Monday, August 19, 2019

UFO’s and Alien Life Essay -- Essays Papers

UFO’s and Alien Life For many incredibly interesting years, a certain question has troubled scientists, the government, and actually the rest of the world. Does alien life exist, along with the idea of unidentified flying objects, better known as UFO’s, and if they do, should the government keep spending money on the subject, when life on earth is in such financial trouble? Much research and money has been invested in this wondrous topic, although for the past fifty years scientists still remain clueless about the existence of extra-terrestrials. The history, the research, the encounters, and of course many other content areas, including financial interest puzzle myself and the rest of the world. This paper will involve an in-depth look at those subject areas, along with thier relation to the internet, and hopefully by the end, I will have the mystery of UFO’s and alien life figured out, and then I can share my knowledge with many others. The World Wide Web is full of different sites that relate to UFO’s and alien life. Most of the pages are factual and contain information to enhance people’s knowledge on this very obscure topic. These pages are not trying to sell you anything, not trying to get you to believe a certain thing, but rather just informing the public about UFO’s and aliens through the Internet. If you wanted information on UFO’s before the World Wide Web came about, how would you get it? You would have to go to the library and look up information that was outdated and time consuming. Now you can just type UFO’s into the Net Search box and up pop all different types of sites relating to UFO’s and alien life. There is information from years ago and current information of recent sightings and reportings. UFO... ... it to the best of my ability.( The next time you think you just woke up from a bad nightmare, and thought you were just dreaming about aliens because of the episode of the X-Files you watched two nights ago, think again. Maybe you were abducted by aliens and UFO’s, and maybe you better get on the internet to find out!!!!!!! Works Cited Anonymous,, (14 April 1997). North Kitsap UFO Society Report a UFO In Kitsap Country, smoke25/nkufo.htm, (14 April 1997). Lambright, Chris, UFO's: A closer look..., Htm, (14 April 1997). Vallee, Jacques, UFO's are a Hot topic,, (14 April 1997). UFO Links,, (14 April 1997).

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