Friday, January 31, 2014

Computer Processors

Computer Processors Matthew Thwaites Mrs. Meehan DIC 2A1 Processors: Which is the best ? A central processor is the second inwardly a computer which carries out of the functions of the computer at heterogeneous speeds. There ar many processors on the marketplace today. The twain just about well known companies that stool processors are Intel and AMD. Intel produces the Pentium chip, with the most recent version of the Pentium chip exis cristalce the Pentium 3. Intel also produces the Celeron processor (Intel processors). AMD produces the Athlon processor and the Duron processor (AMD presents). Processor speeds are measured in megacycle per second (MHz) and now come in speeds of up to kibibyte MHz (1 gigacycle per second), which is very fast. This is almost ten times faster than the speed of most home computers, which bonnie from 133 MHz to 166 MHz. Intel and AMD cast off been in a lam to break the 1 GHz speed ba rrier, and the number of megahertz in the newest processors is not as significant as it was in earlier process...If you want to make grow a adept essay, order it on our website:

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