Thursday, March 28, 2019

Vincent van Gogh :: Essays Papers

Vincent van GoghVincent Van Goeh move the painting, which is portrait of him. He drew himself as a red haired guy with gray shirt. In the picture, there is only himself and gray background. Gray background is making circle motions collected with thin lines. You can see a lot of circles in the background. His hair, bears, and eyelashes atomic number 18 colored with red. His hair and bears are not trimmed. His eyes are low-down and dark looking right at me. His shirt is gray and really old one. I touched his lips and all I felt was cold, house paper. By the oily smell, I guessed he used oil colourise. I couldnt hear or feel any sound as if he want to show me what silence is. I wanted to try to caress him to feel the taste, but didnt want to get caught. He looked at mirror and found a subject he was looking for to draw. He guardedly observed the man in the mirror. The man looked angry and tried. His lips are slopped as if he does not have anything to say. Silence was the mans only company. He had pens, pencils, canvas and everything to draw. He started with pencil. He drew the man, his hair, his eyes, his ear, and his shirts. He colored the man. He looked at the mirror again. He saw the man, and there was something missing. He gave colors on the air of the background. He carefully chose gray color, and filled the background. He finally touched his eyes to express the mans anger, or any feelings he had. I was walking without any concentration about the paintings on the wall. I stopped not because I found an interesting piece, but because he caught my eyes. His eyes were dark, and angry. They were looking right at me.

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