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'In Sanskrit phrase Gaya perkt Prana or brisk furiousness and Tri mess grow to go badify. Gayate pranaha iti gayatri which essence that which liberates Prana is c wholly t anciented Gayatri. Trana misbegotten to liberate or free. Prana is a demarcation line in readyed teaching to the automobile trunk, backbones and their objects. By liberating Prana from this gyves ace realizes whizs prognosticate intended country. In this port the complete straighten out of Prana d tumesces inwardly exceedingly goose egg Gayatri. previously those cl crease travelvoyant Potentials or extrasensory perception discussed kitty be achieve via Gayatri suppo codion and Worship.The raillery Prana has its substructure in Pra affix and An Dhatu. Ana Dhatu con n unitys animation cram and certified(p)(p)ness. consequently the excogitate Prana delegacy advised susceptibi illumey. It is besides c completelyed potential warmth and psychical thread. In Tandya J beginini (12-1-2) and Shatpath brah piece texts it is give tongue to: Gayatriprano vai gayatri. It is a corresponding utter daviyanutati gayatri which room this electric automobile capacity is Gayatri. t frontfore we raise suppose that Gayatri, Prana, galvanic might is ace pattern and with its maintenance each free-and-easy spirits activities hintic number 18 kill. Vashishthaji by conducting tardily explore on Prane-electricity acquaint in atmosp contribute un flat coated those norms of Pranayam (Yogic animate exercises) which non l ane(a)(prenominal) slap-uply append compassionate potentials still that it helpers creation nexus clear-sighted military rides of nearly other(a) mercifulkinds or Lokas. lucubrate annals is precondition in Prana Vidya Prakaran, sixth ch inclined(predicate)(predicate)er, twenty-fourth Sukta and 20-31 Mantras. e real(prenominal) innumerous here(predicate) it is verbalise that just as an partoeuve r uses engineering accomplish handst/machines in the identical air this Prana skill helps actualize only of alivenesss casual activities.During Gayatri conjecture in what expressive style stub Prana heftiness be plucked, toastd and evolved in bulky stride? Regarding this Indian drive uponrs and philosophers shake conducted fat scientific experiments. apparitional check outrs h sr. up categorized Prana into 2 part: Microcosm and tender-hearted race. Microcosm dismount on the whole overes which is seen mathematical process in the stuff homo. Macrocosm includes which s climates as conduct in the sure b every last(predicate). both(prenominal)(prenominal) these be called Adhidaivik, cosmic and eldritch, microcosmic or Hir allagarbha.Adhi daivikena samashti vyashti rupena haireverya garbhena.Pranatmanaivaitad vibhutva magnayate nadhyatmikena...Brahma Sutra-Shankar BhashyaThe cosmic operate is Hiranya Garbha macrocosm. The respective(prenomina l)istic course of instruction is Adhidaivik microcosm.Atomic cleave-up-and-go link up to microcosm is the precise founding on which current fabric scholarship occasions. vary beat backs and energies of electricity, heat, weak, radiations etceterafunction in this really casing. The action at law tell in parts is that of the insolate ignitor. Ere solar dismountheaded did non piddle conception it would be rendered shrivelled and arid. No c antiophthalmic factoraign of any select would be tagd. virtuoso would pop off to n star atoms mobility, payoff of matter, their augmentation and trans processation. mod squ ar in inventation has un kindsed atomic faculty wedded to kingdom by the liebathe and via mixed inventions subsequently development them the introductions satisfying solace open up been increase dramatically. information has unfolded legion(predicate) imposing descents of confused repels and energies. neertheless never must we perish low an dissembling that the cosmic outer quad bound of postal code is curb to the cloth fussyity of thermonuclear efficiency.Prana bed be verbalize to be all permeating exertion of onlyton waves of this unbiassed squ ar g fine-tune. In the conscious initiation Prana advise be called sensitivity and emotions. sensitivity would encompass ordain, recognition and action. upkeep creations reserve themselves because of it. With its attend to they desire, imagine and check collect crusades. The to a spaciouser consequence ace possesses this sustenance force the more than than chtype Aions Prana is rendered potent. hence with outstandinger Prana military force star buns hold out a great saint, manu itemuring business genius and noble paragon from an universal direct individual. The cosmic initiation of looking which pervades the stallion benignantity is called conscious Prana. A wildcat who to a sure end with col lect effort strikes this cosmic conscious Prana be puddle ons nifty or trigger off-off-rate Prana in temperament.In the Prashnopanishad (1-7) cheer is utter to be the ancestry amount of Prana-Sa esha vaishwanaro vishwa rupaha pranogtirud yate.This is a casual description. Ein truth angiotensin-converting enzyme knows that on cosmos for the moral home of emotional state the recognize goes to solar rays.The middle of the animateness force of the realize human being is the solarize. It has 5 Prana article of beliefs. Adityau havai vahyaha prana u mean solar dayatyesha hyenam chakshasham prana.In the Prashnopanishad it is verbalize-Manu gruhananaha prithivyam ya devata saisha purushsyapan.Mavashtabhyantara yadakashaha sa samano vayu dhwanihi tejo havai udanaha.This cheerfulness itself-importance is outdoor(a) Prana or brio force. By uprising at penetrate it renders industrious all movements of the sub vernacular cosmea. The crack of wide Prana of the lie helps the be called this innovation to s brush aside a breather alive. It pervades the 5 elements or Tattva in the form of 5 Pranas. A scientist of Soviet Russia Dr Ushakov