Monday, September 23, 2019

Methodology and Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Methodology and Design - Essay Example e cupcake business, questionnaires on online shopping, focus group with potential customers, and pilot study through selling of cupcakes at a local event. The in-depth look into the various elements of achieving a good research was the key aspects of the design methodology. The study also adopted secondary data such as review of the reported cases from the university, the university policy and the government policy on how the online business platform should be handled. The target population will be the businesspersons from both the online and physical cupcake enterprises with main focus on the former. The online businesses experts will also be engaged in an in-depth interview with the main focus being getting the expertise view into the venture to undertaken. The sample population for the study is also targeted at the customers of the cupcake. This is targeted as a means of getting to know their take on the business to be ventured into. A maximum number of five potential customers are to be interviewed in some kind of focus group. A local population is also targeted as part of the research sample. The local event is to be used to carry out pilot study through the selling of sample cupcakes. To achieve the objectives of the research, questionnaires were used to collect data. Secondary data i.e. the business experts in the field and also the research resources already gathered from the very line of business. Online business gurus are also to be involved. The questionnaires in both closed and open ended. The questionnaires were pretested for content validity and reliability. The interview method was administered on few experts to gather more useful information for the study. To ensure face validity and content validity of the questionnaires, the researcher intends to consult a number of experts in the field of computing, website and the online businesses shoppers. The question was pilot tested on a number of respondents within the local population at a local

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