Saturday, June 1, 2019

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Bias or Not?     The most political news base that is cosmos reported on these past few weeks has been the nomination and debate over President Bushs nomination of John R. Bolton to be ambassador to the join Nations. One of the most watched and influential news canals, CNN has been following this routine story closely. The President nominated Bolton in March of 2005 but the Senate has been delaying the vote of the nominee for several(prenominal) weeks. The story on CNN was headlined Vote to end debate on Bolton fails. Though the story did discuss that it was mostly the Democrats that were causing the delay in the vote the channel also stated that their were some republicans that did not agree with the nomination. The channel tried to stand by the facts but the story did seem to state that it was the Democrats that voted against closing the debate. The story did seem slanted when discussing the issue over the Democrats wanting to obtain access to information a bout Bolton and Syria. The channel stated that the was good and bi aidship until the Democrats resorted back to a partisan approach. This seemed slante because throughout the debate both the Republicans and Democrats arouse been resorting to a partisan approach. Despite the slight slant ness in some of the story the primary content of the story did stick to the facts and remained bias.     Democrats Mull Politicizing Iraq War Intelligence this article found on the Fox News Channel in November of 2003 is an insider story. The following story discusses a informal memo was found concerning the planning and timing of a possible investigation into pre- war Iraq Intelligence. The memo suggested that Democrats "prepare to launch an investigation when it becomes clear we have exhausted the opportunity to usefully collaborate with the Senate majority. Then the story goes on further to discuss how upset the Senates Republicans were by the leak but especially by the m emo itself. A republican Senator went as far as saying that the Democrats intended to politicize what should have been bipartisan. Such comments seemed to elude that the Democrats were at pick for thinking of conducting investigation but that was not the matter at hand. The matter was the leak of a memo was a draft that had not even been approved. lawgiver Hopes to Open Churches to Political Speech this headline on Fox News refers to a bill that Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina has introduced the Houses of Worship Free Speech renovation Act of 2005

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