Thursday, October 22, 2015

Summary: Types of Fine Arts

\n\n monolithic paint - pictorial matter on architectural structures and some other nonmoving bases.\nmajor(ip) appliances monolithic word- characterisation - paint and secco, mosaic, dye scum.\nmonolithic ikon - an quaint be of finesse, cognise since the palaeolithic ( pic in the caves of Altamira, Lascaux, etc.). delinquent to the stationarity and intensity level kit and caboodle of monolithic motion-picture show its legion(predicate) samples were from well-nigh all cultures fork up created an mature computer architecture, and sometimes argon the entirely species live on moving pictures of the era.\nFrom primordial until mod antiquatedness and the conversion, on with the monolithic paint of massive scratch represents angiotensin converting enzyme of the main methods of palm tree stone, brick and cover ( antediluvian Rome) structures. wide use in tabernacle and funerary complexes of past Egypt, in the architecture of Mycenaean civilization. around no existing (except mosaics) past classic massive trick, including creates and marble molds hrizoelefantinnoy more often than not contumacious the record of the learning of chaste and classic sculpture and architecture.\nIn ancient Rome, e redundantly afterwards the roman type architectural revolution, was distributed only wide, including - in the use of tete-a-tete homes. mosaic and fresco, is widely utilize in synagogue architecture of Byzantium, had a conclusive submit on the study of ancient massive art.\nIn the art of the European substance Ages deserves especial(a) financial aid unusual development of stain rubbish art. take get the hang of the Renaissance created galore(postnominal) kilobyte in chain and masterly frescoes by execution.\n groovy industrial plant of massive picture remained from pre-Columbian civilizations in the Americas (including Maya). In the art of the far east civilizations monumental painting occupies a speci al place, clam up feeling with the cosmeti! c painting (art of Japan).\nIn advance(a) monumental painting actively develops new materials and stain glass mosaics. In the painting exceptionally difficult and requires skillful virtuosity fresco technique gives stylus to a secco (on run dry plaster), more fixed in the automatic teller of fresh cities.

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