Friday, August 23, 2019

English 105 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

English 105 - Essay Example se people require, it would also be great to spread awareness and to let other people know about their plight so that they can come forward and help them, it is an arduous task but someone has to take an initiative and drive other people forward so that they work in unison and improve the overall living conditions in Africa. It is really a surprise to me that the world has made so much progress yet many people continue to live far below the poverty line, this disparity has to be eliminated and it is really important for the other people to understand this and they will also work towards eliminating this disparity once they understand how important it is to restore parity in the society. â€Å"Drought is a recurrent phenomenon in the semiarid regions of Africa. The first showers of the rainy season usually follow a long dry season, during which the soil becomes thoroughly dried out.† (M. Eugene, P. 8) Africa is hit badly by other factors also and even this needs to be sorted out, the climate experts should intervene and suggest solutions to these natural problems that are being faced by several people in Africa. â€Å"Malnutrition is a major health problem, especially in developing countries. Water supply, sanitation and hygiene, given their direct impact on infectious disease, especially diarrhea, are important for preventing malnutrition. Both malnutrition and inadequate water supply and sanitation are linked to poverty. The impact of repeated or persistent diarrhea on nutrition-related poverty and the effect of malnutrition on susceptibility to infectious diarrhea are reinforcing elements of the same vicious circle, especially amongst children in developing countries.† (WHO) Malnutrition remains another huge problem, the final paper will also reveal some very important statistics and it will also aim at providing solutions to these ever growing problems. The most important aim would be to make the people who are living in ideal conditions understand the plight

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