Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Some thing has related about ENVI Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Some thing has related about ENVI - Essay Example Demand for products of crop farming in Indiana is ideal. There is an active growth in demand for products of crop farming. Moreover, the demand for farm products imports is also high. This indicates that the available supply of farm products does not satisfy the current demand. Indiana spends between 1-9.9 billion dollars for farm produce imports (Hicks, 2014). This raises concerns about the farm products production capacity of Indiana. Many forests have been cleared for the sake of creating agricultural farms. A big percentage of forest land in Indiana is privately owned (Our Land Our Literature, 2014). Therefore, there lacks national control measures for deforestation. Deforestation has resulted into reduced rains and thus reduced agricultural productivity. Moreover deforestation also destroys the natural habitat of animals and birds. Although organizations such as Indiana Forest Alliance and Heartwood have come out to educate people on the need to stop deforestation, there is still a lot to be done. The forest cover in Indiana has reduced by 59% in the last thirty years (Alexander, 2013). The agricultural sector is at high danger of collapsing due to poor climate. If campaigns against deforestation are not carried out, Indiana might spend more than 10 billion in imports for farm products. If nothing is done, the currently growing population is bound to experience challenges such as famine and hiked prices of farm products. Hicks,  M.  J. (2014).  Key Economic Sectors in Indiana: State Overview. Retrieved from Center for Business and Economic Research, Ball State University. website:

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