Saturday, September 28, 2019

Major Influences in My Life Essay

It is often reiterated that â€Å"success is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration. † I also strongly believe in it as I recall the successful events in my life, whose gradual path towards achievement was shaped by initiation developed by motivation; however, the successful implementation was attained through my sheer hard work and perseverance. I have always considered my work as my hobby, and I try my best to finish the work within the stipulated time. I don’t expect miracles to happen, but I have experienced that miracles happen when work is done with sincerity and diligence. Besides, there have been men and women from all walks of life, who provided the emotional support to me in my distress. Among the most trustworthy persons whom I always relied upon was my mother. I can evidently remember the difficult times during my education at school when my mother instilled the much need confidence in me, and encouraged me to never give up. It is true that education begins at home, and I was fortunate to have scholarly parents, who always tried to provide the necessary paraphernalia to me, including their assistance in understanding the difficult subjects. Read more:  Person I admire  essay I learnt good morals from my religious mother, who inculcated virtues like honesty, loyalty, care for the elderly, and affection towards the children. My firm faith in God is also due to the holy teachings of scriptures conveyed to me by my pious mother. She always taught me to love all humanity, and to follow the path of non-violence. I see myself as a mature, independent and judicious person, for which I would give the credit to my loving mother. During my school education, my teachers treated me like their friend, and emphasized the importance of punctuality and regularity in both professional as well as personal life. I owe my gratitude to my mathematics teacher, who once, said to me, â€Å"It is important to have a goal, but it is more important to work towards reaching that goal. † My teachers also highlighted the importance of patience and tolerance that are needed in implementing any plan. Slowly and steadily, I kept on developing these personality traits in me, and I confess that I am grateful to my teachers for imparting such motivational and positive education to me. I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of my supervisor at the McDonald’s restaurant, who helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Whenever I committed a mistake, my supervisor would politely tell me about my wrong deeds, and moreover, suggest an optimum solution. It was under his supervision that I learnt good workplace skills like time management, organizational management, decision making and problem solving. Although my supervisor was kind, good listener, encouraging and forgiving, I noticed that he was never angry, and kept his cool in most difficult times. I admire him for his positive qualities, and I must admit that I have learnt some of these good traits from him; as a result, I have been able to balance my personal and professional life due to proper management of time and stress. I have realized that learning is a continuous process that continues the whole life, but to apply the virtues in practical life, there are role models who provide the necessary encouragement. I owe my gratitude to my parents, especially my mother, my teachers at school, and to my supervisor, who enabled me to imbibe the morals, and practice them in daily life. As a result of their positive influence, I have become a responsible citizen of the society. I have firm faith in myself, and also, I confide in my friends and relatives. My teaching lessons from home and school have equipped me with problem solving and decision making skills. Besides, my mentors have helped me to acquire good interpersonal skills, which have made me adorable among friends and colleagues. Now, I continue to learn from my distinguished professors in the university as I pursue a rigorous undergraduate degree program.

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