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Accountable Care Organization Sample Essay - Click to Get Solution

Questions: 1. What is an accountable care organization (ACO)? 2. What makes Oregon unique in its approach to Coordinated Care Organization? 3. Why are states experimenting with different models of integrated care? 4. Are ACOs a viable model to reduce the rate of growth in per-capita Medicaid spending? Why or why not? Answers: 1. Accountable care organization- ACO refers to an organization of healthcare which is characterized by the payment as well as care delivery replica that seeks towards tying the provider compensation to quality and excellence metrics plus also reductions within the total cost which is calculated for the care of the allocated populace of the sufferers. A set of the synchronized and integrated health care suppliers makes the ACO, that later supplies proper care to the set of sufferers. The ACO also might utilize a varied choice of the payment replicas like capitation and fee intended for service along with the asymmetric otherwise also symmetric distributed reserves and many more. ACO also is responsible to the patients as well as third-party that pays and also intended for the quality, suitability plus the competence of the health care supplied. As per the organizations intended for the Medicare plus Medicaid activities, any ACO also is referred to "the organization for the care for health suppliers that also concurs to become responsible for the quality, cost, as well as total care of the recipient who also are actually enrolled within customary fee-for-examine agenda who even are permitted and allotted for it (McCarthy, 2013). Responsible Care Organizations (ACOs) also are sais as groups of the doctors, hospitals, plus also some other providers of health care, who even come all together voluntarily towards giving the coordinated as well as care of higher quality to all of their patients. The main aim and goal of the coordinated care actually is all about ensuring that the patients, especially chronically ill, attain right care at and that too on right time, at the time of avoiding any unnecessary repetition of the services plus even preventing the medical errors. 2. Uniqueness of Oregon: Oregon is unique as it together caters and delivers care and services extra affectionately and lovingly. The organizations CCO is sole organism and a community as well as an integrated set and collection of proper care plus services which also prevents the illness and even promotes as well as restores the health in each of its meanings like physical and social and even behavioral. The Oregon is even a set and group of the members who in reality actively get engaged to best of what is their abilities because they know that without the individual responsibility ultimately there cannot be any appropriate care of the health (Kirk, 1991). The organization well understands about the fact that it always is better to put off the illness rather than to later treat it, and is always a more acceptable way to remain on the pinnacle of the chronic situations and even a far better way is to supply people with things they actually require to properly attain appropriate care of all of them. The organization even counts as it partners any plus all the organizations which also helps the members of Oregon, whether through contract otherwise through mission. And this also helps to extend a lot and far beyond provision of the care, to basic requirements that everyone has and also are in reality entitled to such as education, safety, housing, employment and many more. The main mission of the organization makes it unique as it relates to development of an integrated community for the health system which would help it to achieve something better. 3. Why states experiment different models: States actually have varied options for creation of the programs which also integrate as well as improve care intended for dually entitled populace, comprising of the financial alignment and all its demonstrations and also dual eligible special requirement plan platforms and health homes as well as responsible care firms, and even managed long-run services as well as support programs.In reality each and every state on individual basis needs to determine the changes, and even requires to be capable of existing and bringing in the Medicaid waiver otherwise demonstration programs for complementing implementation of all such models. The states have different models for integrated care because in reality one model otherwise replica does not suit all situations and does not goes in within every ecology (Kitzhaber, 1989). Integrated and cooperated health service could also refer to the multi-purpose and multi faceted service supply points like a variety of services intended for the catchmen t populace which is provided at single location as well as under single manager. Some instances are the multi-purpose clinics and also multi-purpose outlets for diagnosis. The models are not all integrated and some a left separate as they actually need to be recognized individually for supplying extra appropriate service to the patients. Such dissimilar models help organizations and states to avoid confusion and thereby make the healthcare easy and less difficult for the organizations. 4. ACOs are viable: ACOs actually share along with the Medicare savings that are generated from the lowering growth within the health care prices while they actually convene the benchmarks intended for the higher excellence care.Medicare ACOs also continue to enhance and improve significantly upon total quality scores. ACOs have been always capable to obtain higher performance as compared to the quality benchmarks as well as better performance comparable to Medicare which is fee-for-service upon the measures along with data, like colorectal screening and tobacco cessation, as well as depression screening. The ACOs are even just a way which organizations is working towards reducing the growth rate in the Medicare spending at the same time improving the care. Expenditure on Medicare per recipient also was fundamentally even within ostensible dollars within the year 2014, as well as from the year 2010 till 2014, the Medicare expenditure as per the recipient enhanced at the velocity which was some 2% points every year lower than the enlargement within the GDP. While current slow cost development has multiple reasons, the reforms in Medicare as well as Medicaid programs also are meaningful providers to all these attains and also are improving and enhancing the quality also (Maust, Oslin Marcus, 2013). In a nutshell here are all the facts and details related to the healthcare and the total detail regarding the Oregon health share and also integrated models of healthcare that every state has. It also lays down facts regarding the healthcare and replicas related to the same. References Kirk, E. (1991). Oregon revises health care priorities. BMJ, 302(6783), 1020-1020. doi:10.1136/bmj.302.6783.1020-a Kitzhaber, J. (1989). THE OREGON HEALTH INITIATIVE. The Lancet, 334(8654), 106. doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(89)90346-2 Maust, D., Oslin, D., Marcus, S. (2013). Mental Health Care in the Accountable Care Organization. PS, 64(9), 908-910. doi:10.1176/ McCarthy, M. (2013). Accountable care organization program cuts costs and improves care, report says. BMJ, 347(jul19 1), f4634-f4634. doi:10.1136/bmj.f4634

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