Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Cloud-based efficiency gains within e-Business strategies Essay

corrupt-based cleverness gains within e-Business strategies - Essay ExampleE- Business is a process in which the line of credit transactions are make via networks of telecommunication especially the internet. The invention and innovation in the ICT sector led to the development of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the process of using remote server networks on internet to process, manage and store e- business data (Geoffrion and Krishnan, 2003 1445). This technological process is an option for the exercise of a personal computer or a local server. Cloud computing has gained popularity within the business sectors oer the past years because there has been a need to reduce the energy costs. The cloud computing is also more of environment friendly technology. It is effectual in relation to energy consumption during computation, communication and storage of data. Studies show that cloud computing is more energy efficient compared to in- house information centers. Its cleverness can be categorized into economies of scale, aggregation and diversity, flexibility and effectiveness. It was found that businesses can improve their efficiency by spreading the costs. The costs are spread over a server that is larger, thus allowing efficiency improvements.There has been increased usage of information and communication technologies (ICT) callable to technological improvement. The use of ICT has been preferred in the businesses due to its efficiency and effectiveness. The technological dynamics has made efficiency of the ICT to be more energy efficient. There has been increased usage of ICT in businesses due to its ease of use and reliability. Since businesses aim to see that the profit is maximized, there has been a need for cost- effectiveness in ICT (Kyriazoglou, 2012 213).The environmental concerns, efficiency and effectiveness have seen that cloud computing gets preferred in the business sector. This is because cloud computing has change the efficient utilizat ion of information

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