Thursday, February 6, 2014

Clayton Co Vs Pike Co

PIKE COUNTY, GA. VS. CLAYTON COUNTY, GA. I originate out show that offer highway County, Ga. is a better place to live than Clayton County, Ga., by study them in the atomic number 18as of the school systems, crime statistics, post taxes and house values. I will show the differences in statistics between the both counties and second, from my own personal experiences, as I scram lived in both counties. Were going to take a interpret at the counties were contrasting, and get to know them a little. information superhighway County was established on December 9, 1822 and named in observation of Zebulon Montgomery expressway. Zebulon, Ga. is our county seat. In 2009, the unemployment identify was 4.4% and the creation in Pike County was 17,699; with a ripening ratio of 22.4%. (About Pike County, 2010) Clayton County was established in 1858 and names in honor of Augustine Smith Clayton. It is one of battle of Atlantas five metropolitan core cou nties. Jonesboro, Ga. is the county seat. In 2009, the population in Clayton County was 272,217; with a growth ratio of 12.9% and the unemployment rate was 10.9%. (All well-nigh Clayton County, 2010) Now, were going to look at the school systems in both counties. Clayton County school systems wooly-minded their accreditation in April 2008, and now two years later has precisely received it back on a temporary basis. This is totally the second time the state board has done this in their history. Pike County has never scattered their accreditation... Then, we have their AYP (adequate yearly progress) scores, in which Clayton County did non even meet those standards. one C% of Pike County schools met the standards that are set by the federal government. The portion of students that graduate spirited school in Clayton County is 79.7%. In Pike County the percentage was 85.3%. The grades for the teachers are staggering. 72% of the teachers in Clayton County .are rated as extremely qualified, thats all, not even ¾! of them. And again, in Pike County, atomic number 6% of the teachers, as hale as all their...If you want to get a beneficial essay, order it on our website:

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