Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beliefs, Values, And Clinical Gestalt

Running head: BELIEFS, VALUES, AND CLINICAL GESTALT Beliefs, Values, and clinical Gestalt University of Phoenix BSHS 322 Monique bring up August 01, 2011 Beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt Personal and Professional Assumptions I soulally grew up to de arst quite a little regardless of race, sex, affectionate status, or any a nonher(prenominal) differences. I get never been mavin to judge others. The text stated that we should surround ourselves with stack different from ourselves, people with whom we tail end discuss honest questions and feedback (Murphy &type A; Dillion, 2003, p.13). My personal assumptions and beliefs come from my family set and how I was re atomic number 18d. The values and beliefs that a person grows up with atomic number 18 how they view the instauration, until they learn more almost how other people argon re atomic number 18d. I grew up Christian, but have friends that are of other religions. Their values are different from mine. They view the earth in a different way than I do, and they are teaching their families those same values. I was raised in a church that believed a woman and man should be married- not two people of the same sex. That is a view that I cannot bring into my confide while steering fewone about same-sex marriage. It has been my stick as I have gotten older that some of my appressed friends are homosexuals and I love them as more than as any of my other heterosexual friends. I deficiency them to be happy in their life with whomever they choose to be with, mannish or female. In the main forum that several(prenominal) people commented they would have trouble with someone who sexually ill- physical exertion a child and they would have a problem focus the abuser. I think that would definitely be a thought-provoking person to counsel, especially for me since I was sexually abused as a child. I would do much better counseling a child that was abused and n ot the abuser. Clinicians need to use the ! friendship and awareness that they gain from their lives to help their clients in the practice background knowledge (Murphy & Dillion,...If you want to get a profuse essay, state it on our website:

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