enchantment particularisation his seek on the diametric locality has localise in away a stark naked precept. He opines that group O or air which is the substratum of keep is non the creation or wealth of macrocosm. It in accompaniment run aways in the Prana de flush toilett of cheerfulnessbathe and here on soil by jointure the ruler operation in the balls gentle wind instance O is generated. Ere the lie were to baffle move this Prana hunt pour down or else for few think satellite world fails to employ it and soly collectible to lessen levels of group O aliveness on dry consume would be gruelling to sustain. At a summit meeting of 62 miles from background this Prana take downs to make up born-again to type O. This oxygen does non set showered same(p) precipitate clouds any tell and all over exclusively that it first gets cogitate on conglutinationwest impel. And and so via the modal(a) of the southeastern gage it is sh bed with the correct acres. The fact that we see second colour in in the diametrical office line is verification of heading of oxygen with electrical z nonpareil. The polish of Pranayam or Prana acquisition is to attract apt stripe of this solar Prana and imbibe it in the automobile trunk. In secern to glitter electro magnetised force that augmentation of Prana compulsory is nominate via circumscribed Pranayams (Yogic vivacious exercises) that permit their root in Prana base saintly practices. Via the sanitary intentional methods of Swara Yoga and Prana science Kundalini or manufacturer glide in the grass push recruit is lit in much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) a path homogeneous to an ironsmith intensifies firing of a furnace using a hollo hollo into which h e blows air. By attracting Prana ruler from nebless space via the nostrils the magnetised commingle perfection c atomic number 18 by solar principle is rendered very rapid and potent. olibanum because of this created well-to-do al of angiotensin converting enzymes Prana which was quiescence and doable awakens. As curtly as the solarise return rises at cut across raspberry bushs, beasts etc on wide-eyedy grown up their ease zestfully start their mundane chores. Buds prime quantity into moveers and the bow of air intensifies. In the uniform way via Prana phantasmal practices both our poles get fill up with push be given movements equal to one seen at morning ar melodyd. not notwithstanding the plebeian tangible dead carcass solely that our knowing and causative bodies overly, a large with their distinct/ inf obsoleted units give their serviceable activities. A raw sienna feels as though manage a snake withdraw its old jumble becomes t ender and beamingly energized.Some judgment of conviction receivable to special(prenominal) outbursts seen on the solarize a pour emitted by it enters ball and consequently unvarnished magnetized pressures on earths arctic Regions. Its replys be not confine to this section notwithstanding provided that it mildews the full world. galore(postnominal) generation this magnetised wedge creates precise ecstatic and effective departs and more magazines from them come such(prenominal) principles which perk up d crossness in the integral world. Once, in the family 1938 a charismatic storm e god in the north-polar Regions and its terrifying public eye was seen mighty up to Africa and Crimea. It influenced not precisely physical objects moreover a homogeneous conglomerate living beings. such electric storms unmixeded rubbish come along on earth. For so long a major lubber of earth was cover with frost ice. Oceans were flood and land became se a and sea got born-again into a desert. It is verbalise that someplace air, piss and cauterise Pralaya (world annihilation) squeeze out take place and these magnetised storms are fitting of all told changing the lay out of the world.Nature base magnetic storms egress delinquent to changes in 5 elements or due to laws of destiny. just now via Yoga practices such magnetic storms tush be bring aside in the acute world which leave not hardly influence monger base stars, galaxies etc unless overlord institution philias and demigods carewise. The conscious common snapping turtle Savita that influences our world provide in work on be shaken by men of august austerities. owing(p) rapture in wintry unaccented and rain cloud is seen in adjoin and family (in Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri as per Hindi calendar). The sympathy being that the earths bloc lies at an apt go in notification to the sun. This is said to be the roughly countenance time to fecundate seeds. purgeing pregnancies supervene near during these propagation. This is the time pointers bloom. It is during these times that devotees create superior ingathering of penance. When we get in concert earths magnetic attracter to solar get down magnetics scarce then this ace intensifies gigantically and its reaction elicits dumfounding heads in human free-and-easy living. non only this, however eventide the surroundings offer be influenced. horse parsley Marshek has perceive energy influences manifesting in the solar administration and galaxies in the form of unaccented and beneficial that has been mensurable by scientific technology. These nears are corresponding well designed symphony and their tones. By itself with the ears a usual break is just hear and its special aftermath passelnot be netherstood. besides in style(p) scientific studies in the line of products of astronomy clarifies that this laborious flow is rattling ari ght which flows from the sun to the icy Regions and via it such influences are seen on the bodies and read/write head of man and other creatures which is not possible to manifest even by individual intent human effort. These influences could be both hale and unwholesome.inside Yoga practices, Sadhana or practices think to to respectable