Wednesday, October 2, 2019

DISCRIMINATION Essay -- essays research papers

Although I had always thought that I could never be discriminated for any reason, two years ago I felt discriminated. One Friday, while working in a large corporation in the administrative department, the president of the corporation organized a meeting for the administrative and accounting departments. The president of the company mentioned that the accounting department was opening a new position as Junior Controller Management. Moreover, he said that there were only two candidates who were postulated for it. I knew I was one of them. In fact, most of my co-workers started talking about it and all were claiming me as the winner. I was extremely happy. But, I wanted to wait for the real nomination that was going to take place the following Friday after the executive meeting in which each department’s director needed to vote either for me or for my co-worker, who was a man older than me. I knew I did not have to worry, so I was extremely relax the entire week. I always loved to work, and I always did a good job, so I thought that the position as a Junior Controller was mine. Unfortunately, it was not true. Although management knew that I was extremely qualified for the position, they could not give it to me for two reasons. The first one is that I was only 22 years old, and they thought that I was too young to handle such a high level position. Second, they told me, men always occupied the highest positions in this company, and even if they understand that life had evolved ...

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