Sunday, August 4, 2019

A Future Free of Paper -- Internet Technology Papers

A Future Free of Paper Cyberculture is a term that over 15 years ago you would have not given much thought to. Computers were still foreign and scary to many of us then. We saw this big object, that seemed to be able to zap anything into some dark space and beyond. Now, computers are involved in our lives everyday in some way. We use them at work, for school, and even still for the pure enjoyment of them. They are slowly creeping into our lives and taking over our everyday task. I no longer need to balance my checkbook, the computer will do it for me. When ever I need to know a fact fast, I no longer need to pour over the encyclopedia. I can just ask "Jeeves", who has the answers for almost everything. Sure, there are still those diehard fans of doing everything by hand, but eventually they will give in and join the rest of us cyberfreaks. Does this mean it is the end for anything that does not jump on the cyberculture ban wagon? Will we be able to function on technology alone? These are questions that I believe aren't that far into the future. With everything turning to technology, it seems if you do not join you are quickly left behind. Cyberculture is our future and it will only advance with more tools and more functions becoming available to us. What is the Cyberculture future and what will it effect? I believe cyberculture is going to effect everything we do and the manner in which we accomplish it. If we look at the way it has effected our reading and writing as of today, we can already see the change that has occurred and probably the direction we will be heading into. Computers have taken over what paper used to reign and adding it's own touches along the way. First look at the way we communicate with othe..., this will have an effect on the sale of books. There are many tools that are still not in play that I believe will effect the future of books. With technology changing everyday and growing rapidly it will only be a matter of time before all the tools will be in place and of course there will always be those diehard book readers who want the real thing in their hands and in front of them. They will slowly be weeded out though, as the next generation grows with the technology and looks at a real book as a great way to fix that lopsided table leg. Works Cited Evelyn Tribble, and Anne Trubek, eds. Writing Material Readings from Plato to the Digital Age. New York: Longman, 2003. Landow, George. Twenty Minutes into the Future, or How Are We Moving Beyond the Book? Tribble and Trubek 214-226. Lesser, Wendy. The Conversion. Tribble and Trubek 227-232.

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