Thursday, August 8, 2019

Direct government actions and effects related to public university Research Paper

Direct government actions and effects related to public university issues - Research Paper Example The federal government is estimated to contribute 10.8 percent of educational finances in elementary and secondary education (U.S Department of Education 1) Involvement of the government in public universities can be dated back to after the World War where they were viewed as an extension of the government. This is attributed to the fact that their teaching budgets were outsourced from the government. Additionally, their research efforts were financed by the federal government and the state. Within the recent time, this has changed, with a significant proportion of public universities receiving majority of their revenues from tuition fee. This has increased by 6 percent from 1993-1994 with allocations per student by the government being lower in 2004-2005 as compared to the former years. This is since the government has not increased the allocations, leading to public universities increasing their tuition fee in bid to account for the 38 percent growth of enrollment in public univers ities (Bublitz and Martin 56). ... Accreditation agencies are other institutions that serve as stakeholders in the public universities. These accreditation agencies are responsible for the development of policies, rules, and regulations that are to be followed by the public universities. These institutions are responsible for enhancing that the education requirements are met by the public universities so as to be in a position to offer courses they intend to offer. These accrediting institutions are also involved in examining, licensing and evaluating the public universities (Council for Higher Education Accreditation 1). The students in the public universities are other stakeholders as pertains to public universities. These students are enrolled from diverse capacities in bid of the government to ensure equal access to education for all. Students enrolled in these public universities are perceived as consumers of the education and the revenue channeled into their education by the government, with an expectation that they will repay in future. The families of the students and the community the students belong to are also stakeholders since they benefit from the expertise of the students upon graduation from public universities (Bublitz and Martin 56). Arguments In Support Of Government Continuing To Play a Direct Role The United States government acknowledges that public universities which serve as institutions of higher learning are of significant importance as national security, health care, and development of alternative energy. This is attributed to the fact that public universities serve as a hub for dreamers and doers; innovators and engineers; technicians and scientists, and theorists and

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