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American Government Essay Example for Free

American Government EssayIntroductionThere ar different ways to which issues in the society can be expressed in relation to emotions, thoughts and artistry. In various eras, movies have been used to tackle issues on religions, philosophies, and even the thoughts and emotions of the writers and directors during the time it is creation filmed. For example, the movies entitled Blue Collar, Norma Rae and Roger and Me argon movies wherein the problems on employment in any societies have been tackled accordingly.During the time of the creation of the movies, there have been app arent issues with employment that needs to be addressed by the government. Apparently, the theme of conservativism and the plight to destroy it is was the main theme of the three movies mentioned. The motivational principle that has been applied in the course of generating an understanding of the concept of conservatism as exaltedlighted in the movies is sovereignty. It is very elementary to say that in the democratic and liberal forms of government, the sovereign power resides in the state. Under this concept, it cannot be denied that men are only equal before the law and of God. Aside from it, there is no equality. By this, it only pith that men are protected only as far as laws and God is concerned.BodyNoting this kind of principle is the apparent absence of equality in terms of the kindly, political and even economic aspects of gentlemans gentleman being. In terms of the affable aspect, it can be seen that men are distinct from women. There is a status quo that should be adhered upon especially when treating men and women. They are not equal under the brotherly order of the society. Men are considered higher in terms of intelligence, capabilities and social status. As per women, they are made to be inside their houses and taking care of the children and of their husbands. It is as if saying that women and men played totally different roles in the society. One is for the house while the other is for the working. such(prenominal) difference in the social standing of men and women is apparent and to remind people of the principle that aside from law and God, no equality can be measured outside such borders. Women cannot and must not force the society to accept and treat them in the same manner that men are being treated because it will never be in that way under the conservative theory of governance (Garcia, 2008).The basic foundation of governance that has been tackled in the movies is comprised of the noble-mindedness that a just and humane society must be formed. It must be understood that the State should promote a just and dynamic social order. This is accomplished through policies that provide adequate social services. Every society must ensure the prosperity and independence of the nation and free the people from poverty. Hence, it means all people not just the aristocratic few.The goal is to reduce the political and economic power of the privilege d few by equalizing widely differing standards and opportunities for cash advance and to raise the masses of the people from their poverty to a qualitative life worthy of human dignity. With the eradication of mass poverty being experienced of a nation, the State solves at the same time a chain of social problems that comes with it social unrest, breakdown of family systems, diseases, ignorance, criminality, and low productivity. Policies must only be created to promote social justice in all phases of national development. In the fulfillment of this duty, the State must give preferential attention to the welfare of the less fortunate members of the community of intereststhe poor, the underprivileged and those who have less in life for the benefit of the whole nation.On the issue of economic equality, on the other hand, the movies have made it pass that there are economic differences between the poor and the rich. No equality are being afforded to them. The rich people are getting more privileges in the society as compared to the poor. The poor can never get such privileges because it is just for the rich to experience and enjoy. Since there is no equality, the poor gets poorer with each passing play day while the rich gets richer by the hour. There is a distinct role that separates the rich and the poor. While the rich pose as the employers, the poor whole kit and caboodle as slaves to earn a living. There is equality and hence, no growth and improvement is being afforded to the latter (Funnel, 2009).ConclusionUndeniably, there is an inherent advantage in adopting a development strategy that promotes industrialization and full employment without giving more importance on gender issues. An important aspect of industrializations is that it generates a high level of employment. Factories and industrial sites create job opportunities and thus create sources of livelihood for the people. The high incidence of poverty in the country is rooted in the social scour ge that is unemployment. The nation will never recover economically, and social peace and political stability will never come to our land as desire as the problem of mass poverty persists.The first step towards the solution of the problem is therefore, the creation of massive work opportunities that will absorb millions of unemployed and parttime labor in the country, and this can only be done through full and rapid industrialization. But nevertheless, despite the different trajectories that has impacted the lives of the nation and the people inhabiting the place. Ironically, it can be said that whatever the advocates of conservatism have fought for in their lifetimes it has all been gone because of the fact that changes have constantly brought liberalism to the nation. It is one that completely rejects advice or assistance from without. To be realistic, a policy must have global outlook in view of the deleterious effect on the countrys relations with other countries with policies that revolve only on the relations with select members of the international community.BibliographyFunnel, W. (2009). In Government We Trust Market failure and the Delusions of Privatization. Sydney University of New southwestern Wales Press.Garcia, J. (2008). Up to our Eyeballs How Shady Lenders and Failed Econoimc Policies are Drowning Americans in Debt. New York The New Press.

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