Friday, January 24, 2014

Silk Road

Chapter 9 What were some of the chief destinations on the Silk Road, and what kinds of products and ideas travel direct along the passageway? The Silk Road was a major trade passage amongst India and Europe. Much of the trade that was through with(p) between India and Europe was transported d adept the Silk Road. From here, goods were shipped to capital of Italy through the Persian Gulf or the scarlet Sea. Trade between India and Europe had begun long before the jampack up of the Roman Empire, but it extended during the first cytosine when sailors figure out patterns of monsoon winds. Commerce between the Mediterranean and the Indian ocean was widespread and often lucrative. It resulted in the organization of kinda a few small trading settlements along the Indian coast. Rome import ivory, indigo, textiles, precious stones, and pepper from India and silk from China. The Romans occasionally pay change for these items but in like manner exported silver, wine, perf ume, slaves, and shabu and cloth from Egypt. Overall, Rome imported much more than it interchange to the Far East. The Silk road was a channel not only for material goods, but also technology and ideas. It is believed that the first Indian monks to visit China traveled over the Silk Road. By the period the famous Chinese Buddhisticic monk, Fa Xian arrived in India, the numbers of Buddhist monks began increasing. they were tour holy sites in India. The barter of visits not only cultivate the study of Buddhism in the two countries, but it also led to an abundant substitution of ideas and technological advances in astronomy, mathematics, and linguistics. According to one scholar, the importation of Buddhist writings from India encouraged the development of depression in China. The Chinese also received lessons in health care from monks returned from the Asiatic subcontinent. After the overthrow of the Mauryas, the dominant big businessman in the brotherhood of India wa s the Kushan state. The Kushans infiltrated ! through the mountains north of the Indus River, where they ultimately...If you want to nark a wide-cut essay, order it on our website:

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