Monday, October 28, 2019

Food Memoir Essay Example for Free

Food Memoir Essay Eating it as soon as it gets out of the oven is an amazing experience. The elation increased inside me as soon as I started to smell the juicy baked chicken. Suddenly, it feels like a irresistible need to grab a bite of it right away. Obviously you can’t resist it, so you cut a piece of it and eat it. The crunchy sensation of the baked cereal all around the chicken is wonderful, but not only the texture felt good, the gooey of the sugar that comes with the cornflake make it taste like glory. The sweet mixed with the salt of the seasonings is an incredible party inside the mouth. Adding a delicious bowl of baked potatoes with bechamel sauces makes the dish even better. I always love to cook and be creative while cooking; preparing different kind of dishes with different seasons, all natural most of the time. Cooking is not about following recipes and going by the cooking book. Instead it’s about being able to mix different seasonings to create the perfect taste. The history behind this invention comes from the lack of resources to prepare a decent dish. It was a quite night like tonight, listening to John Mayer and my roommate and I were really hungry. Then we looked at the refrigerator and cabinets to see what we could cook but we only found chicken, tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper. Having all those seasons and been tired of eating grill chicken I decided to make it baked crunchy chicken, but sadly there wasn’t any ground bread and I figured it out late so the only thing that I could use was the cereal. So that is how it happened, a happy mistake. I used cornflakes instead of bread crumbs for the baked chicken. At the time I started to prepare the chicken, two girls came in looking for us. They reaction was priceless; they screamed â€Å"Oh my god! You guys are crazy! † at us. My roommate after he laughed for few seconds he told them that it was going to taste good and that they will want me to cook for them after they taste it. The girls said ok and stayed in our apartment all night with us having fun. While the chicken was in the oven, I put some potatoes to boil. Then when the potatoes were cooked, I prepared bechamel sauces. I took a bowl with all the potatoes and I let the bechamel sauces rain over it. Then I put the bowl inside the oven with the chicken as well. In the meantime, I sat down between the two girls and we talked about something â€Å"special†. That happened later that night. When it was time to take the chicken and the potatoes out of the oven, we all went to the kitchen to see how it looks like. First I took out the chicken and placed on the dinner table, and then I go back to the kitchen to take out the potatoes as well. When I come back from the kitchen, I found that my friends had already eaten one chicken to taste it in like 8 seconds. I told them that they attacked the chicken too fast. Therefore one of the girls said to me that it was really good, that the sugar on the chicken was delicious. We sat on the table, each of us four with 2 boneless Baked Cereal Crunchy Chicken, with baked potatoes doused in bechamel sauce and many very cold coke cans. The coke cans were so cold that I had to use my can handler while the others used a can bag that we have. Those 15 to 30 minutes that we were eating on the table, became a good memory to our brains and especially to our tongues. Even though, that like five other people came to the apartment to check out our dinner and ate from our food, it was a good. They find out about it because the girls posted some pictures on instagram. Every single people who tasted the food, at the beginning when they saw what was it, they were all like â€Å"Cornflakes with Chicken? † However they all found it very tasty. Good enough to tell me that I should do that again. After we ate, I laid down on the sofa with my head over one of the girl legs. Then my friend yelled out loud â€Å"Toy timbi†, that is a Dominican expression that people say when we cannot eat more. My roommate went to the kitchen to clean the dishes, as it was his turn. After he was done, the girls screamed â€Å"Special time! † and suddenly a bottle of Jose Cuervo appeared. They prepared some margaritas with lemon and strawberry mixer. Later on, after around 3 rounds of margaritas we started to listen and dance merengue and salsa. We dance for like hour and half non stopping. Also we were singing a bit while we were dancing. We stopped dancing when he figure out that it was 4:00 am and we had class at 8:30 am. We were all tired but we were also in a happy mood. We all went to bed right away, but sadly none of us make it through the next four hours; the one who woke up earlier was the younger girl at 10 o’clock. She nocked my door very hard, until I woke up really mad because we skipped the class at 8:30 am. When we were all ready, we talked about last night. And the first thing that came out was that the chicken was really good and when I would do it again.

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