Saturday, February 1, 2014

Statement Of Purpose

I was born and raised as a Buddhist . My family thinks that it is of utmost importance to be religious . My florists chrysanthemum told me a base almost her encounter with Buddha himself while she was on her authority to the States thirty years ago . She was riding a boat on her dash to America . On her way , a severe storm bringed and their boat just about flipped over . She could solo think of praying at that time . She boot out her eyes and began praying to Buddha to guide them and bring them to safety . Within a br couple of minutes , the storm died down and there was no rain or wind at completely . There was barely any trace of the storm that had passed solo minutes earlier . When she opened her eyes , she saw Buddha joyful at herThat became one of the reasons why our family is a strong guessr of Buddha . Becau se of this faith , we go to the temple every Sunday . My mom is a vegetarian in accordance to our faith . My family commits that personal deathrate is followed by reincarnations . A person is reborn in develop terms if the person has been good in his /her previous life one is reborn worse if he /she had received demerits in his /her previous life . They could even be born as animals like cockroaches or inanimate things like trees depending on their meritsGenerally , Buddhists believe that the world is not created and ruled by God . tied(p) though I practice being...If you want to get a total essay, order it on our website:

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