Friday, October 18, 2019

Apply Design Guidelines to Human-Computer Interaction Methods Essay - 1

Apply Design Guidelines to Human-Computer Interaction Methods - Essay Example The information herein is usually tipped on the interface through the use icons while others are contained in the menu among other features. Nonetheless, the contextual texts help in facilitating to explain controls, functions, and processes. Additionally, the web design shall employ the use of icon, menu, and tooltips to help the user interact effectively and conveniently with the user. Moreover, there will be the use of hyperlinks to link users to others related information. Finally, there will be the use of the system message to inform the user of the system state at any point of the work or the error conditions that may be made in the entry boxes. It should be noted that the design will employ the hypertext since the application and usability website to be designed will be used everywhere around the globe that will also engulf hypertext markup language. There are numerous online Documentations, and the commonly used online documentation is the online help. Regardless of the interface designing, some help facilities are often considered and incorporated into the design. The commonly used help methods that shall be incorporated in the web design include that contextual help, procedural help, referential help, and the conceptual help. Notably, these helper methods are top deployed since they are highly compatible with the Microsoft that may users are likely to use in using the website designed. In addition, each of these helpful resources has a distinct format that must be incorporated as well as spelling the how the text contained in each should be written. Furthermore, their formats often range from short phrases to lengthy explanation depending on the text help method in use. As had been mentioned, the Hypertext often serves two vital roles in defining the protocols that help in defining the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) (Heim, 2008) and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) both of which play significant roles  in the functionality and usability of the World Wide Web.  

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