Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Case Analysis: Empress Luxury Lines

INTRODUCTION This case is about the impairment conclusions and activities that are instructed by Phil Bailey, executive program of Empress Luxury Line. The case also describes the honorable decision that is imbiben by Kevin and his refusal to follow an unethical decision of his supervisor Phil Bailey by denying making blind with the insurance adjustor. This cut finished go forth shine up the ethical quandary set about by Antonio during following unethical effects of his superiors. Addition eachy, from the point of view of Antonio suitable and effective strategy bequeath be also suggested that will be beneficial for the schema of rules and for the employees without compromising their ethics. 1)Analyze the ethical dilemma faced by Antonio In the case, when Phil Bailey told to Kevin to charge graduate(prenominal) sum of money of money all over the insurance company for the damage of wires and computer circuits, Kevin disagreed to do this unethical activity due to having high deterrent exampleity and standards. Antonio was conscious(predicate) of unhurt situation of scam and sided with Kevin and well and congratulated him to for taking the powerful decision. It refers that Antonio was in the favored of Kevin and knew that he was right (Daft, 2011). At the said(prenominal) time, Antonio also knew the reason why the firm wants to charge high amount of money over the insurance company. Similarly, Antonio also has bewilderment that if, he will do right thing by financial backing Kevin through complaining about the fraud to the higher management, he may be fired by the management as top management could also be involved in this. It is because management may think that he was not in the support of the decisions of higher authorities. So, this situation refers the ethical dilemma that is faced by Antonio in which he acknowledge that what is right and what is wrong but he could not take appropriate satisfy due to having mental conflicts between moral imperatives. In appendage An! tonio knew that within the company, no mechanism was in place to report wrong-doing internally, and no protections...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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