Coastline, Kuwait have developed the Coast Guard Services. KCG, today, is performing a real duty for Kuwait’s coastline security. It has about 300 rescue vessels, 30 cutters and about 05 aircrafts. Marshall (2006) suggests that there is great need of improvement in modern hovercrafts, helicopters and drone technology, GIS and remote sensing technology in every Coast Guard. The main center of Kuwait Coast Guard is Sabah Alahmed. In June 2010, the United Kingdom and Kuwait Coast Guards and Navy servicemen had held a joint exercise to improve the services of Kuwait centers. In this paper, the data is collected and analyzed, to know the present and future needs, by operations, miss ion and the recent events occurred in the Kuwait Coast Guard (KCG). The selected areas in the questionnaire are following: Kuwait Coast Guard in performing the tasks in various weather conditions Which area of Coastline of Kuwait create hindrances for KCG regarding weather What kind of facilities and equipment available to KCG to perform duties The facilities and equipment needed to KCG The need of the state-of-the-art technologies and trainings to cadets and officers The panel of weather experts The difficulties to handle these tasks are very different but majorly geographic conditions supply great hindrances to accomplish the tasks. In this climate change, the variations in weather are definite (Canadian Coast Guard, 2005). Coast Guard service is the real time operation and

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