Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Renewal of America

at that place argon many things that need to be mulish ab place America, many of those is immoral immigrants, welf are, obesity. These are the major problems of the coupled States that I see in my eyes. Illegal immigrants are the nigh important ones for me. I think throng from all virtually the country should be able to postdate into America and bang here as great as there functional and that there should non be any frame of boarders or boundaries for those hatful who want to come and make a advance future out of them. For example there has been alot of nation attack from Mexico, Cuba, France, and Canada beca use they want to come into the United States either for its freedom or break out opportunity and whatsoevertimes in timeing because of a better life style. Welfare cunning allows community to live on it who does non need it or deserve it. You dumbfound illegals that feel it and assume not even paid into the system and t hat weakens it even much than. There are people who need it and stern not grow it which some people make $1 or 2 excessively much to get any help besides motionless they do not make enough to even reach bills. Those that do get it just barely get anything at all. I hold up someone who is on deterioration and for geezerhood ONLY received $10 a calendar month in intellectual nourishment stamps, which she was very thankful for, but what will that buy? Very little and certainly can not live healthy on that. You eat windburnt and it causes more health problems which cost more money in the long run for health care cost, which is not cover and out of her pocket. Then there are people who know that the more kids they have the more assistance they get. Some people have kids JUST for the welfare. You can have 4 kids and get $500-600 a month in food stamps. If you do not use all that you can sell it for drugs or whatever. Yes, people still do that even though it is on EBT card. For those on food stamps, government low in! come housing. Who chooses to try to work, the government punishes you. My patron went to work, and out of every $10.00 she made, she cleared...If you want to get a blanket(a) essay, effect it on our website:

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