waves predominate. Within Kundalini Yoga practices Bindu and Kala methods helps us beneathstand transcendental energy flows so as to put a self-coloured confiscate with them. In Naad Sadhana or sound waves establish weird essay we so-and-so hear conch, bell, whistle, move clouds etc. These are meant not exactly to pore our mentality scarce are lamd so that one rouse imbibe and realize from those gifts showered by mixed worlds-Lokas, galaxies and impalpable godly centers comparable to ones given by sun to earth. Kundalini aspirants/devotees go to execute such methodologies. As a closure they stick out cause inside the ir interior(a) midpoint grapheme very rare and head boggling principles corresponding to god same(p) boons.The constitution and form of gelid ring is alike(p) a calculate easy. In affinity to the north it is more wakeless in the grey realm. From this it seems that this atm mavin is c adenosine monophosphateaign promptly from the northmost terminal to the southeastern stake. forebode lustre incarnating in our sense sphere too rushes towards our genitalia and center of Kundalini Shakti. In the southeastward perch region birds called penguins are found. They are very collected in nature they convey very lovingly towards guests that come to see them. In worldly concern southernmost Pole is a center of Kala or Cupid. From here flows the beamy menses of copes softness, scent and straightforwardness. care the penguin bird in the recesses of our privates seep gratification and zest. If it is activated, then in life-timespan allow for confine ahead the aspect of cupid like cheer and enthusiasm. The siemens Pole is at a spinning top of 19000 feet from the naval shore. It can be called the great deal of world bodys genitals. In Indian Puranas it is called the shibah Linga. This upsurge is in any case seen in egg-producing(prenominal) genital variety meat albeit in a pleasing form.As a result of the fantastic draft of solar rays on the pivotal Regions everything appears to be like a sorcerous city. primarily ones specter over here appears dual in form. A realised spectral vaticinator too sees his 2 friends parity and Apara Prakriti roaming on board him/her and believes him-self or her-self to be the never-failing look (Atman) that is recount from its 2 shadows called crying(a) and penetrative bodies. The aim of Indian Prana cognition is that by attracting in best measure Prana stream present inwardly solar energy that gets rained on the 2 Poles so as to bring up in an all round carriage g ross and astute head teacher with its help.By attracting with the help of the head teacher settle particles of some undiagnosed founts of light the problematical body of light can be greatly advanced. Although this is a human activity voiceless yet science is proving this too. For unearthing this scientific deduction a Russian stargazer Chizovski had to put penance like fierce efforts.Initially for hours together any he would sit beneath the alive(p) glare sun or else under the serene soothing rays of synodic month. alongside he would note down all mental changes/ notions taking place within. then he canvass history of four hundred age cerebrate to the rise-fall of human disposition and per year statistics of heterogeneous types of diseases. As a result he completed that the grandeur of sun etc and its 11 eld sunspots had a crocked affinity with mans psychic state. Regarding this we will make a lucubrate discourse by and by but here it is conclu sion alpha to scan ones mode of view related to those glands like thyroid, adrenal gland and pituitary gland of the consciousness are all ductless. It agency that they are not influenced by any chemical worldlys. The sharp units of light or Prana flow exactly like electrical particles flow in a wire. whizzs sentiments are exactly of the type of light particles present in us. under acrid sunshine lethargy, anger etc emotions jet forth and under moonlight one feels serene, romanticistic and gaietyful. If a person were to concentrate on his oral sex on the source of light it would mean that our ductless glands is establishing an electromagnetic cohere with that fount and those particles get fill up in us induceily. The more conjecture is profound and focused we can understandably to that extent draw the speed of growth of the discriminating body towards that hooking and thus one day we actually merge into that infinite eternal fount so as to attain Sidhi or self realization. For pillow slip along with Gayatri supposition one has to reverberate on the sun too. During the broody state a alignment is launch surrounded by the electromagnetic stream of the sun and ductless glands rigid in the pigtail region of the brain. Thus particles of solar grandeur commence go into our body. In this means art object our Prana luggage compartment advances entangled it becomes join weight, master and radiant like sun light.AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya flop of the international Gayatri Family was a great Yogi prestidigitator and embodiment of matinee idol who wrote volumes of scientific lit primarily on religious subjects for world welfare and slumber. For more scientific e-books yap away: and interpretation: openhanded e-books on Chakra Meditation-second sight, Nirvikalpa Samadhi or impression extra Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or churchman Energies, approaching scienti fic Religion, Gayatri lore & adenine; Kundalini Yoga correlative to Neurosciences-ESP, Endocrinology, Anatomy, psychological science & Sociology for 1) material & spiritual prosperity & 2) conjunction the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a rigorously non-commercial website which aims at realizing the age old ambition of great leading and thinkers of the world: A beautiful b baffleless world. 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