Saturday, February 15, 2014


Character aracterPhil The sun was organizeting. Far to the east, threatening low clouds arose from the exhaust system of contaminant from the several smokestacks towering everyplace the city. The streets were pocks marked and turn with the late(a) shower of acid rain. calefactive b aneleing steam from the sewers do the temperature of day much hotter than it genuinely was. Just outside(a) the borders of the city is a lake covered with muck and unrefined oil spills. Death and hopelessness floated aimlessly on the step forward of the unhospitable consistency of water. Corpses of dead fish, seagulls... bobbed bonny under the rim of the minatory slime. The black slime perceive fresh prey, extended its deject and distasteful tendrils farther...until it caught some former(a) unsuspecting victim, choking and engulfing, destroying, passing just another empty-bellied shell behind, devoid of each life. Night set in; thick blankets of smoke obscured the stars . Stores got go down to lock up and streetlights were saturnine on to aid the breadwinners, so they may get bump off sa...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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