Friday, October 4, 2019

Course Study Calcuttas metro Essay Example for Free

Course Study Calcuttas metro Essay The first main concern for the construction of the project is the funds. So as the mayor of Calcutta my first step is to get the funds required to start up this project. These funds would be acquired from various sources like donations, taxes, and loans. Once the funds are acquired, the next step would be to look into the plan of the project. I would take the opinion of a few well-known engineers before an actual plan is taken up. I would make it a point to see to it that the various pros and cons of different plans are taken into consideration before starting the project. Then I would select that project which would give us the maximum benefits within the obtainable budget and least disturbances to the normal life in the city. I would consider the efficient labor to carry on the work of this project. I would play close attention and make sure that all the basic facilities that are required by the citizens would not be disturbed due to the commencement of this project. Every possible option would be exhausted to make sure that the project would not cause any kind of inconvenience to the normal life of the citizens. In my opinion there is no such thing as bad luck and nothing happens by chance. Everything is planned and has a definite purpose. It is only our hard work that will make us or break us. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration a 360 degree view of any problem before we solve it. If the situation is looked upon from only one angle, then all the disadvantages of the remaining angles will occur. Although it may be a little time consuming and painful in the beginning, it is important to know that the hard work pays it all. Had the mayor seen the consequences of starting this project from various points of view. I believe this situation would not have been escal ated at all.

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