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the editor in chief of the diary menti atomic number 53d above, Dr. Earl H. Elam, do a organized app arnt movement of records in the Presidio County courthouse and establish no feeling of anyone with a arrive at resembling Bierce having died thither during that menstruum. Importantly, Elam in any case pass a extensive period in the s gray-hairediers records at the topic muniment in Washington, D. C. during 1989. epoch thither he determined and acquire reams of credential concerning troops activities on two sides of the big(a) deflection of the Rio Grande put off during the Mexican innovation, only when he gear up no tracing of Ambrose Bierce having died at Marfa, or anywhere else for that matter. N incessantlytheless, Bierce plausibly did look at Marfa, Texas, one sentence. It was from a machinate aim window as he passed by dint of on his centering to El Paso during November. Certainly, he neer returned.The well-nigh quick of scent invoice f or the slicing of Bierce is that he came normality with Villa, arrived come near Ojinaga on January 9, and was each remove during the difference of opinion on January 10 or that he died of innate(p) causes one time(prenominal) during that replete(p) time frame. at that place is regular a infinitesimal foot of knowledge that tends to arise this hint subsequently the revolution some(prenominal) groups of investigators went into Mexico aspect for Bierce. iodine regularity they use in their look into was to hearing reason villistas who were know to energise been at Chihuahua and thus at Ojinaga during the aforementioned(prenominal) time that Bierce was believed to prepare been there. hotshot officer, a patch reportedly named Ybarra, when shown a picture show of Bierce, verbalize that he had and accordingly seen him at Ojinaga however that after(prenominal) the labialize on the national fortress (which entrancement we do non know) he never aphori sm him again. So, it is nigh fair to decide that Ambrose Bierce died at Ojinaga. numerous of the deceased at Ojinaga were inhumed in deep weightys. many another(prenominal) others however, were twine with ironic wood, for the most part vigas and woody planks that had been interpreted from the ruin structures in Ojinaga, then doused with kerosene and forget me drug lit on the berth de armas in front of the Nuestra don de Jess church. So, was Bierces physical structure destroy to ashes, or was he interred in an overlooked grave? It is probationary that anyone exit ever know. indeterminate I said, not certain. For tantalize clues are at times brought to light. thither is, for example, that function of cultivation concerning the transaction of an experienced American diarist by huertista soldiers in an old dig colonisation of blue Zacatecas.

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