Friday, June 14, 2019

Promotion of peace through international institutions Research Paper

Promotion of peace through international institutions - Research Paper exemplificationThe ability of international institutions to become active participants in the promotion of peace is mainly based on the fact that most of their work is conducted globally. In addition, because of their activities, it is prescript for international institutions to develop relationships with the various governments and peoples with whom they work and this helps in a big way to promote the interests of peace across the globe (Hafner-Burton and Ron 360). Most international organizations retrieve massive funding from philanthropists, governments, and other well wishers and this funding is normally provided as a means of growth projects, especially in conflict prone areas, which give ensure the promotion of peace. Global peace is one of the most sought after objectives among a majority of the universe population, but while this may be the case, it has become extremely difficult to achieve it withou t the help of international institutions. Most of the projects which have been designed to promote peace are more often than non run by international institutions because it is they which have the ability to reach areas across the world that require their services. Thus, international organizations are indispensable in the promotion of world peace and it is because of their existence that the majority of the world has achieved the peace it enjoys today.While many international organizations declare that their activities contribute to the wellbeing of the people and the achievement of the development goals of developing countries as well as peace, their level of success has yet to be seen in some instances. The economies of the countries, where these organizations conduct their activities, have substantially benefitted from the added contributions to peace that they have authentic as a result (Moli 40). The activities of international institutions that help to promote peace include their employees staying at the local hotels, buying souvenirs, and doing whatever else that the

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